Immutable Apotheosis: The Enigma

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Immutable Apotheosis: The Enigma

By: Yin Yang OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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True Gods. Endless Divinities. Primordials. The Ancients. The Chaos. The Greater Chaos. The Infinite Realms. Heaven. Hell. The Abyss. Purgatory. The Overvoid. The Greater Worlds. The Origin World. The Prime Verse. The Past, Present, Future. Here. There. Everywhere. Nowhere. "Why is it that, I cannot find any place that I truly belong? And who, or what... exactly am I, as a Mystique?" Join our Enigma as he tries to find a place where he could belong, and fit in. While unveiling all the secrets and mysteries related to him, and his family. ** The cover page does not belong to me. Credit goes to the owner. Thank you~ **


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Enigma And The Mystiques
The Mystiques. This was a powerful family of true divine beings. It was composed of two gods who acted as both father and mother of the house, as well as four children. Unfortunately the identity of the parents were unknown. Data stated they were still alive, but their life force could not be felt even within the Myriad Creations. As if that was not enough, the older sister left six years ago and seemed to have no intention of coming back. As one of the powerful geniuses of the Everlasting Star True District of the previous generation, her disappearance caused a lot of disruption within the core of the Everlasting Star True District. This led to the rest of the family to recieve loathing glares and constant bullying from others for six full years. But when some compassionate people thought this suffering was too much, there was still more to come. The youngest child of the family unexpectedly fell sick and was contaminated by a divine disease even the gods found troublesome to
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Rising Stars
__________________________________________________ Name: Allen AsvathReincarnate: Vishnu (???)Cultivation: Godlin Constitution: Principle-Source (Fantasy) Providence(5): Gift of Immortality (Unique), Of The Three Steps (Unique), Karmic Conjuction (Unique), Ten-Incarnates (Unique), Supreme Preservation (Unique) Artifacts(2): Kaumodaki (Lost Divine), Discus (Lost Divine)__________________________________________________ This one was even more terrifying than the last one. That was all the other candidates and Hestia could think. But not Enigma, he had a very terrifying thought in his head. 'The first one was the goofy looking kid I saw before I came to this place wasn't it? And this guy, doesn't he look familiar? Like that black haired perverted guy? He looks a bit mature now, I guess.' Was this a coincidence? Or was something bigger going on behind the scenes? What about the other two girls that also caught his attention? Unfortunately they were not from this District it se
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Five Art Categories
"Listen up kitties, today's first lesson will be the brief up about the divine arts of our Everlasting Palace. Well, all the basic arts of the Hundred and eight Palaces are the same. "Things only change when it involves advanced powers and special powers. But that is something for you lot to worry about starting from next yir. "As I was saying before, today, or rather this week you will be learning divine arts only. The more you can learn, the easier your journey will be like in the Unique Worlds." Hestia said after everyone was sitted down infront of her. "Unique Worlds?" Su Han, raised up his hand with a rather simple-matic expression on his face. To say he was confused or lost, would be ideal. "Yes, unlike the other godlins, you people will invade the unique worlds using your previous life names, as aliases, if you want. Your job is to gain followers, learn to become independent as well as to farm faith power." She further explained towards
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The A-Team, Finally Becoming Gods
A week easily went by just like that. To Gods, time was truly something to scorn at. They had unlimited lifespan and could retain their looks even after living for thousands of years. So seven days was not really that much of a big deal. Especially considering that they had to spend years down in the mortal worlds. The hundred and twenty ARCs gathered once again in front of Hestia. She carefully scanned all of them with a slight smile on her face. There was also twelve young adults behind her, somewhere around Enigma's older sister's age. They were clearly people from the previous batch, and their seniors. "This is it, your special day. I will not waste any of your time as I am very tired. Today, you get to become True Gods and be accepted by one of the seniors behind me as your team leaders. "From then on, you will be allocated a world were you will spend three yirs (thirty years) inside. After that, you will return to test each oth
