He Suits Me

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He Suits Me

By: JJ Dizz OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Maxie Rockwell, a well-known philanthropist, and CEO of 'Tailord,' a company catering to custom-tailored suits, receives a death threat one day from an anonymous source. Thus, he decides to hire a woman named Clara to act as his secretary, while in reality, she is his protector. Little does he know, however, that Clara hides a dark secret.


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2 chapters
Chapter 1 - The Threat
As footsteps came rounding the corner of the hall, a woman picked her head up. Once the door opened, it revealed a pair of rugged men in suits. The men hovered over the woman, both wearing a smirk. "So you're the gal taking this case, huh?" One of the men sneered."My, my, what a cutie you are," the other laughed.The woman kept staring at the ground."Not one to talk, eh?" One smirked."Hey, bitch, when a man talks to you, you answer!" He angrily barked, raising a hand, ready to strike.The woman narrowed her eyes as she swiftly drew out a knife, holding it to the man's throat."Don't try me, asshole." She warned coldly.Y-you...!" The man growled, throwing his hands up in the air."Hey, do something!" He ordered the other man who was standing there dumbfoundedly."R-right...!" He cried, running out of the room.The man backed up against the wall as the woman sat there holding the knife in his direct
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Chapter 2 - Letter Received
In a dimly lit office stood a man leaning over his desk. The man appeared in his mid-twenties, being quite tall and rather handsome, with short, messy red hair. However, perhaps his most prominent feature would be the eye patch on his left eye.The man was staring down at what appeared to be a letter of some sort, his eyes darting back and forth, paragraph to paragraph.The man nervously tugged at his shirt collar and gulped."Sir," a woman began, tapping the man.Startled, the man jumped and quickly spun around. In doing so, he was greeted by a woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She had an hourglass body with light blonde hair tied back neatly in a long ponytail. She had on a pair of glasses to boot."Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to startle you," the woman said, adjusting her glasses."The gentleman who handed me the letter claimed it had an important message attached." She stated."Important, huh?" The man questioned without
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