The Dark Side Of Sara

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The Dark Side Of Sara

By: Safina Bello CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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“You hate me for everything I have ever done.” She whispered. “No! I realized it not your fault you were pushed to do all this and I’m never going to hate you Sara. I know it’s been four years but it still feels the same with you, I want to be with you. I know you must be thinking I’m insane or something but I swear since I woke up I have been thinking about you and I want to be with you.” I held her hands softly. I can't live without her and I won't let her leave me. ----------------------------------------- Home was never a good place for her, she is hurt, damaged and she has faced a lot which makes her not to trust anyone. Sara isn’t what she looks like, she is the book with missing pages, a girl that can bring your worst nightmares to life. she is the definition of sin. The silent ones always create the large storm.

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  • mycute lover42


    Amazing. So mysterious

    2022-03-06 21:16:16
  • Christine Ulrich


    WTF that’s a really bad ending .

    2023-10-01 10:56:07
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43 chapters
Darkness, that was all I could see, it was almost like I was blind. I don’t know where I was or who took me, the last thing I could remember was coming back home from the party. I winced in pain as I try to adjust my sitting position, the floor was hard almost like I was sited on a rock, my body hurts I could feel pain everywhere, I tried to figure out what was wrong with me when I heard sounds, heavy footsteps some one was coming, the footsteps became louder and louder it was coming close to me.My heart pounded hard as I smelt a strong cigarette odor the smell was getting stronger as the footsteps we’re louder, I gasped when I felt a huge hand on my lap. “Good morning princess” I heard a voice, I could figure out the person was very close to me, as he spoke a strong hint of cocaine hit me. I could feel my body shivering as he kept his disgusting hand on my shoulder. “Get off me, don't touch me&r
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Police station. The day was just the same just like other days, sunny and bright.Emily's P.O.V.“What is the update on the case?” I asked. “There hasn’t been any update ma'am, we haven't been able to find out any thing, the other officers are following the trail from the beginning”. “Okay has the post mortem arrived” I asked while taking a sip of my coffee. “Yes ma'am, it is with the doctor”. I walked to the mortuary, a strong bad odor hit me, all my years as an officer I never got used to this. The mortuary was big, it was quite and dark the only shed of light was the small bulb right across the room, the white tiles all around the room made it look creepy, dead bodies all around in the room with tags on them, some bodies haven't been claimed yet. The doctor stood in front of the body holding the reports. Doctor Andrew is in his mid-thirties, he is dar
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She sat down on the floor quietly, slowly wiping her tears with her hand, she thought what went wrong?, what does all bad things happen to her?, Didn't she deserve happiness, she was lost in her thoughts when he came in to continue from where he left off. Her heart pounded when she perceived his scent, her heart felt as if she ran a marathon. She wanted to run a way, she wanted to hide from this devious monster.“Oh Sara, my beloved Sara” he said while coming closer to her, the strong smell of Alcohol hit her notril, she could perceive his perfume, he smelled like vanilla but in a terrible way, almost like vanilla mixed with a hint of weed.Sara wanted to run, she wanted to hide from him but she couldn’t , she moved back a little bit so he won’t touch her, she kept moving until her back touched a hard wall, she thought at first it was a wall but when she felt warm watery breath on her skin, she knew it was him. She couldn’t se
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Flash Back.“mom, please, mom am sorry” I said when she rough fully pushed me, making me land in a wooden chair. “I am not your mother” shouted while lighting a candle. She came closer with the candle sited on her right hand. She placed the candle on my lap making the hot oily substance drop on my lap. It was burning my skin.Why did I wear shorts today?. “Am really sorry, I didn’t know Alice will do that” I bit my lips to stop more tears from dropping. Mom only rolled her eyes every time I spoke. Alice is my best friend or should I say was my best friend. Alice is the only one that knew what I was going through, she has been there for me all the time. Today Alice made a huge decision without asking me. She reported to the police, she told them about what I was going through, how my foster parent abused me. When the officers came, mom was very furious, she tried to convinc
