Uncursed Billionaire

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Uncursed Billionaire

By: Alexa Adam Updated just nowFantasy

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Kim Larken, made out to be a cursed child, abandoned by his parents, maltreated by his brother, and looked down on by his peers and teachers and had everything taken away from him. His self-worth, pride, family, and girlfriend. On the last day of his graduation, Kim is framed by Miller for theft after witnessing the betrayal of Lora, his girlfriend. He became a laughing object to the town as he was expelled from the school on the eve of his graduation from high school. His scholarship was withdrawn and he was banned from entering the college. Wallowing in pain, Kim decided to give way to negative emotions but is dumbstruck by a SYSTEM that suddenly pops out of nowhere. Why is Kim marked cursed? How did he overcome his ordeal, and what system did he get? Find out in this intriguing novel. [Ding!! You have received a new hidden family, welcome to Windsor family] [You are taken out by your elder brother to Starbucks, you have acquired Starbucks] [You joined your third sister is a Livestream, received overall physique enhancement] [ You visited your dad's company by accident, received $1,000,000,000] Reporters:Mr. Kim if you have to lose anything, what will it be? Kim: money Reporters:(...) The world:(...)

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  • O'lyn Wright


    Best book . Very great twist. So happy how turned out for him.

    2024-04-08 22:44:45
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113 chapters
Chapter 1
The Cursed Child “Kim, hurry, you need to see this” A nerdy looking student said to Kim who was sitting alone in a messy building. The building was covered with overgrown weeds and the entire environment looked gloomy. It was the old school building of Vernon's high school. The school was popularly known for its famous architectural designs, and its towering height, but it was abandoned due to the many cases of high school students committing suicide due to bully. Rumors began to circulate that the dead souls of those high school students' spirits are roaming around the building. Since then, the building was shut down, sealed in dust, but now, a student is seen there, cuddled in a ball.At a first glance, he looked malnourished with a gloomy air surrounding him, but one could clearly see on his hand, some visage that could evoke the envy of elf and demons.The entire scene looked off no matter it's looked at. “I'm coming” the boy stood up as he walked o
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Chapter 2
The Bad Omen Kim was born to wealthy parents but was proclaimed a bad omen. Having passed through a series of setbacks, his parents, too proud to blame themselves for their incompetence, accused him of being cursed and abandoned him. They took in Miller, a lucky star that was born the same day his was born, by an unknown lady at the same hospital.The head Nurse, Eunice Sanchas, could not accept the prediction that the boy was caused, so she took him in and nursed him like her own. Eunice was severely suppressed by the Larkens when they found out she took him in. Rumors of Kim being a bad omen circulated round the hospital, and Eunice lost her job in the process.Eunice never left Kim for once, they were living happily with the little she's got. His world came crashing when he clocked 5.The Larkens figured Kim would be traced back to them in the nearest future, due to his resemblance to Vera, so they made arrangements to kidnap Kim and toss him to Af
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Chapter 3
The System [You don't believe that now, do you? Kim this is your consciousness, the deepest part of your mind, look around him, it is filled with hope not Desolation. Kim, you are a worthy host of the sign in the system. The system has already bonded with you, and you cannot leave] [Kim I am the system AI 001 I am responsible for all managerial duties Kim tell me what you seek for most] “I am not worthy of Seeking anything, I am such a villain, a mistake that should not have happened, what right do I have to show those dreams”. Kim replied. [Ding! Detected that the host is under extreme depression because of serious childhood traumas, analyzing the solution 5%… 55%… 99% hidden family acquired, welcome the host is now part of this Slates family. "Hey, what is that voice, aren't you the only one? I am back in school, It seems like everything was an illusion. Kim was utterly shocked at his sudden reappearance in the class. Suddenly, a hologram
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Chapter 4
Discovery The 18-year-old ran to embrace an old man, while complaining. “Enough Arston, I will ask the ancestor”. The old man replied as he took a secret tunnel right below the cellar. As he opened it, a dark aura burst forth, that pushed the old man to his knees. “Ancestor, please, mercy,” the old man pleaded as he choked from the pressure of the aura. “I gave you one job, one job! Find a way to seal the dragon's luck, but what did you do, you failed me, you couldn't even do a simple job. Give me one reason I should not end your miserable life right now”. A hoarse voice that sounded like that of a demon sounded.“I…I…I can't even explain what happened, the seal was clearly fine and strong, suddenly it was cut off by some mysterious force that bears similarity to you” The old man stammered.“some similar force you say, hahaha, I should have expected it, they sent a system, didn't they? The heavens are clearly getting restless. Too bad, whatever they
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Chapter 5
