246: A Killer's Promise

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246: A Killer's Promise

By: JJ Dizz CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A killer known as The Reaper is tasked to carry out a mission at Experiment Labs. However, with a fateful encounter and a newfound promise to protect, his world would never be the same.


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Can You Keep a Promise?
The room was dark, with the only source of light being a dimly lit lamp. In the room, a trio of rugged men seated anxiously at a desk. Across from them, a slender man dressed in blacks and grays and a crow-like mask covering his face's upper half. “We’ll ask one more time.” One of the three men barked. “Can we trust you to carry out this mission?” The shaded man relaxing in his seat with arms stretched behind his head chuckled. “For the last time, I’m sure I can help assist those already doomed by fate.” The men exchanged looks and begrudgingly handed the paper to the masked man. “We’ll see how you do within a month.” One of the men said, letting out a sigh. Carelessly skimming the paper, the man couldn’t help but think, how hard can this mission be? * The bell rang faintly to signal the start of lunch. The hallway, usually quiet with just whispers, and the faint sound of IV drips, was n
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“245?” There was a knock. The Reaper froze for a second. Then he realized the knock was coming from the room next door. That must be 246. The man thought to himself as he opened the door. The man looked down, met with the big eyes of a tiny girl. “246, huh?” The girl jumped a bit at the sound of her name. “Y-yes...” she whispered. “It’s a pleasure to meet you finally.” He smiled. “If you’d like, you can call me Rick.” “Rick...” The girl repeated back. “Yep!” The man smiled once more. The girl gave a slight nod as she held her hands to her chest. “Why don’t we have a seat?” Before she could respond, Rick lifted her and placed her carefully on top of the table. “There we go.” He then noticed the girl looking down steadily. “Not the type of striking up a conversation, huh?” He chuckled. She kept looking down. “Well,” Rick began. “Why d
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The car came to a jolting stop. “Huh?” Rick lifted his head lethargically. “This is as far as I’ll go.” The taxi driver said. “Alright,” Rick muttered, rubbing his eyes. “How much?” “A hundred and twenty.” “Christ…” Rick looked down at the girl who, to his surprise, was still awake. “Give me a sec.” Rick began feeling his pockets for his wallet. “Eh…?” Rick kept feeling his pockets anxiously. “Don’t tell me…”The driver mumbled. The girl suddenly tapped him. “Huh?” He glanced down. “Your wallet fell out when you gave me the Band-Aids.” She informed him. There was a sigh of relief from both men. “Thanks a lot,” Rick said, begrudgingly handing over a hundred and twenty. “By the way,” the driver began. “There aren’t any hotels within this town, but the people are pretty easygoing!” He laughed. “Hey!” Rick cried out. “W-wait…!” Ho
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It had been a few nights since Rick begrudgingly agreed to house him and the girl in Sena’s Flowers. It was a small space, which was fine since it was just the two of them. The girl had been strong in her pleas to claim the bedroom; however, Rick wasn’t having it. “The couch is plenty big for you.” He would tell her. She would pout, yet it was all in vain. After numerous failed attempts, she gave up. One night, the two were having dinner that Sena had brought over from the local cafe. As Sena was setting the table, she pulled Rick to the side. “Hey,” she began. “Yes?” Rick looked at her. “Does she really not have a name?” Rick glanced at the girl and back to Sena. “Not really…” He mumbled. 245’s words proved to be true. The girl’s papers ended up not having much information on her background, thus no name. “Aren’t you tired of calling her ‘kid,’ though?” Sena questioned. “Listen-”
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A few days later, there was a knock at the door. “Come in.” Rick tilted his head towards the door. Nothing. “Oi, Sena, I said come in!” He spoke up louder. However, the door opened to Rick’s surprise. It wasn’t Sena; rather, it was another lady. This lady was tall with broad shoulders. Dressed in a white blouse, with a long blue skirt. She had long red hair tied in a messy bun resembling a ponytail. Rick stared for a solid second. His vision wasn’t the best; in fact, he probably needed glasses soon, but this was not his landlady. “Um…“ The lady looked around. “Don’t mind me, I guess. I’m just here to get a few more of my things...” She mumbled as she walked over to the kitchen. Rick was floored. Was she in the right home? Was she an intruder? Would she pounce any second? Then it hit him. Before he and Maru moved in, Sena had mentioned a friend who had previously lived in their home. “Are you-” He
