Turned the billionaire overnight

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Turned the billionaire overnight

By: Burberry1 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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It's another tired day and as usual, Shadrach is ready to rest for the day when he finds out that he was betrayed by the woman he had loved the most in the world. But then, being betrayed wasn't enough, he was shocked to find out that he was the heir to a consortium!

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Chapter 1
Tired and exhausted after a stressful day, Shadrach stretched lightly and handed the last money to be reimbursed to his boss. "Here you go ma'am," he said to his boss while his boss glanced at him and shook as she handed a sum of money to him." Thank you, ma'am"" You don't have to, it's the bounty for your hard work," she said and patted him while he smiled. He toiled as a part-time delivery man in a nearby cafe to finance his education and his girlfriend. Simply thinking about this, he beamed lightly. He adored Clara so much and would do anything for her. He was very sure that if he offered this money to her, it would get her a lot of things. He thought and beamed again, feeling so scornful of himself. This was the best moment of his life even though he was very tired. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever come across but then, being beautiful also had demands and just because she was always nagging him, he was forced to work in other to help with her constant deman
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Chapter 2
In a few hours, the party was already over, shocked and terrified that he had seen and verified that his girlfriend had already cheated on him, he watched her over a distance while the guy opened the car door of the Ferrari cars and she sat down like a princess, he watched as the man got into the car and they left. Slowly, he felt so humiliated because he saw few people who knew that they used to be lovers implied their hands at him as they left. It was the minor of his worries but he still felt horrified and humiliated. Could it be that his girlfriend already jilted him or what? What was he? A loser? A bottom-feeder? A worthless being that could be used and abandoned anytime? Was that what he was? How could his girlfriend, whom he had loved so much do this to devastate his heart when he devoted his time to love her and even had to be an instrument because of her? He did everything she had always wanted him to do. She used him, still, he never grumbled. He did everything she
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Chapter 3
"How dare you do this to me, you betrayed me".He yelled out at them and pointed his hands at the rich guy, not minding if he had bruises on his face. "You dare to take my girlfriend from me because of money? I am sure you are aware that she is my girlfriend . "he yelled at him while the injured rich guy smiled."You betrayed me! I loved you so much l treated you like a princess and worked my ass off all because of you and your dating to repay by betraying me? Huh? "he yelled and to his uttermost shock, instead of them feeling remorseful as he thought, they suddenly burst out laughing while his girlfriend looked at him in irritation."Baby, where have you met this wasted sperm from? "The rich guy said and scoffed while his girlfriend was also in irritation""Woh, l was blind and didn't realize this too early! Hey, get lost! "She said angrily. "We were having a nice time before you. Come over with your bad luck "She said again."Amy, are you sick upstairs or what? You are my girlfr
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Chapter 4
Shadrach and the policemen became shocked. Since when did a commoner like him have a lawyer? He wondered as he looked at the woman who claimed to be his lawyer. He watched as the events unfolded. What the hell was going on? How did he suddenly out of the blue have a lawyer? He thought as he wondered where the hell he had met someone like this woman who said she was his lawyer. For a minute, he thought that he would sleep in jail and even spend the rest of his life there, and now, another minute, someone said she was his lawyer. Was he dreaming or what? He wondered in bewilderment." Release this man now and let us go!" The lawyer said sharply while the policemen looked at each other and frowned. The truth of the matter was that they did not want to release him all because of the money they had collected from Fred. He had given them a whole lot of money so that he would be detained. And if anything happened, the rich man would make sure that they would pay for it since i
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Chapter 5
The moment he heard that statement, he burst into laughter while Cara stared at him. He was still laughing and suddenly stopped laughing and looked at her frowning."Hold on, are you here to prank me or what? My head can't grab what you mean!" He asked" Well, I said what I said. I just don't understand why you don't seem to believe me" She replied to him while he looked at her.Why would someone suddenly come out of the blues and start to prank him saying he would be a rich man soon when he was as poor as a church rat? He finds it difficult for him to feed himself every day. He needed money urgently"You don't need anything from me to be rich?" He asked again while she nodded. He shrugged even if she needed something, it would take little or nothing from him but why she had to play a prank on him that way was not what he seems to understand. He looked at her vividly and realized that she was being serious. But how did she want to make him wealthy?"Let me tell you a story."A s
