100 Questions

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100 Questions

By: Authoress Aurora CompletedFantasy

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Two painful memories, fragments of personality and habitual bad luck are all that Hero 67665 has left when he enters the new world. He was promised a happy life and a chance to correct his mistakes, but no one said they would help with this. An ideal world filled with losers, scum, and it’s almost impossible to level up. Let's start with the first unit of experience?


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93 chapters
"The best way to win is to avoid a fight"- System U.P.S.The world began to spin, smearing the lights around into solid rings. As they grew denser, they gave the impression that I was not falling anywhere at all. Am I falling? And what were those lights?There were more and more questions in my head. At some point, the essence of what was happening was lost, and then a clear awareness of oneself. I just lay there, watching the wide rings before my eyes.Rings...? I blinked. One, another. There was something uncomfortably shining in his eyes. I sighed, rolling over onto my side. Maybe get some more sleep...Hello player 67665.You are in a game controlled by the U.P.S. system. To get to know the world and its rules, you are entitled to a personal consultant. Activation of communication with him will occur only after your consent.- No, - I muttered, brushing away through the slumber from someone's importunate voice. - I want to sleep.Player 67665, please get up from the ground, you a
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- X, why is my intelligence only two?- So you were in life before the game. To increase intelligence, you need to read books and constantly train the brain with serious exercises.I breathed a sigh of relief. Means. These numbers are not a sentence.“However,” X continued, “in your case, it will be difficult to do something with the intellect. The nearest settlements do not have libraries and are not designed for the need to increase this characteristic. I'll try to fix this by generating an easy quest before you arrive.- Why is low intelligence dangerous?- Nothing, dear. You are still able to think effectively, be smart and absorb information on the go, as you do now. By the way, I like it, I don't like streams of stupid questions.- You have a boyfriend? I asked, trying to figure out if I was talking to the right person. More on a whim than consciously.- Serious problems would begin if your IQ was below one. And I can arrange it for you if you ask a similar question again, - the
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- You babbled about your son for so long ... He is the last thing left for such a nonentity, right? Even your wife is long gone. Because you are a loser, - someone's hand reached out with a smoldering cigarette butt to his father's face.I screamed as I saw it contort in pain. But dad didn't cry. He bravely endured, not allowing himself to give up.- Hold on , dad! I pleaded.It floated before my eyes. What he saw was covered in a veil of tears.- Shut up the child.This time they hit me. The grip on my hands loosened for a second. I'm not bound, I was being held... A crazy idea popped into my head for a second.- ***! Don't touch him you bastards! - growled the father, trying to get out of the fetters of the rope.I did not hear my own name, instead of it there was only noise, as if from interference. But I knew that my father was calling me.- Do not worry. We won't touch him. We'll sell it to pay your debt.The hand that had just held the cigarette butt approached the throat of the
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Performed the usual action: building a fire.An experience point has been gained.We express our sincere satisfaction. Without the necessary memories, you were able to build a fire. As a result of mental effort, you get an intelligence point.Congratulations! You have moved away from the level of the uncouth savage, now you have fire. Keep developing further.“Here you are, vicious bastard,” nevertheless, I did not hide my smile.No matter how the System tried to mock me, I really came out victorious from the fight with stupidity. And now all I wanted to do was look at the third level of intelligence in my Diary.He opened the book, anticipating a pleasant sight ... and froze.Intelligence: 2 (1/5)- You're kidding me, you stinky hyena! I roared at the top of my lungs. - One point?! For that?!I fried mushrooms with an extremely gloomy face. Having flown away into heavy reflections on the methods of execution of the System, I did not notice how I fried the mushroom until a spark flash
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"If you feel unwell - most likely you are hungry"- System U.P.S.Eloquence (initial, passive): Verbal skill. Your sense of inner rightness impresses others, which increases your chance of convincing the interlocutor by telling him the truth by 2%.Sadly, he closed his diary. He extended his hand.- Farewell, my friend. We had a lot of fun, but everything comes to an end. Like a fox dying under the light of a clear moon, you will die under my gaze.Unclenching his fingers, he watched sadly as the book fell into the embers. The flame shot up for a second, after which the Diary disappeared.- That's all. No problem - no sadness, - I dusted off my palms and looked at the sleeping Alliel.I didn’t manage to fall asleep, and the girl was asleep, smiling contentedly at something in her dream.And so what should I do? Not with an elf, of course, but with skills. With pumping. The system mercilessly scoffs, one skill is more useless than another. The snake throw is available once every three