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A few days passed since the sign on Sena’s Flowers' door read ‘closed.’ Sena hadn’t responded to Rick’s texts either. Rick put down the phone and sighed. “Yeesh, what a disappointing day.” He turned to Maru, who was staring out the window. “Mm.” She responded, not taking her glance off the window. “What’s wrong, kiddo?” Rick walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. “I wanted to go to the park today.” She pouted. “Don’t worry,” Rick began. “There’ll be several other opportunities to go to the park, just not today.” He smiled, twirling her hair between his fingers. “Mm...” Maru nodded, still pouting. “Ah, wait,” Rick began. Maru turned her head towards him in confusion. “I just remembered I need to get groceries.” He clicked his tongue in annoyance. “Do you want anything while I’m gone?” Rick questioned, turning his head to Maru. “Hmm…” Maru bit her lip while in thought.Read more
“Thank you again, Rick." Abbey smiled as she stepped foot into her home. "No need to thank me, just tell Sena I said hi." He smiled. "Goodnight." She said, shutting the door. * "Hey, kiddo, I'm home!" Rick called up as he was walking up the steps. Maru quickly rushed over to greet him at the door. "What took you so long?" She huffed. Rick laughed and then realized he hadn't gotten the groceries. "Uh," Rick began as he scratched his head. "I forgot." He chuckled. Maru looked at him, confused. "You forgot?" She questioned. Rick sighed. "It stopped raining; if you want to come, we can go now." Maru's eyes twinkled. She grabbed his arm, not realizing her own strength, as she pulled him down the steps. "Wait!" Rick cried. "You need a coat!" He exclaimed. * "Ready now?" Rick asked, fixing her coat. "Mm!" Maru smiled excitedly. "Can
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Chance Encounter
“Rick Summers,” the man brushed by a few of the men. “I’ve been dying to meet you.” He grinned. “I get that a lot.” Rick chuckled nervously. The man laughed. “And he has a good sense of humor.” The man then towered over Maru. “I’m afraid you can’t joke your way out of this one, however.” Rick grinned. “Bet?” The man laughed once more. “You’re quite amusing; it’s a shame I was sent to do this.” Rick looked around cautiously as he tightened his grip on Maru. “Hand her over.” The man demanded. Rick laughed. He just kept laughing. The man looked shocked. “Oi Oi, what’s so funny about what I said?” He asked cautiously. “It’s just not my style to fight in front of a kid, you know?” Rick chuckled. The man smirked. “Well, who said you had to fight?” He asked. “Just hand her over.” Rick knew he was at a disadvantage. The man could easily orde
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About a week had passed since the incident; however, Maru had seemingly moved on from it.While Maru quickly moved on, Rick had his concerns.What if the man’s call for the retreat was a hoax of some sort? What if he reported back, arranged something else, or had bigger plans?He couldn’t be sure.*“Rick?” There was a knock at the door.“It’s open, Sena,” Rick answered.The door opened to reveal Sena with a man behind her. Rick's eyes widened as his heart began to race.It was the man who led the rest of the men during the attempted kidnapping.“What are you-” Rick stammered.“Is something wrong?” Sena asked, looking at him in confusion.“Sena-” Rick began.“Can I talk to you?”Sena looked at the man then back to Rick.“Yes, of course."Rick pulled her to the kitchen.“Wh
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After their unlikely friendship had begun, Chris frequently visited Rick's house, much to Rick’s annoyance.“Hey, what’re you doing?” Chris asked while hovering over his shoulder.Rick sighed while grabbing his pen.“Looking for a new job, I guess.”Chris laughed.“Hey, hey, don’t laugh right in my ear, idiot.”Chris smiled, amused.“I already have one kid I’m taking care of; I really don’t need another,” Rick smirked.“Hey!” Chris shouted, insulted.“By the way, where is the shrimp?” Chris questioned.“The huh?” Rick scratched his head in annoyance.“Maru,” Chris replied.“Oh, Sena and Abbey took her to the park,” Rick replied, checking the clock.“I think they’ll be back soon.”Chris nodded.“Any luck finding anything?
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