The Lost Goddess Of Ancient Egypt

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The Lost Goddess Of Ancient Egypt

By: Pheebeekoro OngoingFantasy

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Lana I never imagined that my life would change on a fateful night on my way back from work. Knocked unconscious by an unknown entity in the alley. The next time I opened my eyes. Boom!! I was told I was in Ancient Egypt. Crazy right? Follow the adventures of Lana Stone In Ancient Egypt as she tries to adjust to her new environment, know more about her identity, find her true love and unravel a thick conspiracy about the Egyptian gods.

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  • Alaysia Jones


    Love it so far KEEP GOING...️

    2024-02-09 12:16:01
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The Genesis
Working in this sleazy pub daily always takes a toll on me. Well it was tiresome and making me angry because of the filthy and nasty male customers who like to grab my ass. Those was one of the times I wished I had superpowers, like lightning you know so that I can get somebody's ass. I had tried reporting them to management but all the manager ever says like now"Lana, try and be nice to those gentlemen, then they will nice to you". Like you I scoffed in my head. Everyone working in Sultry Nights knew how Mark Callary was foaming at the mouth to date me or better still shag me. He seemed to take my silence for resilence and nodded at me."Go on, Lana go work the tables to you've got a lot of people to serve.' He shooed at me to leave his office. If one of those assholes deemed to touch my ass, I would give the lucky bastard a glorious eye shiner if you get my drift. My coach at the mixed martial arts studio, I attend for self defense classes said I have a mean right hook.I walked ov
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Wait, What Am I Seeing?
LanaI was walking home since the bus had already gone. And to top it up, my Metro transport card was already expired, else I would have taken the subway. You can imagine how frustrated I am. After I finished up at the bar, I waited for Priscilla, my colleague to come over and take charge of the bar. She came late and before I left it was already 9:38pm. So I missed the bus and have to walk a long distance to my house.I decided to pass through shortcuts to cut out a sizeable distance to make my journey faster. As I weaved through buildings, I saw a cluster of stray cats on seeing me began meowing. I told you cats love me. Two even came to rub their sides against and in between my legs meowing and purring their delight. I smiled in satisfaction, sometimes I felt as if they were worshipping me, weird thought.I heard a thump not too far away from the place I was standing. You know the wise decision for a sensible woman alone in a dark alley, would be walk as fast as she can and don't
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Frustrated Beyond Words.
Lana Groaning, I turned my head from side to side on my bed.I just had one of the most craziest dreams. It was 100% crazy. I moaned sleepily as I buried my head deeper in my pillow. My bed caressed me like lover's touch and I sank deeper in it's folds of soft delight.My bed felt different, like it was soft, very soft. Wait!! my bed was never soft! no offence, my bed was old, small, very uncomfortable to sleep on and strong like stale bread. Waking every morning I always had aches all over my body including cricks on the sides of my neck. I woke up with a start, almost falling out of the bed. My head was banging seriously, like I had a hangover. I groaned as a wave of nausea rushed over me, Oh no!!. With my hand on my mouth, I rushed to the bathroom and vomited in the sink. I rinsed my mouth and washed my face staring at myself on the mirror. I saw a bruise on my cheekbone and at the underside of my jaw. I gasped, the dream wasn't just a dream but it all really happened yesterday. Oh
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Unknown Destination
LanaI pumped my arms as fast as I could. I could hear the alarmed voices of the ladies. They were still scrambling on the floor, trying to stand up. Thankfully, there was no guards posted outside the room. I continued running and came to a standstill at a crossroads. "Which way to go?" As I contemplated on the way to go, I heard heavy footfalls coming behind me. Looks like the ladies had company with them. I went with the middle one and continued straight ahead in a semi dark tunnel that must be underground. The footfalls were getting closer, I looked back to see two big muscular guys along with the ladies who looked pissed running at full speed."My lady, stop!." One of them called out."It is not safe running around like this." The other supported. Like I care, do they think I enjoy being kidnapped, locked up, having no clue if I will live or die and no idea of my location. They can catch me if they can, I scoffed. I increased my speed, this place was big and endless. I haven't ev
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Gods Don't Exist Or Do They?
Yellow fog dragged me along with him as we walked down the long hallway. Weird, even though his hold on me was firm, he wasn't hurting me. "Where are you taking me to?" I asked as I tried struggling from his hold. He didn't answer my question. He stopped in front of a door and opened it. He motioned for me to enter. I refused. "Are you going to kill me behind doors?" I sniped at him. He.rolled his eyes. My mouth dropped open in shock. Oh my goodness, he just rolled his eyes. He chuckled lightly at my reaction."If I wanted to kill you human, I would done that a long time and if you can remember clearly, even with the snap of my fingers." True, I swallowed as I remembered the events of the night that changed my life. I took the wiser decision and entered the room.It was a dining room, it was beautifully decorated and there were different array of dishes arranged on the table. There were even fruits. At the sight of food, my stomach rumbled. He arched his brow at the sound. The tabl