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Zack's P.O.V. Mature content.I grabbed her ass with my left hand, slowly grinding her core to my shaft, I captured her lips in a second, the kiss was hot, I grabbed her boobs softly pressing and teasing her nipples which were erect, I sucked her tits while squeezing the other one and harshly pressing it.“Ah, fuck baby” she moaned, “go deeper, faster”. I went on faster, bringing her more close to me, her back was rested on the bed, she kept moaning and begging for release. I was about to cum when my bedroom door fling open, revealing someone I didn’t want to see now.Dad. “Oh shit” I said while trying to cover my self. His green eyes met mine. My dad stood there looking at us, he was there for a minute then he left, I quickly got off the blondie immediately wearing my pants. “umm. Emily I have to leave” I said but she only rolled her eyes. 
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The meeting
Sara's P.O.V. I ran I didn’t look back, I couldn’t see anything apart from large trees, it was cold, my stomach growled because all the hunger. My heart pounded I was getting tired, my feet were weak, I couldn’t run any more. I was about stopping when I noticed a ray of sunlight there was a road, it wasn’t far. I limped towards the road, it was quite, I didn’t see any single person. I raised my hand waving to stop any car that comes. I couldn’t speak, my throat was dry, I tried shouting for help but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breath properly, I was losing hope when I saw a car, I raised my hand trying to stop the car but all went into vain, I decided to go further before he sees me. I limped further trying to find a house or cottage or someone that can help me. I walked for hours but couldn’t find anything or any one, Everywhere looked the same, tress all around. I st
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He saw her
Sara P.O.V.Flashback.Dad met with an accident because of me, he needed to go to his client house fast I suggested a short-cut, he was speeding fast and then his car hit a tree the accident was terrible. My step-mother is worried and sad, she says it my fault everything bad thing happens and that she made a mistake adopting me.I woke up with a strong metallic scent hitting me, every where smelt of blood, My blood.Every where was hot, she turned up the heat in my room and locked me up, I haven’t eaten for days, I struggled to stand up to clean my wounds, I tried opening the windows for more ventilation but it seems like she locked it too. I was cleaning my wounds when my hair was grabbed.She is back my inner voice said.“I’m so sorry Mom, please don’t hurt me”.“It not her Missy” I heard a loud voice, it was dad he seemed really pissed off.He tighten his grip on my hair, and gave me s
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Mental asylum.. Officer Emily Black.It seemed creepy at first when she stepped into the asylum, the smell of medicines hit her nostril, it was getting uncomfortable for her, the walls seemed as if they were telling her something, telling her to run, to leave but she wanted answers, she knew Alex knows something about Sara, Sara's parents are definitely hiding a thing or two.She walked through the hallways, seeing men and women locked up, somewere dancing, some were smiling, some others were shouting for help, some tried to drag her with them, some were talking to themselves.She was told Alice is a special case and she was kept separately from others, far away locked up in the basement, after begging and pleading with the officers and doctors in charge of the mental asylum they finally agreed to allow her to be Alice but she had to be very careful.She stood in front of door, only the door separated her from Alice, she let out a breath and placed her ha
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Sara.Sara didn’t know where she is?, She had no idea what to do?, She stood by the balcony door unaware of whose house she was in, she had find somewhere save, she has to escape before they find her. She sat on the floor catching her breath, the room was dark she couldn’t see anything, A few tears rolled down her cheeks beforeshe tried looking for the light switch and she succeeded, she turned on the light to be welcomed by a beautiful view.The room is beautiful, it is painted black she hated black but it looked so beautiful when she saw the walls, a king sized bed was laid across the room, a carpet that went with the designs on the bed, everything looked elegant, a chandelier that was hung, a beautiful comfy sofa, she noticed a door that led to wardrobe, she walked to the closet to wowed by clothes. Everything screamed wealth, so classy and expensive.That a lot of clothes she thought.There were lots of clothes all over the closet, shoes,
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Emily.She stood in front of the door, she wore a white uniform, her hair was slightly scattered, she looked sick, she look like a person with a mental condition, her lips were dry, she parted her lips and licked her lips to avoid it from breaking. Her eye makeup were all over her face, it looked like she cried for hours.She finally got a chance to speak to Alice, the doctor told her the only way to connect to Alice is to be like Alice, she had to become a mad woman to speak to one and understand one, the doctor warned her, he gave her warning not to trigger Alice, not to make her mad. He told Emily not be call Sara’s name, she should always address Sara as witch, she shouldn’t make the mistake of asking Alice about her parents, school or about her childhood.The only thing that was separating her from Alice was the door, the door opened making a squeaking sound, there was Alice laying down on the floor, singing. Singing what only she could unde
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