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Chapter 6
Shadrach looked at her and realized that this was an opportunity for him. At least just this once for his status to change.He looked at her and wondered if she was saying the truth. She looked so serious. It then made him realize that no matter what happened, he knew he had nothing else to lose. All he was was just a poor, looking person that was just too heartbroken. So, if, anything wanted to happen, at most, the only way he would face the consequences was if he was arrested and yet, he was ready for all of that." Fine, I agree to the mission but then…" he was about to say something when he was interrupted by the blasting sound that erupted from his phone. Looking at the phone screen, his eyes widened in shock at who was calling. His boss had called him three times and this was just the fourth time he was seeing this.Goodness! He said and realized that he was already late for work. He hurriedly picked up the call and closed his eyes as he waited for his yelling and scoldi
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Chapter 7
Immediately after he was done packing his belongings, he left the delivery company angrily. What even made him angry the more was that someone was behind him getting fired by his manager and he wants revenge desperately." No! I must have my revenge on the person behind this" he said to himself angrily." But, what could I have done to the person behind this," he asked himself, it was not like I offended anyone cause I have nothing against anyone. But, that was not a problem, to him,m it was just a matter of time before he get his revenge. Just then, he decided to contact Cara so he could ask if it was possible to choose the kind of company he wants as an inheritance and if possible, he would want a delivery company as an inheritance to prove himself as a person good in his business cause he desperately wants to get his revenge." Hello" Cara answered over the phone." Yes, Cara it's me, Shadrach"" Yeah, Shadrach. What do I owe for this call?" She asked." Nothing, it's just th
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Chapter 8
Shadrach just smiled at the words of his manager." Is it a crime to sit at the front of the gate of a delivery company"? Or, isn't it his right to sit anywhere he wishes?" He askedThe manager wanted to reply to him but he cuts in sharply." Anyone is free to sit anywhere he or she wishes. So, I just decided to sit here since it is not wrong" he said smiling. The top management was surprised especially his manager because the way he was laughing was like someone who had intentions. But unknowingly to them, he had his intentions and he was smiling because he knew a drama would unfold soon and this made it more interesting to him. The president was very annoyed at Shadrach because the new owner of the delivery company would arrive soon and he doesn't want to mess things up and this made him unhappy. He doesn't know the type of person the new owner may be, he was someone who gets angry easily or, someone who was calm and he was not ready to lose his job." Get him out o
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Chapter 9
Everyone was surprised because they didn't see anyone new at the spot they were. They began searching the whole area, but, there was no sign of a new living thing and they could not see the new owner. They looked around in search of him but didn't see anyone." Where is the new owner, 'cause, nobody seems new to us, or, has anyone seen the new owner?" The president asked." No" they all chorused Cara immediately looked in the direction of Shadrach to know his intentions, maybe, he would like to introduce himself to them. Pointing her fingers from his direction of him to the direction of the top management at the company as a sign to ask maybe he would like to introduce himself.Shadrach only shook his head as a signal of No for now. But, only pointing his hands toward the president.Cara immediately understood what that meant and thought of what to say to them." The new boss doesn't want to be high profile, so he would only like to see the president" she spoke on Shadrach's
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Chapter 10
The president immediately became respectful to Shadrach. He that wanted to chase Shadrach away suddenly had a mood swing. What could he even do anyway, he can't disrespect Shadrach, he couldn't dare anymore and Shadrach happens to be the new owner of the company where the holds the post as president, and the company was ranked in the top ten among the companies in town. But something kept on bothering him, and he began to think within himself," I know that this lawyer works for the biggest consortium. But, how did she get to know Shadrach and, how did Shadrach become the real owner of a big consortium" Still wondering what was happening because he was really confused. But what he doesn't know was that Shadrach didn't just become the real owner of the consortium. He immediately turned to Shadrach," I would only follow your orders," he said to Shadrach bowing his head down in respect.What could he do, all he can do right now is obey all of Shadrach's orders. He who do give Sh
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