Wake Up With Super Villain System

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Wake Up With Super Villain System

By: Oceanna Lee Ongoing

Language: English

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Being someone who is always used by others, is always looked down upon because he has no power. It was a normal thing for Raphael Salazar, from the very beginning he was alone in this world, he longed for recognition from the people around him. Naive, innocent, trusting others too much, and not having the heart to say no, that's how Raphael lived his life all along. Raphael knows he is only used by the people around him, they see him easy to beat because he is an orphan. Until finally, Raphael who was fed up with all the unpleasant treatment, when he decided to rebel and think more about his own life. However, Raphael ended up dying because of that choice. Just as Raphael had given up on his life and was about to accept his death, he heard a cold, robotic voice ringing in his head. [Do you want to take revenge on them? I'll help you to make it happen, this offer is only valid once. So, will you accept my offer?]


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3 chapters
Arc 1 - The Orphanage
A noise was heard in an orphanage, a group of youths were seen intimidating other youths. Raphael Salazar was seen curled up on the ground while protecting his head from the kicks given by his other friends. "Look at this loser, I haven't even hit you yet, but you're already cowering like that," Simon said laughing mockingly at Raphael who was already scared to see him. Raphael's body trembled with fear when he realized Simon was moving closer to him, he stepped back, avoiding Simon who was sure to beat him with all the strength the young man had. Raphael felt his hair being pulled by Simon so he could look up and look at the boy. "I've told you many times to look at me when I speak, don't you want this Loser?" Simon asked with a smirk hanging on his lips. Panicked and frightened, Raphael painstakingly nodded his head, confirming Simon's words to him. I don't know what Simon will do to him, Raphael can only wait for the strange orders that these evil people will give. "Tomorrow
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Chapter 2 : All Alone
After hearing what Richard had said earlier, the other youths fell silent in their place, hesitant to volunteer for the upcoming Dungeon trials. Raphael was initially hesitant because he was afraid that he would only die in vain if he took part in the Dungeon trial. But as Simon continued to stare at him intently, Raphael couldn't help but raise his trembling hand to volunteer. “Finally, there were those who volunteered. You who raised hand, come here,” shouted Richard calling for Raphael who was in the back row. Not far from Raphael's position, Simon smirked when he saw Raphael come forward while lowering his head. Then, Simon and his friends also raised their hands, they were already planning to take part in this dungeon trial. Richard was not too surprised when he saw Simon's group come straight forward, he knew that Simon was one of the youths who had the strongest magic in their orphanage. Sensing that many people were starting to walk behind him, Raphael glanced slightly be
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Chapter 3 : This Is the Day
Three days quickly passed, with no one to help him, Raphael prepared himself alone in his cramped and cold room. Luckily during these three days Simon didn't bother him and let him live his day in peace. Even so, Raphael was increasingly worried about what Simon and his gang were doing. Raphael started to have some wild thoughts, “Are they really planning to kill me in the Dungeon? No way right? Mister Richard said not to cause trouble in the Dungeon, of course they wouldn't do that to me right?” Many questions arose in Raphael's mind, he tried to think positively and refused to believe Simon's previous words. During these three days, Raphael's feelings never calmed down, instead he felt constantly anxious, how could he not go into a dangerous Dungeon today to do a test, he could die anytime in there, not to mention the problem with Simon who kept continues. With a deep sigh, Raphael got up from his place and took his backpack that was next to him, then decided to leave his room,
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