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I Can Hear Thoughts Now? What The Heck Is Going On?
LanaI woke up to the sound of two voices arguing."It can't be her Ra, she looks different." She whispered-yelled. I blinked my groggy eyes and focused on the two figures in the room. The woman looked agitated and Ra looked tensed with his jaw clenched tight."You are mistaken Ra, you just miss Bastet." The name resonated in my head, it sounded familiar. Who is Bastet? I cocked my head to the side. The still unknown woman looked up as she registered my movement."You are awake." Yeah evidently I was awake."Are you feeling okay?" I didn't reply but stared at them.Why isn't she saying anything?Are you sure she is okay? Must have hit her head harder than I thought.If she did it's all my fault, I shouldn't have frightened her.I continued looking at them, throughout the conversation they just had, they didn't even move their lips. How on earth is that possible? Something weird and fishy is going on. It was like they were communicating through their minds."Are you going to kill me?"
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Life In A Glided Cage
LanaI was befuddled by what happened the day before. It was still wondering how I was able to hear what they both said. Could it be that I was related to the gods? like a descendant of theirs. Even if I was, which one was my direct relative? I had to find answers and finally clear up this confusion and know the reason I'm here. I was chilling in the balcony at the top floor of my room. Not that I was getting used to it. I still wanted to go home, back to my normal life. But this was fun, you know just sitting down and doing nothing. Getting pampered like a queen, eating different delicious kind of foods and doing almost anything I like. You know a girl could get used to a life like this.Gem, one of the maids that was assigned to me called out."My lady, your bath is ready." I turned to see her holding a towel with her head in a bow. I sighed."I've told you not to bow to me. I am not a god." "Forgive me my lady, but we have been instructed to do that." She curtsied, along with the
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Icy Trouble
LanaStrangely, I was having a good time in this mystery unknown world. But little did I know it was going to change and I would be exposed to different things. But that was going to work out in both negative and positive ways for me.I was in the dinning room enjoying a pleasant sumptuous meal without Ra. Yeah, not that he eats often but at least he makes an effort for me. This days I was getting kind of fond over him, it was like we had been long time friends. Strange though, back to my present I was busy sucking on a succulent grapefruit before chewing when a bright flash went off right in front of me. Now who the heck was it again? I knew it wasn't Ra because the aura I was getting from this unknown person was kinda of ... cool. The flash cleared to reveal a .... man with a very astounding complexion, pale skin and icy blue eyes. He was tall but not as Ra, he was slightly muscular and his build was slightly similar to that of a professional swimmer. And the weirdest thing was tha
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Heading To Heliopolis
Lana After the incident at the dining room, a lot of doctors came to attend to me. They all came up to the same conclusion that my throat was just sore and I needed to take it easy.After that I took my bath with the maids at my beck and call. I was applying lotion to my skin when my door opened with Gem and the other memaids bringing in plates of food and fruits. They dropped the dishes on the table beside my bed. I looked over to see that they were mainly semi liquid, thank God at least it will make it easier for me to swallow."Lord Ra instructed us to bring these to your room. He said you should take it easy on your throat." Awwwnn, Ra was so considerate and sweet. "And Lady Menthu sends her regards." They bowed down as they turned to leave. Gem turned back and clicked her fingers."Before I forget, Lord Ra says you should be ready in an hour time." No, I take back my words, Ra is an asshole.********************************************** Unknown PovI was sparing with one of m
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The Ennead Of Heliopolis
LanaAfter eating in my room. I wore a flowing gold dress with open toed sandals. Gem applied light make up to my face, according to her to enhance my natural beauty. Even I was appreciating myself in the mirror after she was done.Ra was waiting for me in the his receptive chambers when I entered. He looked at me in awe, I could see the appreciation in his eyes."You look beautiful." I arched my brow."So I look ugly on a normal basis." I pulled my face into fake frown just pulling his legs. He fell for it."No, that's not what I'm saying. You always look breath-taking every time I see you." He looked into my eyes as he said that. We were both lost in the moment, he was looking at me like someone so special to him. Like he loved me? I creased my brows in thoughts. "Wipe that frown from your face, you look hideous right now." His expression was back to normal. I elbowed his hard stomach as I laughed softly, sore throat remember? "We both know that's a lie. You look uptight, Is it be
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