The Graduation What good manners were they expecting the students to learn about from Brown-nosing and bullying due to status?Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 53rd graduation of Veron High School, the announcer said in a booming voice amidst the cheers of parents and teachers alike. “To begin we will like our school prince and belle to kick-start the ceremony with an opening dance.” the announcer announced as he introduced Miller and Mira, the stage light fell on them and the light in other places dim making them seem like angels. Miller was donned in a European style three-piece suit, with His black slick hair, carefully combed back, he looked like a successful career man, while Mira was donned in an off - shoulder black dress, that had a slit in the back giving it the shape of a fishtail, on our feet was champagne colored glass heels which accentuated perfectly our fear legs. It all looked perfect like the scene from a fairy tail, after the d
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Chapter 6
Meeting the SlatesHe's refreshing, I like him already, zero thought inwardly.Just then, Miller's voice floated over. “Kim, I know you are angry at everyone, right now, but you should not let your anger disrupt this ceremony, right now, the entire scene is a mess because of you, there are several Media outlets outside, things will get ugly for the school if you cause such a ruckus. To top it all off, Kim you were mistaken you try to rape Aria in front of thousands of students if not for a quick wit, her reputation would have been tarnished.” Miller remarks somewhat sorrowfully as he squeezes some tear drops out of his eyes, which he cleaned almost immediately with the help of Mira's handkerchief.Kim was utterly dumbfounded, “wow! I realized that I underestimated Miller, Miller is such a good actor, I almost fell for his scam, zero. Kim told Zero, shocked.[you almost fell? I completely fell for it, I was just about to ask how come you have such a heavy tas
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Chapter 7
ShockSilence descended as the men gawked at the lady with lid in their eyes and the man with envy.“And who are you?” Vera spoke through gritted teeth. She harbored extreme dislike for the woman she just met for some strange reason, as if the woman stole something precious from her.“Also, the guts of the woman to question her also made her hate the lady, the beauty of the lady that made her look like an overdressed peacock in front of the woman. She didn't just like the lady”“Me! I am Shantel slate and I am Kim's mother” Shantel replied with pride in her voice. She had been searching for over seventeen years for Kim, and now she found him being bullied by a group of adult thugs. She was incensed.“Putchi, hahaha ha, this is hilarious, Kim you have really put in great effort haven't you?''“This crazy mission of yours is really first class, first, you fabricated the transfer agreement, now you paid off some good-looking low-budget actors to pass
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Chapter 8
Sign in “And what if we do? You can't force us to kneel” a hot-tempered parent screamed.“Whatever you owe my son, you will pay, I advise you to kowtow now, or you will lose a fortune and still kowtow. The choice is yours, “Shantel who has been silently nodding her head at her son's tactics said coldly.“Whatever, I don't believe that Kim alone will cause any harm to all of us here, “the same parents echoed as they departed.“Let's go, Kim, your siblings are all eager to see you”“You will get that kowtow Kim, I will make sure of it," Jayce said from the side.“It's okay, you don't have to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, I will handle it my way” Kim said in reply “Wait!!! Kim, you should explain to us what is going on” Vera said as she noticed that they were the only people left“Explain, what are you, you are not my mother nor my guardian nor even my enemy, you are a stranger, what explanation should I give to you”“Kim, you bastard, this is
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Chapter 9
Reunion “zero, turn off notification sound, just keep the rewards, only activate the favorability halo reward”Immediately, a pop-up window appeared at the top of Shantel and Jayce's heads.Name:Shantel slateGender: femaleAge:45Favorability:200 (extreme love:she can die for you)Name: Jayce slateGender:maleAge:47Favorability:197 (extreme love:stern, but we die for you if it means saving you)The stats of Jayce and Shantel were already so high that Kim was shocked, they barely knew me for less than a day, even though i am their child, isn't this too reckless.“Kim, you won't understand the love parents have for their children. The feeling of guilt played a major factor here. Shantel and Jayce subconsciously feel like they owe you and thus that's the reason for their high favorability"“Kim, you have 6 sisters and 4 brothers, you are the last child so you are the fifth young master”“your first brother is a businessman, he is drake slate, h
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Chapter 10
A Bug in the System The fourth had red hair with all out red pajamas, he looked like red potatoes, he was cute with a hint of baby fat around his cheeks. His honey kissed eyes looked so gentle that it felt like honey was literally dripping from them.On the right side were also four ladies. The first was the beautiful but cold kind of lady. Her ice-cold expression looked intimidating, as if she hated the whole world.The second lady looked even more expressionless, she was a beauty, but her beauty was an extremely pale beauty. She had a white and soft skin that made her look like a robot.The third lady was more easy going than the rest, she had a very impressive height and looked like she was made for the spotlight.The other lady was just engrossed in the book in her hand, she hadn't even touched her food yet.“So these are my siblings, they literally fit the description my mother gave, don't you agree zero”“ Hello, zero are you there, zero, tell me you a
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