Zombie Kill: System Activated

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Zombie Kill: System Activated

By: Ameiry Savar OngoingSystem

Language: English

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August was in pain when his wife left him for a richer man. He drowned himself in alcohol every day. He became homeless too and lost everything. Until one night, August was walking to the park where he always sleeps when he heard screams. There he saw a creature devouring the woman's flesh. Just when August thought he was going to die, a system suddenly activated for him. Now he could see things and get weapons unlike the others. August used this to save himself and others. They built a small sanctuary. Just when August thought his life was finally going okay despite the apocalypse happening to their world. He learned that his ex-wife was still alive. Will he save her? Or continue the life he built without her?

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9 chapters
1. System Activated
August drank up the last bottle of beer. He fixed his long hair and tied it up with a string. But there were still some tiny hairs going through his face. He shook his head trying to fix his vision. He didn't know how many bottles he had drunk. But the owner didn't want to give him anymore. “Get out of here, you bastard! Next time, bring more money! You didn't even pay half of it!” the old woman nagged. August winced and covered his ears. He was laughing as he was walking out of the small restaurant. “Crazy bastard!” August didn't mind what she said. He tried walking straight but he was really drunk. He even hit a man he was encountering. “Fix yourself, loser!” said the man. He glared at him. August raised his hands and nodded. He continued walking on the side street. It had been a week since he drowned himself in alcohol. That was the only thing he could do to ease the pain he was feeling. His wife had just divorced him because he couldn't provide for her. She left her with som
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2. Apocalypse
August's eyes widened. His breathing became hard. He just killed the zombie woman that suddenly woke up. “W-What is happening? Am I crazy?!” he exclaimed. He was confused. Just earlier, he was wasted. And now, there were zombies and a voice inside his head!“Shit!” August blinked, and suddenly, words appeared in front of him. Location: Rizal ParkSupplies: Food. Water. Zombies: 100+Level: 1Then the map of the park came out. The supplies and zombies' location were pinned. August gasped when he saw a zombie just near him. He sat down on the ground and hid in the dark. “Warning! Danger ahead!”“Shut up! Who are you? What is going on?!” he whispered. He was sweating already. “Gather your weapon and go to a safe place.”“I won’t be going on anymore until it’s morning!” he exclaimed. Because of his voice, the zombie near him heard him. It snarled and looked in his direction. “Why are there zombies? Where does this come from?” he asked again. But the voice inside his head was not
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3. Survivor
August decided to pursue going out when he saw that the streets were crowded with zombies. Plus, he forgot that he was in Manila, which was miles away from Cavite. Where his family resides. He went back to his room. Planning his way back to Cavite. It was already bright outside when August woke up the next day. He blinked and saw new words. “Energy restored.”August sighed. He decided to eat the biscuit he saw and drink water for his breakfast. “System, map,” he said. He just thought that he could make a voice command and call it a system. Because it was what was in the first place. A system where he doesn’t know where it came from. The map of the city came out in front of him. August groaned when he saw that there were zombies again in the park. Something might have lured them inside. But he noticed something was odd at the building.“System, building details.” Location: AuditoriumSupplies: Food, water.Zombie: 0Survivor: 1“Human?” August stood up. That might be the reason why
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4. Run
“System, map.” Suddenly, the map of the park was shown in front of him. Location: Rizal ParkSupplies: Food. Water. Medical Supplies. Weapons.Zombies: 100+ and countingLevel: 1Survivors: 20August stopped moving. He looked around. He was already outside of the auditorium and saw some zombies walking mindlessly. Most of them were at level 1 only. But there were some that were higher. “Locate, Jude.”Then, a figure of a man walking near the fountain. Just outside of the auditorium. August sighed. “This will really make me die,” he said. “System, knifed.” A knife came out of August's hand. He killed the zombies near him one by one without making any sound. Some were looking in his direction every time a zombie fell down. He would take it out in no time. “Ahh! Help!” August stopped when he heard Jude’s voice. He looked in his direction and saw that he was on the ground.“Shit!” August ran toward him while stabbing the zombies in front of him. He saw that there was a zombie above
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5. Escape
“Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy!” August exclaimed. Both of them raised their hands and stood up. Two women and three men were standing in front of them. One woman was holding a pistol and pointing at them. She was wearing a police uniform, and there was blood on it. “Who are you and why are you here?!” asked the woman. “W-We’re just looking for a safe place!” Jude answered. “We will go after that.” “You drew them here!” “Carla, calm down,” said the man near the woman. Carla glared at August and Jude. They heard them knocking earlier. But they couldn’t risk opening the door because of the zombies. “Stop! They are coming!” a voice from outside said. Then the door opened, and five more people entered. August blinked and saw that there were no other survivors outside. The zombies managed to enter the building too. He cursed in his mind and looked outside. More zombies were entering from the entrance. There were also no zombies beneath them. “Stop moving!” said Carla. She went to Augu
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6. We will die
They waited until Joseph could get out of the room. When August saw that he was already okay, their companions went down one by one. Carla, Leo, and he went out of the room.“Let’s be quiet as much as we can,” Carla instructed.The two of them nodded. They walked slowly. August saw the zombies scattered on the first floor. The first floor was big enough, but because the zombies were crawling inside, it wouldn’t fit them. Some went to the rooms. There were a few that were already going to the second floor. Carla and Leo were at the back, while August pursued, using knives against the zombies nearing them.“Now!” Carla shouted.The zombies looked at them. They growled and started to walk toward them. August immediately stabbed the zombie in front of him, while Carla and Leo were now shooting the zombies. The place was filled with growling, and zombies wanted to eat them.“It’s happening! We need to move faster!” said the woman again.Because of her scream, some zombies heard them and st
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7. Survivors
“What was that?” August asked.“No one moves,” said Carla.“They are going out,” August whispered. They looked at him but he continued blinking. And when he opened his eyes again, he saw that there were only a few zombies inside the building. Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard again. They heard gunshots too.“Something is happening.” Carla went to the window and looked outside. Some zombies were going to the garden. “They are going after the sound. This could be our chance!”“No!” August stopped her.“What do you mean no? They are leaving us alone. Now is our chance!”August when near the door. He blinked and the system came out in front of him. He clicked the map. There he saw the red figures that were the zombies going to the garden. But there were also white figures entering the park.Location: Rizal ParkSupplies: Food. Water.Zombies: ???Survivors: 50August frowned. The survivors suddenly become a lot. “Let’s go out,” he said. He started removing the table. They helped him an
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8. System Upgrade
[Initiating…] [System resetting…] [10%…] [25%…] [40%…] [80%...] [100%...] [Completed!] [System had rebooted.] [New missions added.] [New features added.] “Mission number 1. Get out of the Coliseum. Save Jude.” August gasped as his consciousness came back. His breathing became hard as he filled his lungs for air. He looked around and he was still at the coliseum. Days had passed already and the chairs were almost filled with more survivors. “What the fuck was that?” he said. August blinked and saw more words were already in front of him. He clicked his profile and saw that he was still at level 2. His weapons were still the same. But he saw that there were other supplies added. He saw that he could cook his own meal already. “What? How is this possible?” he asked himself. But he stopped realizing that the system itself was impossible. But it saved them once when they were in the park. August sighed and looked at Jude. He was not in his seat and that was why he stood up.
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9. Zombies inside
In just a second, the patient was devoured by the zombie. The soldier couldn’t kill it because everyone had panicked already. The survivors run to a different side of the room. August was pushed at the door because he was very shocked by what happened.“Open this door! Let us go!”“Zombies! They are coming!”“Open up!”The survivors kept on banging on the door. August tried to push the man in front of him. He used force until he reached the side and he fell down on the ground. He took a deep breath and stood up again. He blinked and saw his companions were still above the court. They were all scattered inside. He decided to walk to the hallway connecting to the other side of the Coliseum. There were survivors running from that direction. But he didn’t let them push him again.August saw that Carla and Nicka were nearing him when he was about to go to court again.“Carla!” he shouted.“August? Where are you?!” Carla shouted back.August tried looking at the wave of people. He saw her o
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