Asher the Insane

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Asher the Insane

By: Solomon Cliff Updated just nowFantasy

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Do you know what happens if you stack a buff over 3000 times? You become insane, that is what happens. Asher Burell, formerly a weaboo called Cyrus was given a new chance at life by the Goddess of Redemption, Alexandra. Placed under the protection of one of her Paragons, Faye, he lives out his madness of a life in a world he chose which was described as 'Isekai'.


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86 chapters
Chapter 01 - Asher the Isekai-ed
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- oh hey, it doesn't hurt anymore."The excruciating pain I had felt just a moment before vanished.I padded myself down.Though I can't remember what happened.Just gonna retrace my steps.I was outside...For a job interview at the grocery store...Because I was fed up with my NEET (or Hikikomori) ways.Something happened.I shudder at the feeling I got trying to remember."I was run over!" I yelled out.Not by a car or even a freaking truck but by a damn carriage.I didn't look both ways when crossing a road and then BAM.I was only eighteen, how could I already be dead?By the way, where even am I?I looked around.This place reminded me of that place Kazuma got when he met Aqua or the place your character stands in most character creation menus, though in comparison to both, this was even more void-ish.Where the fuck is this?"Be not afraid,
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Chapter 02 - Asher the Pre-Incarnated
After what must have been half an hour of explaining to the goddess in great detail what anime and especially isekai was we finally got on with my reincarnation process. "Mortal Cyrus, why is it that you want to get into such a world?" The goddess asked me."I'm something of a weeb," I told her. I saw her nod but I'm not sure if I explained to her what one was. "Is there also something with RPG mechanics?" "I am sorry but I also do not know what Arrpeegees are." I spend another half an hour telling the goddess everything I knew about RPGs And then she thought a bit, "I might already have just such a world for you." I almost cried in joy. Ainz-sama, Rimuru-sama, Subaru-sama, Tanya-sama, that guy from shield hero, I will make you proud. But fuck that guy who killed me. At least it wasn’t Truck-kun. "So, what's the deal? Am I gonna get a cool ability from you? OR will I reset to a moment in the past when I die? Or be overpower or something?""Eh, no. You will just live your li
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Chapter 03 - Asher the Main Character
Being ACTUALLY reborn kinda sucked.I thought "being reborn" meant that I plop into the world like I was now.As Cyrus the Great, Cyrus the Cool.But no, I'm a literal baby. I have new parents and family, a new appearance, why, even a new name.Cyrus evolved into Asher, which I thought is a cool name.Where even is Faye?She did hop into the portal with me.Can't even call out to her as a baby.I'll try screaming, that's a neat trick and one of the only things I can do as a baby."WAAAAAAAAAAAAHH"Something popped out before me.[Skill [Voice LVL. 1] threshold reached. [Voice LVL. 1] -> [Voice LVL. 2]][Skill [Screaming LVL. 1] threshold reached. [Screaming LVL. 1] -> [Screaming LVL. 2]][Skill [Speech LVL. 1] threshold reached. [Speech LVL. 1] -> [Speech LVL. 2]]Cool.But that system voice seems familiar.THAT'S FAYE!Faye, hello?Read more
Chapter 04 - Asher the System Exploiter
In retrospect, Buff X could be absurdly broken in a world like this. When I was four I realized that I could stack it on itself. But what I didn’t realize is that almost everything in this world could be a buff. Ever played The Sims? It’s something like that. Being too happy or being too excited could trigger a buff that would just be the emotions. Eating your favorite food or just enjoying the moment would take away all my stacks, which kinda sucked. But since I turned ten I didn’t miss a single day where I didn’t successfully apply the buff on itself. I was twelve now, and when I used [Judge] on myself it told me that I successfully stacked it 750 times. I still had to be very careful not to fuck it up, wasting all the years I spend doing this shit. Sometimes I even refused to do certain things, like eating a freshly baked pie my mother had made or eating candies.My new parents thought I was a very strange kid indeed. Still didn’t have many friends though. If they only wo
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Chapter 05 - Asher the Stacked
Today was my birthday, I was finally eighteen. I lived my life as a common man until this point but today everything will change. I stacked Buff X about 3650 times. Theoretically, the next buff I would get should be about 36500 stronger, right? What do you say, Faye? “I do not have anything to add.” You never do. Over the last two decades, you rarely spoke and even then you only spoke to me when I directly addressed you. … No answer, eh?That’s fine too. [Judge] - [Asher Burell] [LVL. 36 Human Man] [[HP 50/50 │ MP 45/45 │ SP 55/55]] [[STR 28] [CON 25] [DEF 17] [INT 11] [WIS 11] [CHA 4] [DEX 22] [LCK 5] [VER 23]] [[Buff X] [Judge]] [[Speech LVL. 25] [Truth LVL. 8] [Screaming LVL. 17] [Voice LVL. 30] [Power Beam LVL. 19] [Second Chance LVL. 01] [The Wall LVL. 15] [Blink LVL. 01] [Execute LVL. 01] [Pocket Dimension LVL. 01]] [Buff X
