Villain steal the Heroines

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Villain steal the Heroines

By: Autistically Ongoing

Language: English

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No one is born with equal rights. Some people are born rich, while others are born poor. Some could not succeed no matter how hard they tried, while others became rulers without even lifting a finger. But what happens when the Universe's strongest villain twists fate by creating an Omnipotent Villain System? And Luke, the boy who meets all of the requirements and inherits the Omnipotent Villain System. Beauty, power, and money. Everything is his to keep. Reincarnated in a world he knew so well, He will steal every heroine. Every son of Destiny will suffer as a result of his wrath. ~~~~~~~~~ Watch as our Luke builds his own harem of beautiful heroines and rules over the world. ~ No NTR ~ Harem exists. ~ Please help a new writer. ~ R-18 is a heavyweight. ~ Criticism is welcome, but please be respectful. Because I write my own novels, chapter updates will occur on consecutive or alternate days, or if you support me more, I will upload daily. Have fun


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Irony of Life
Someone once told me,"The greatest irony of life is that it only truly begins when we have something worth dying for."However, when I heard this, I was constrained by the matrix of society. I couldn't see the truth and had already worked hard my entire life.To be successful, you must amass wealth, power, and beautiful women.But all I got was failure after failure.People claimed that I didn't focus on the right things or that I wasn't diligent enough, but there was only one plausible explanation among all the nonsense." You're just too unlucky, man."~Yes!This was the most plausible statement, and the only one I believed to be true.I was such an unlucky person since childhood that if we could quantify my unluckiness, I would have broken my own world record on a daily basis.My parents were scumbags; I was bullied at school and beaten at home on a regular basis, and no matter how hard I tried to study or improve myself, my bad luck would appear like a ghost to slap me in the fac
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The Villain System
[ Confirming Requirements... ][ The soul fulfils all requirements ][ Integrating with the Soul. [5%... 69%... 100%] Loading... ][ Successfully connected to the soul ][ Beginning procedures are initiated ][ Awakening the Soul ]...As soon as I regained consciousness, I attempted to gaze around me with my nonexistent eyes.But what I actually saw was nothing at all.In the void's emptiness, which was devoid of all substance and light, Even the up, down, right, and left directions were impossible for me to find, and Since I couldn't even feel my feet, I didn't even sense the gravity's pull.~No!Actually, I was unable to feel anything.I was only able to see, think, and could somehow clearly recall the instance of my death.The sensation of burns, the sudden explosion, the realisation that my life was ending in an instant, and the profound remorse of not even being able to witness the repercussions of my pitiful retaliation.So was this the afterlife ? To be honest, I was not sur
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