Glory Of The Billionaire Son-in-law

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Glory Of The Billionaire Son-in-law

By: Yuzhou OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Erik was a son-in-law who had been humiliated. Until an accident had forced him to make a change... He started spending money like water, buying luxury cars and watches, enjoying a voluptuous life, and being surrounded by beautiful women. As the man who had the godly strength, What kind of things would be brought to his


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“Ten days ago, my card still had two million in it. Now, there’s only a balance of five hundred. Where’s my money, Salma?” Erik Mackenzie eyed his wife with a frown. They had only been married for ten days. Salma Wilson was a tall woman with a fair complexion and a slim body with nice curves. Needless to say, she was a particularly attractive lady. At that moment, she kept her head lowered and dared not look Erik in the eye. Her parents, her younger brother, and his girlfriend were also present. Erik’s wedding night was supposed to be a sweet, intimate moment. Unfortunately, his grandfather, who had taken care of him for many years, had a sudden cerebral infarction. That same night, Erik sent his grandfather to the hospital. After ten days of treatment and examination, the doctors confirmed that the old man had a brain tumor, and the surgery would cost six hundred thousand. Although six hundred thousand was a huge amount of money, Erik thought he could still afford it. To his dismay,
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As Hannah walked away, she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll either give him a call or visit him every night to urge him to pay up.” Everyone was taken aback upon hearing that. That’s too good to be true! After all, Hannah was a brilliant doctor. Besides, she was pretty and came from a privileged background. If Hannah would really give him a call or visit him every night, they might even develop feelings for each other. Besides, Erik was a handsome guy. With his deep, wistful eyes, he seemed to be a person who had been through many tough experiences. “Major-General Nixon,” Harrison politely greeted. However, Ryan refused to look at him. “Get lost, and stop blabbering!” Immediately, Harrison’s expression darkened as he felt humiliated by Ryan. A moment later, Hannah had changed into typical attire and walked up to Erik. “Give me your phone.” “Why should I give you my phone?” Erik asked. “I said I want your phone number!” Hannah snapped and gritted her teeth slightly. Realization dawned on him a
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Kevin laughed out loud upon hearing Erik’s words. “Erik, are you out of your mind? Have the millions of debt made you crazy? What do you mean there’s a million in here? I’ll believe you if you say it’s a hundred pieces of old newspaper.” At that point, Salma felt a surge of helplessness rising within her. Why is he still acting like a fool? What’s the point of protecting his ego now? Is this even the Erik Mackenzie that I know? Then she glanced at Erik and said to Harrison and the others, “It’s time. Let’s go in.” Harrison kicked the bag on the floor and instructed, “Kev, take the bag. I don’t care what’s in the bag anymore. We’ll just pretend that Erik has cleared his debt.” Subconsciously, Salma lifted her head to glance at Harrison, which made the latter excited. “You can go ahead. I’ll catch up with you after I have a little chat with Erik,” said Skylar. After watching Salma leave, Erik’s expression remained unshaken as he spoke to Skylar. “Spit it out.” The disdainful look on Sky
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