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Transmigrating into a somewhat disabled dude was really bad luck. But... it was a blessing in disguise the dude was unknowingly gifted and got a system. It began to unfold when he killed a level 1 beast. However, his talent and system were stubbornly considered pathetic by the gifted academy. They were just too stubborn, ignorant, and blind Nathan got double systems, making him the rarest and most important existence.


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Chapter 1 - Preys.
In a dark and empty street, 4 men could be seen running alongside a range of office buildings. Their faces were drenched in sweat and looked exhausted enough to tell that they had been running for a long time.Bang!One man barged into a door of a building and immediately dashed in."Get in quickly!"The man yelled at his friends in an exhausted voice.All of them frantically dashed into the building."Remember to close the door."Another man said to the young man who was the last to enter. The young man obediently closed the door behind him and followed the others.By this time, the other three men had already dashed into a dark corridor and entered a room.In just a few seconds the young man managed to catch up with them. One man had one knee pressing the ground a few inches away from a metallic drain cover.The other men stood before him while looking around carefully.Above the kneeling man's head was a hanging lamp emitting dim light. The lays of light shone on the man's intimida
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Chapter 2 - Worse Fate.
A chair was thrown toward the cop. Luckily, the latter reacted just in time. He shot the chair and it fell to the floor.At that moment, he felt pain in the hand, which was holding a gun as an iron rod violently smashed it. The gun immediately threw from his hand and fell to the floor.Before he could react the young man, the assailant had already swung the rod a second time. But this time, his target was the cop's face.Bang!"Arghh!"The attack could be considered successful as it successfully smashed the cop's face inflicting a dark red bruise.The cop grimaced in pain and grabbed the rod before the young man could assail again. Using the other hand, he grabbed the young man's neck. He tightened his grip and strangled the young man."Brat, I'll kill you"The cop hissed through gritted teeth and the veins on his forehead and neck budged. He looked like a murderous and crazy maniac.Being strangled by a robust man, the young man couldn't breathe in the slightest. His body convulsed a
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Chapter 3 - Somewhere.
On a messy floor lay a young man lifelessly. He had dark-brown hair and pale skin. Although his face was extremely pale it didn't hide the fact that he was handsome. On the floor beneath his stomach was a pool of dark-red blood.All of a sudden, the fingers of the young man moved. That was followed by a faint groan and then his eyes slowly opened. His pupils were grey."I thought I died" He muttered to himself while slowly getting up. He sat on the floor and reached out his hand and rubbed his undeveloped abs. His expression changed abruptly. He wanted to take a phone in his pockets but he was wearing a short sleeve shirt that had no pockets.'What is going on? And... where am I?" He thought as he scanned the surrounding in confusion.Nathan had transmigrated into another young man of the same name. The floor around him had pieces of broken glass and other things as well as blood. This was different from the ground he was standing on before he lost consciousness and he also wore a jac
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