The Last Chosen Summoner

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The Last Chosen Summoner

By: Roe Ongoing

Language: English

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Eryk Wayland returned to Black Lake City after receiving news that his grandfather had died. His uncle sent two men to pick up Eryk at the airport. They kidnap and lock Eryk in a warehouse. The uncle forced Eryk to sign a letter of inheritance. The two men then killed and disposed of Eryk's body in the Rockwool City landfill, a wasted city. Erick is dying. When he was about to die, he was found by a summoned spirit in the form of a white owl. The owl offers a life-and-death contract to Eryk. "Give me your soul, then you will hold the world in the your hand!" From that day on, the owl kept following Eryk wherever he went. Eryk was also suddenly able to speak and understand the language of birds. He can also summon and control summoned spirits as a source of power. However, a group of destruction summoners is hunting for Eryk. They wanted to seize the power of the strongest summon spirit that Eryk didn't realize he had. Can Eryk survive in Rockwool City—the city of summoners, save himself from the destructive summoners, and return to Black Lake City to avenge the people who slaughtered his family?


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6 chapters
1| Disposal Place All Problems
The cawing and flapping of the wings of crows and vultures shouted in the dark night. Thick fog blanketed the top of a mountain of open dumping waste that was as dark as a shadow.The night birds scavenged through the piles of trash and the carcasses of wild animals trapped there. Their beaks keep pecking at whatever they can eat. Occasionally a herd of mice ran to save themselves from the stalking of the owls that flew silently.The nocturnal birds' delight in scavenging through mountains of trash is soon shattered when a truck approaches. Birds scatter into the sky with resounding flaps of their wings. The rodents sneak into the pits of the waste mixed with stale lye.The taillights of the truck glowed red. The sound sensor beeps loudly when walking backward to find the way. The tailgate of the dull brown trash truck, already rusty in many parts, slowly started to lift up. The back door was wide open. Gravity makes an entire load of garbage in the tub sag out. Among the trash thrown
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2| Survival in the City of Exile
Six months later.Eryk jumped from one rooftop to another as the silver eyes of the moon and a white owl soared high in the dark sky above him without a sound. Rockwool City stretches out like a sharp rock. Many tall, old, and abandoned buildings stick out almost everywhere.Eryk watched the City. There were towering skyscrapers to the east and west, the endless slanting roofs of the poor districts, and many smoking chimneys in the industrial districts. To the north loomed abandoned flats. The black river is somewhere south. The muddy stream carries the dirt away from the City, but it doesn't make it look clean. Eryk could even smell its stench at that distance."But nothing as rotten as the dump I was buried alive in."Eryk knelt on one of the roofs of a luxury restaurant made of glass plates. His legs were wobbling because the roof of the building was on an inclined plane, and the surface was quite slippery.Eryk glanced through the glass roof that was hazy with dust and dirt. Downs
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3| Summon Spirit Thief
Something hurtled towards Eryk's head. It stretched like a long, flexible whip, but its slashes were as painful as swords.Slap!Eryk dodged a little too late. The tip of the whip scraped his cheek until it bled. After hitting his cheek, the whip made of plant vines was again drawn into the palm of a person standing covering the end of the alley.A beautiful girl with waist-length black hair wearing a red qipao (Chinese dress) modified to be more casual and slightly open at the chest blocked Eryk's steps. The pounding of her knee boots made Eryk tremble slightly.The girl stood with her hands clasped on her waist. Between her body twisted several tendrils of green plants with leaves, each leaf has an eye. The plant tendrils seemed alive and stuck all over the girl's body, loosely coiled and moving.Eryk needed to see the proper form of the plant vines wrapped around the girl's body. He thought the dozens of eyes that might attack him in the darkness were beasts. But those are the eyes
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4| Snake Girl and Barbro the Blind
"Please don't!" Eryk tried to defend his life by all means, but his strength was too weak when he was snared so tightly by the plant's tendrils.The strange girl with plant tendrils all over her body was still sitting at Eryk's feet. She failed to stick the tip of a thorn into Eryk's heart. She instead took out a dagger and wanted to cut Eryk's fingers which were stretched on the asphalt surface.Eryk couldn't see White anywhere. Sometimes the owl came to help him. More often than not, he suddenly disappears when Eryk is in a desperate situation. Fear pumped into Eryk's veins."I die tonight," he thought over and over.But the dagger was just a trick to play Eryk."Careful!" shouted the owl, suddenly taking a sharp dive. The owl gripped the plant tendrils tightly before piercing Eryk's heart.Eryk looked up when he heard the scream of an owl, which could be heard shivering on the back of his neck.Someone came from the end of the alley and shot an arrow that flew and cut the tendrils
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5| Black Holes in His Eyes
When Eryk stepped onto one of the roofs of the next building, he didn't pay much attention because it was dark. Someone suddenly hit him with a baseball bat, causing Eryk to fall.White flew above him without a sound. He could only see Eryk rolling on the roof of the building. Footsteps were rushing up the fire escape not far from where Eryk fell.The sound of the footsteps made Eryk immediately alert. When he tried to get up, a group of men dressed in all black came after him.Eryk struggled to swing his legs to stand up and run. However, his toes felt sunk in the holes in his shoes. Something was blocking Eryk's movement. He became stiff and not as flexible as usual.The place where he stood was sheltered by the shadow. However, he could see through the streaks of light from the surrounding buildings. Several men lined up near the wall and surrounded it. They were all dressed in all black and wearing black masks.Eryk couldn't recognize them—boys or girls, Eryk didn't know. None of
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6| Trap at Grandpa's House
Eryk woke up screaming. Sweat was starting to dry on his forehead, and his arms were getting goosebumps. He could see his breath under the layer of awning stretched between the branches above him. As it sat, the tree creaked, and the nest in which it lay shook slightly. The white owl rushed away from Eryk's hand."Coincidence," Eryk muttered. "This must be just a coincidence.""What is it?" White asked. He landed from the branch above Eryk's head and approached him beside the young man.Eryk closed his eyes and imagined a gold ring with a distinctive symbol on the finger of the pale man who had attacked him."Tell me, White. How can I come back here? Wasn't the last time I was attacked on the sidewalk in the middle of Rockwool City?""Yeah, you passed out after a bunch of guys threw you from a great height. My friends and I tried to catch you and land you on the pavement. But after that, you screamed like crazy, and you passed out again.""Not!" Eric shook his head. "That's not how it
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