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Chapter 06 - Asher the Misunderstander
[Skill [Thinking LVL. 50] threshold reached. [Thinking LVL. 50] -> [Thinking LVL. 51]][Skill [Breathing LVL. 145] threshold reached. [Breathing LVL. 145] -> [Breathing LVL. 146]][Skill [Metabolism LVL. 160] threshold reached. [Metabolism LVL. 160] -> [Metabolism LVL. 161]][Skill [Sight LVL. 114] threshold reached. [Sight LVL. 114] -> [Sight LVL. 115]][Skill [Regeneration LVL. 60] threshold reached. [Regeneration LVL. 60] -> [Regeneration LVL. 61]][Skill [Blood Flow LVL. 190] threshold reached. [Blood Flow LVL. 190] -> [Blood Flow LVL. 191]][Skill [Muscular System. 80] threshold reached. [Muscular System. 80] -> [Muscular System. 81]][Skill [Aura LVL. 17] threshold reached. [Aura LVL. 17] -> [Aura LVL. 18]][Skill [Recovery LVL. 66] threshold reached. [Recovery LVL. 66] -> [Recovery LVL. 67]][Skill [Mana FLow LVL. 12] threshold reached. [Mana FLow LVL. 12] -> [Mana FLow LVL. 13]]………[Skill [Sanity LVL. 100] decrease threshold reached. [Sanity LVL. 100] -> [Sanity LVL. 99]] S
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Chapter 07 - Asher the Spell Gatherer
[Judge] -[Asher Burell][LVL. 3660 Human Man]-[[HP 6640/6640 │ MP 4005/4005 │ SP 4523/4523]]-[[???]]-[Buff X] [Judge] [Bodyskills] [Power Beam] [Second Chance] [The Wall] [Blink] [Execute] [Pocket Dimension]-[[]]-[[Insanity]]- Oh, right. There’s that.I still feel normal though, even with the insanity debuff. Sitting in the town’s park, enjoying the rays, things don’t seem all that different from yesterday. But where did my skill levels go? And my stats? Faye? .. Faye, you in here? … Huh, no answer.That’s unusual.I stood up and called her again. FAYE. … God damn, where is that lady at. “Are you calling to me?” I heard behind me. I turned around, “shit, you scared me.” There was a small woman sitting on a bench. I knew her face and her hair though there was something different. Animal ears and a tail. “A fox girl?” I looked her up closer, “Faye, is that you? What are you doing outside my brain?” “It was getting noisy in there will all the skill ups thus
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Chapter 08 - Asher the Adventurer
I was on my way to the adventurers guild to sign up as any anime protagonist would. I was already an adult so I couldn't go to school here anymore, so this was the best way to start my journey. What kind of persona should I take? I didn’t have a gun, yet, so my options are kinda limited. But I do have a katana, that's a good start. Edgy lone wolf or cocky brat or even silent weirdo? Should I just be another anime swordsman? Feels a bit empty, doesn't it? Well, what can you do?After I earned some money I could change my equipment to fit another persona. I also looked kinda bland, I didn’t have the typical anime character look. “Hey Faye,” I said to her, she was walking next to me, “is there a way to change my appearance?” “Generally there are no good ways to change a person's appearance permanently, there are a few ways to change it for a while. There are other ways but you would not like them.” “Great, come back to me with that when we have some free time.” I entered the
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Chapter 09 - Asher the Different
I yawned loudly.Another beautiful day in the business of being an adventurer. Been a while already. I’ve done a few quests already. Killing a giant acid-spitting toad, was a bit disgusting killing them, though it was my own fault. I’ve learned a spell called [Inside Out] and it literally did what it was called. Another one was saving a cat from a tree.I didn’t bother climbing it but instead, I used another nice spell in my repertoire. [Steps] It’s like I can build a magic staircase anywhere I want.It needs to touch the ground somehow but it has leveled up so much that I can basically walk up to the clouds. The quest I found the strangest was walking a million steps in one day.I got 25 silver pieces for the quest, I had an internal calculator telling me how far I went and roughly convert that was about 800 kilometers which was nothing for me. I didn’t travel from country to country, just ran in the air with [Steps]. I had a couple of skills that when used combined increase
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Chapter 10 - Asher the Emmisary
Traveling down the road just minding my own business after a job well done I saw in the far-off distance that a lot of people marched into a direction.Soldiers? Jackpot.I ran to catch up with them.I didn’t even know which country I was in right now.In addition, I didn’t even know anything about the countries or kingdoms of this world.I purposefully didn’t listen or sought out any knowledge of this world.It would be a lot more fun to learn something that came directly at me.At the end of the giant queue of soldiers marching, I started talking with a tall elf-like one but first I used [Judge] on him of course. -[Vicgeon Jaiver][LVL. 212 Half-Human/Half-High-elf Soldier][[HP 360/360 │ MP 84/184 │ SP 400/411]]-[[STR 280] [CON 253] [DEF 165] [INT 114] [WIS 210] [CHA 40] [DEX 213] [LCK 55] [VER 233]]-[[Invincible Arrow][Shield Block LVL. 70] [Shield Slam LVL. 64] [Magic Reflection L
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