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So, you need to carefully monitor each of your actions. Despite the weakness of the skills, one dangerous one has already appeared among them. Addiction. Intuition tells me something: at least a thousand times in the game, but drugs will not forget to bring weakness with them. Judging by the recollection of my last day of life, I was stoned with something. And obviously after a fight. If we assume that in this state I have spent most of my life since the death ... of the murder of my father, then the conclusion suggests itself. Sagging intelligence and strength. Drugs exhaust the body and turn off the head. Maybe for a slave of criminals this is an acceptable process, but for a new life it will have to go a different way.So far, drugs have only aroused my interest. According to the System. But I give a tooth that skills in this "game" leave with the same success as they come. It was not for nothing that X advised to look at the Diary more often. It is important to check with the curr
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Hunger hit sharply, as did thirst. Almost swept off my feet. It is understandable - for two days there is nothing but mushrooms.But it didn't matter. I knew that it was not far to the settlement of people. Somehow I managed to recognize the clearing where I first appeared. She loomed ahead like a wondrous mirage. Only a knife stuck in my belt, and a slight increase in performance proved that I didn’t just disappear for a couple of days.Rare Skill Integrity: Having chosen your path, you will not forgive yourself if you turn off it. The decisions made bind hands, not allowing to break the promise to themselves or others.Attention! Due to your unique stupidity, you have blocked two skills and risk even more. To drop the Integrity skill, force yourself to break a promise.Empathy Skill (Initial, Passive): You attach importance not only to your own emotions, but also to those of others. You are able to feel the echoes of someone else's mood with all the inconveniences that follow from t
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- Guessed. Well done, - the interlocutor nodded approvingly. - In general, the salt is that we do not have porridge. On the ass snatched all the heroes. Just someone for the good, someone for the bad. There are no obvious advantages to being Recognized or Rejected. Everyone decides for himself. In this regard, our System has acted very cleverly. Equally neglects both good players and evil ones. Both those and others must constantly swing hard, because buns do not fall from the sky. But at first it is much easier to be recognized. This is the only plus."Great," I yawned. - How to swing?- Ho! It's too early for you to swing. To begin with, you have to pull yourself up a little, because with your characteristics you will not level up, but will fill a couple of dozen in the death counter.- And what is so wrong with me? I asked without much interest.- And the fact that the most important indicators are very sad, - the big man raised his finger up. - Strength and intelligence - that wil
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- Hello, - they answered me in a businesslike manner and immediately stated. - Cool you solved the conflict, I liked it. In honor of this, I can treat you with fermented ale. It's sour and doesn't smell very good, but one cup won't hurt. And still drunk.“Oh, come on,” I readily agreed.- Seriously? - the boy suddenly looked up at me, and I saw that his eyes were of different colors. - He's a wanderer. That is to say, corrupted. That is, it did not sell on time. Sour. And it's ale, it's supposed to be bitter, not sour.- Dear, I spent two days in the forest without water, and when I came to the city, they tried to beat me twice. I'll drink everything now except piss, cum and spit. Moreover, it's free.- Understood you, sir, - the guy answered with a laugh, leaving an unfortunate stain and briskly grabbing an empty mug. - Then I'll treat you without question. What did you do in the forest for two days?- Helped one good ... person, - I smiled.- NPCs do not suffer like this, - the youn
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- Not that word! And if a newcomer to the guild, then he can only have a partner from there. And I will not be accepted into any decent guild of the Recognized, especially on favorable terms. Comfortable for me, of course. So I do what I stagger, die and drink beer. There is nothing else to do! At all. This bastard really set me up. And all because, you see, I didn't fuck with him. Although I said from the very beginning that we can only have one time, we are just partners. So I knew it would hit him.- Only once?.. Did you bet him at cards, or what? I asked in bewilderment.This world, it turns out, is even more complicated than it seemed at first.- Never mind. In general, this is such a fucker. I honestly don't know what else to add. Is the beer even tasty?“Yes, very much,” I nodded, and immediately drank a couple of sips. Little ones. Savoring.The taste was very familiar and the body accepted it willingly. I felt like I was back to something familiar.- Well, drink, enjoy. Deser
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