Demons Battle

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Demons Battle

By: Princez CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Gabriel is the world’s biggest fan of DEMON BATTLE and not just the sport itself but a specific DEMON BATTLE fighter called KILLER JOE. What he dreams for is to become the best DEMON BATTLE fighter like his idol KILLER JOE. Unfortunately, what is he expected to accomplish in a sport only meant for people known as Powered Humans who possess unnatural superpowers as a regular human himself who writes under the shadow of his very powerful elder sister, Leah, who is a Powered Human. The internal conflict is one he has to live with for the rest of his life but one fateful day is forced to answer when he comes home. But Demons Battle called him not in the way he wanted.


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299 chapters
The unexpected Episode 1.
Demons Battle CHAPTER 1   {PROLOGUE}   It’s already night time in Osaka, a city in the providence of Japan. The night's sky was illuminating with the bright city lights emanating in all directions from the windows of buildings long enough to touch the skies. Also, more lights could be seen from the street lamps down below as the zooming cars drove by along the streets with horning noises.     However, Inside this grand city, one could hear noises coming from a particular building right now. This uniquely sounding ruckus is due to the joyous and enthusiastic screams of people reacting to what is currently being displayed up on a huge television set.     Read more
The Unexpected Episode 2.
.   . ‘Will I discover my ability here?’   In the face of his danger, this was the concerning thought that was currently going on in Gabriel’s head. His plan was to get cornered by the whole four guys just for this particular moment. This particular moment when he gets cornered to the point where he won’t be able to tell what will happen to him.   The point where he would get an ominous feeling in full.   The point where he would awaken his own ability.   In a situation of danger, humans will tend to do anything to survive and if he has to wake up his ability to avoid this threat, he will.

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The Unexpected Episode 3.
.   . Nora Lee is a very caring person when it comes to her family. Her three kids and her husband are her world. She made it clear to her children that she was not always from a middle class home but that of a low class and she had to work her ass off just to get to this stage of her life where she could now live a comfortable life with her family. So now she expects her kids to do even better than both her and her husband by aiming for a living as a First class citizen of Japan.   With the argument that had just transpired between her and her son she then decided to let Gabriel go rest.   "Alright now go up to your room and have your bath. Dinner is going to be ready in
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Determined Episode 1.
.   . With a stupefied look written all over Gabriel’s face, He could see his idol.   The man he admired the most aside from his father.   Killer Joe was now holding Leah by the neck, with his grip restricting both her breathing and her movements. Leah was trying to break free from his hold with both her arms but she was finding it difficult to do so, her bleeding from the head could attest to the fact that she was the weaker one amongst the two.   There was now a petrified expression on Gabriel’s face.   Gabriel was shocked and terrified but mostly confused. This was the Demons Battle champion he loved. Thi
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Determined Episode 2.
.   . “A way... to get into Demons Battle?”   Gabriel asked again in disbelief, with his eyes now widened. He was amazed right now and his sudden emotions of amazement and disbelief was clearly written all over his face as he questioned the Doctor’s statement.   “Yes...Gabriel”   “But I don’t understand. What do you mean by a way to get into Demons Battle?”   Without wasting a second Gabriel struck the question he needed to ask. A way to get into Demons Battle?   Right now all he wanted was for the Doctor to enlighten him on his last statem
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Determined Episode 3.
.   . In a hall with well-cleaned walls and floor inside a Dojo, students were all gathered.   Students were standing in the middle of the hall, while there were some other students occupying the hall by sitting on mats laid on the floor just close to the walls.   The students standing in the middle of the hall had formed a circle to leave one particular young man right in the middle of it.   All the gazes of the students standing in the hall were set at this young man. It was not just the students standing that were staring at him but also the students sitting had their eyes on him too.   He was wearing h
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  . .   “Uhhh!” Gabriel gasps sharply in pain, over the punch made on his abdomen by the young man and because he was defenseless, then joined by the fact that he wasn't expecting an attack like that, the pain was even more excruciating to bear with for the first few seconds of it's impact.  Gabriel was already on the course of falling to his knees when the young man immediately followed his attacks with an upper cut, the perfect follow up attack for someone in the process of descending, pushing Gabriel away into the air for a few seconds. *BAH*   Gabriel felt even more pain as his body hit the ground upon landing. ‘What th- what the hell? Where did that even come from?' Gabriel, with hands held against his stomach and teeth gritted, while he tried to catch his breath thought in a rage.  'That bastard!'  He should have warned me that he was gonna do s
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  . . Gabriel became the student of Machia Ontario. Although being Machia’s student was a big break for him on his start of his journey towards entering Demons Battle, Machia didn’t give him any chance to relax and celebrate his first victory. Machia allowed Gabriel to become his student under one condition. The condition was for Gabriel to live under his roof while he trained. Of course Gabriel had no choice but to accept. It took a lot of effort to convince John’s parents to let him live under Machia. His firsts few days of living with Machia Ontario felt like hell.  Machia woke him up around four every morning and made him do a two hour run with Tom. Gabriel never liked waking up early but it was one of the discomforts he had to suffer to become who he wanna be. After his two hour run he was given just an hour to get breakfast. He immediately got into a martial arts training section with either Machia or Tom for th
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My Agility Grade Point
Chapter 9. . All the three men standing in front of Gabriel and the senior students were now staring at Gabriel.A student on white Gi beat up a student on red Gi. The strongest Red Gi student of that matter. “ Sensei! Niragi instructed him and he refused to follow instructions so he..-,” “Silent!!” The Teacher in the middle interjected the student before he could complete his explanation. The three men standing in front of Gabriel were teachers.  “ Young man did you do this?” “Yes sir. They were trying to oppress me because they were seniors but i didn’t let them do as they please” Gabriel answered the teacher. “Oh I see. Then you shouldn’t be wearing the white Gi then. Niragi! You got beat up by him so he’s stronger than you” The man said as he continued speaking  “From today henceforth he’s your senior. All of you!”  “But sensei-”<
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Gene Enchantment
..Gabriel, Machia, Tom and John were all sitting in the dining room having dinner to celebrate Gabriel Agility Grade Points results. They were actually not alone. Machia had invited some beautiful ladies. Machia, Gabriel, Tom and John all had a lady sitting with them on the table. John on the other hand was smiling bashfully with a tint of red on his face while interacting with the woman at his side. “ So tell me about you?”She asked John while staring directly into Johns eyes.“Um...I...I’m a college student...President of a fraternity in fact”‘Boobs! I can’t concentrate with such beautiful cleavage’John was distracted by his perverted thoughts as he stared down at her open cleavage. She was wearing a dress that had her breast a bit  exposed.“ You naughty boy! Where are you staring at?”“ no no.
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