Hidden Wife

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Hidden Wife

By: Meyyis OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Evander an ordnance entrepreneur has lost his wife named Agave. His wife left with another man. The man was dizzy by the son's whining that he always wanted his mama. Finally, he intimidated his wife's family to find his wife. Fate said otherwise. Agave has a twin named Aglalea. She succeeded Agave as Evander's wife. In the end, Evander bowed knees before Aglalea. Because his son also loves him too. After so many years, Agave is back, she wants her position back. It was too late, however. Aglalea was married to Evander as herself, not representing Agave. The conflict continues, Agave attempts to kill Lea, until finally Evander protects Lea, the man kills Agave.


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10 chapters
Part 1
A handsome-looking man typical of half-bloods named Evander Alessandro Arthur who has unlimited power. The stature is one hundred and eighty-five centimeters high, very towering for the average Asian. A flashy high nose, firm jaws, and don't forget the pure white skin is well maintained. His blue eyes are capable of knocking down his opponent if he stares intently.He is a symbol of success from an established man. Handsome, wealthy and authoritative. Behind that, he owns many modern arms companies. Call it one of his companies, named Arthur Corp which is a legacy from his parents. Even he was born already rich in seven derivatives. No wonder, at the age of thirty-seven now, he even already has more than ten ordnance companies.However, he is a cold-handed man and businessman. The thirty-seven-year-old man could even set up his own company called Lock As Aresta Clara. The company was dedicated to his son, as it was inaugurated one day after his son was born. Why isn't it precisely his
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Part 2
They headed for an endlessly long debate. Evander was fed up with the debate. But, Evander still wants to find out how the disgusting story unraveled by the family ends. What decisions will they make on this issue."Darma, you have lost consciousness! You will sacrifice another doughter, Huh. Not! I won't agree to it. You heard that? You've already brought Agave in that demonic circle. So, please! don't involve Lea either," Gayatri cried starting to explode."It's Agave that puts herself at risk. She was the one who gave himself to Evander," say Gunadarma."Mother, what exactly happened?" A beautiful woman came out of her room. She is of medium stature with yellow skin complexion typical of the indigenous Indo-Malay tribe. Her hair was jet black loose slightly spearing. She exactly resembled her face to Agave, Evander's wife who ran away in the middle of nowhere. Only, what distinguishes there is a birthmark on the right arm of the Aglalea. If it is not a person who is very close to
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part 3
"Mommy, what sign is this? mommy isn't my mommy? Although mommy is not my mommy, But I like it," Ares babbled. He who saw the black mark on Lea's left arm, came to know that the woman was not his mommy. But, it doesn't change the affection for the woman. Lea stood up and looked at the table attached to the refrigerator that was in her room Ares. It's already one o'clock in the afternoon, so it's time for Ares to go to bed."Ares, today it's time for you to sleep. So, go to sleep now, if you don't want mommy to leave you," Lea told Ares. Lea prepares Ares nightdress to wear. Wow... just a child' clothes are like a shop in the mall. All are neatly arranged. All the clothes are themed around cool boys. A pair of pajamas with a picture of Doraemon became her choice."Wear this, Huh? let you be comfortable." Lea helped put her clothes on to make Ares feel comfortable. Aglalea revealed Ares' tiny body after the child lay down. Evander watched As Lea captured Ares' body, suddenly a desire ar
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Part 4
Ares cried when he opened his eyes, his mommy was not there. Her cries came to Evander’s study, because Ares opened the door, and Evander didn’t close the door tightly either. Each room is designed with a soundproof mode. So, it will not be heard out, if the door is closed tightly.“What’s the matter? How come cry?” Evander walked out of his boudoir.“Mommy, Mommy is leaving again, Daddy.” Ares’ cries broke out instantly in Evander’s arms.“Alright, Boy. Stop crying. Mommy was in her room,” Evander calmed his son down.Evander knocked on Lea’s bedroom door to make his son relieved, because his mommy hadn’t left him. Lea shouted to tell the knocker to wait, because she was dressed. However, Ares couldn’t wait until the end, Evander knocked on his door back with a bang, in order to open it immediately.“Yes... Oh, what’s the matter, Chapter...?” Lea was a little surprised to see Evander who was holding Ares knocking on the door of her room. She thought was Ares alone.“Ares cried for a
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Part 5
“You guys are weird, Evander is my husband. Of course he’s different from me.” Cyntia, who was shocked, then poured milk on Lea’s head. But, Lea was deft enough to dodge. Until the milk is watering towards Ares. So Leah widened her eyes, and cleaned Ares’ clothes that had been exposed to the spilled milk.“You guys dare to touch my son. Just look at it!” threatened Leah. He while taking a tissue and cleaning Ares’ hair that had been hit by the milk spill. All of them were stunned to see Lea aka the fake Agave’s attention to Ares. Usually, Agave is just ignorant when Ares.“I’m done. This dining room, it’s not healthy for my son. Ares us to the room now, honey. Clean your body.” With a rush Lea carried Ares to withdraw from the dinner table. She couldn’t bear to see the cunning of this family anymore. In addition, She brought Ares’s food that he hadn’t finished eating.Cynthia smiled at Lea’s defeat. She assumed Lea was defeated by heading to the room. She felt victorious, because inde
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Part 6
Seeing the absolute order from Evander Lea did not dare to refute. He was about to move towards his room Evander. However, the Ares pulled him to prevent it."Mommy, don't go,"Lea smiled she persuaded Ares to just play with her aunt. She was going to see his Daddy, because Evander had already entrusted her. However, Ares still did not want to be abandoned. Eventually, he took Ares with him to see Evander.Before heading to Evander's room, Lea took the time to stop by her room. In order for its appearance to look like Agave. She curled her face to be as thick as Agave make-up. The fiery red lipstick she hates most, has always been the hallmark of Agave. Not to forget the stilettos and thin dresses that seem to lack the material attached to the agave body. Although he didn't like it, for the sake of his disguise she did it.With a stride, Lea headed to Evander's room with her son's hand, yes, agave's son could be said to be her own son. After all, Agave didn't care about her either. Sh
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Part 7
"Don't ignore me. I don't like being ignored," Evander sarcastically. Evander keenly looked at Lea's face. Lea swallowed her saliva very hard. It can be seen that from the movement of her neck up and down.Evander rose from the top of Leah. then, he put his shirt back on, for there was indeed no one in Leah's room. Meanwhile, Lea decides her fate.***Meyyis***Evander is like getting a new shot. He looked more cheerful. There has never been a story of him having a cheerful face. There was a fierce face and was very creepy. Not even touched at all.Evander walked out of Lea's room with a smile. He walked into his room full of confidence. He changed his clothes with his oversized suit after taking a shower just now. Its elegant look adds allure to every woman who looks at it."Where's my wife?" asked Evander to the waiter."I'll call it, sir." A maid bent over leaving the place. Before the maid reached Lea's room. She had already come by taking her beloved son Ares."Mrs, master is wai
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Part 8
Evander wanted to share the bed not with a fake Agave, but really on she real self. Namely Aglalea Carla Ganendara. Evander doesn't care, even though Lea is the daughter of ganendara's betrayer and also his mother Gayatri. He wanted to be with him anyway. Either by the voluntary means of Leah, or forced, if she did not agree to it. Whatever, the power is absolute. With a snap of she fingers, Leah wouldn't look away from him."Let's wait for the play date, Sweetheart." Evander sharpened his gaze."Johan, watch my wife. Whatever she does, report it immediately," the Evander told his staff. Johan obeyed his boss's orders. He was on standby to supervise his boss's wife.After delivering Ares, Lea went home with the driver. She walked as usual through the living room, willing to head to her room. But, unexpectedly, she met Sandra and Cynthia."Sandra, aren't you in school?" asked Lea in a surprised tone."What's your business? Do I want to go to school? Can't help but go to school? You hav
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Part 9
"Mommy is sick. You change clothes first." Ares heard the answer from Evander he ran towards his room. He sat in the middle of the doraemon's picture bed, holding a picture of his mother. Evander, who was already able to shoot his son's action, responded casually. He bagged both hands, as he entered his son's room, to persuade him.***Meyyis***"Ares, you change clothes first. Tomorrow, if mommy gets better, she will definitely see you," Evander persuaded."I want Mommy," Ares cried broke out. He was really afraid of being left alone. But, he still didn't allow Ares to meet with Agave, because he wanted Agave to heal quickly."Ares don't cry, if Ares sees mommy now, mommy will be cured for a long time. You will see mommy in the next three days." Ares was silent at the statement from Evander. He wants his Mommy to be cured, but he also misses his mommy.Evander took his son out of his room. He Didn't want his son to be too sad to think of Agave. So, he chose to pour a few cups of Ares'
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Part 10
Evander walked into the Agave room. He looked at this beautiful angel in front of him, already asleep. He stroked the fake Agave's forehead.***Meyyis***"You are indeed beautiful." Evander's smile was again squeezed out. For quite a while Evander looked at his wife's beautiful body. She grasped tightly, unbeknownst to Leah, as Leah was still asleep. The afternoon breeze made the leaves whisper among the cypress branches in the front garden of Evander's room. He turned off the air conditioner and opened the window to feel the warm caress of the afternoon breeze. He closed his eyes and spread his hands. Like discovering a new world, he became a smiling man. It's a far cry from Evander a few days ago."Master, is there anything the master wants for the madam dinner tonight?" Alice asked about it, because it was indeed Evander who asked to report everything related to Agave."I don't know what she likes. You make her favorite food, let her eat devoured and get better quickly." Still with
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