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Rabbit God, System Functions
Enigma sighed as he found himself standing before the white-skinned beauty. Well, she was beautiful and her face was comfortable to look at, so, should he stop complaining? 『We meet again, young lord』 The beautiful lady in white gowns and long silver hair, bowed slightly towards him as she greeted him respectfully. Her tone was not arrogant, despite her bearing, which was that of a noble. "Why am I here again? And what was that you said back then? Something something system, I failed to catch on, the last time we spoke." Enigma was supposed to become a true god, so why did he come here instead? There was no way in Hell, that his process of becoming a True God, had something to do with these guys. There was no way... right? Enigma thought as he had a bad feeling. 『It is because I am about to make you an O-- Ahem, pardon that, a Rabbit God』 The silver-haired beauty was about to blurt something but luckily managed to stop hers
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Eternal Night, Queen Mother
"I, Louise Victoria Vermillion, hereby accept my identity as the personification of Night, the Primordial Darkness, Son of Chaos. I hereby declare to the universe that I have returned... And shall fulfill my promise to the "Great Lord" that the Old Gods had made." The white space that one of the girls that came with Athena, Louise, was sent to, was instantly sorounded by darkness from corner to corner. This darkness swallowed everything, leading to complete darkness, darker than black itself. Suspended in the center of this phenomenon, the overly beautiful Louise closed her eyes and let the True Will, an entity above everyone, the highest true order, do its job. The darkness was absorbed into her hair, her originally dark hair turned a shader darker. Making it look darker than the abyss itself. It even felt like it was absorbing the sorounding heat and light. Her complexion became a bit paler, increasing her beauty by twofold or even threefold. A cute pure black half tear-like dro
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Rising Gods
"I, Su Han, hereby accept my identity as the Monkey God, Great Sage Heaven's Equal, Son Goku. I hereby declare to the universe that I have returned." Su Han recited the chant within the boundless white space. Immediately after, profound aura burst forth out of his body and sorounded his figure. The aura seeped into his skin slowly, resulting in golden fur to grow on his upper body. The golden fur covered his upper body excluding the chest and the lower abdomen. It glistered in golden light and sparkled in silver as it swam in the air, at a profound pace. His originally short hair, grew longer and wilder as well as more golden, as if it were curling around each each other to create a bird nest instead. But despite that, with his mischievous smile, he still looked handsome and otherworldly. A tail unwittingly popped out from his back and swayed at a gentle pace. It also had golden, silver sparkling fur as well, just like his hair and upper body fur. "Is This, what I truly looked li
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Ranks of Followers And Believers
"Noctis." A light voice murmured into the vast Universe with nothing but glowing stars and primal darkness. Following the voice, a small beast was revealed to the glamor of the infinite stars. It's body was small and cute, so adorable that one might mistaken it for a pet. If only that person had a few screws loose in his head. Cuteness aside, the small beast had a 'cute' horn suspended on its forehead. It's pupil-less purple eyes glowed ominously within the darkness. One blink, and it seemed like the primal darkness around it had thickened. It's claws were red, looking as if they were crystallized blood that glow every so often. The tip of its tail had a small red flames burning on it, so red that it seemed almost black. It's pure black fur perfectly aligned with the primal darkness of the void, to the point where just standing there was camouflage itself. "Diey." The light voice came once again and the view was switched in angles to another side. Here, there was an adorable s
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Terra, World Of A Thousand Gods
Outside the ten portals, Hestia and Jin stood side by side as they conversed with each other. Jin was casual with Hestia despite only being a true god while she was a main goddess. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Jin asked all of a sudden, immediately destroying the mood of the place. But he felt it was a necessary question to ask. If the kid was going to join his squad, then he needed to know if he had the same ambition as his parents or his grandfather. There was a stark difference between the two. One side literally wanted the obliteration of the whole True Verse, and possibly the True Existences throughout all GENESIS. While the other just wanted to be themselves, as they cared for nobody. Neither their fellow True Existence, nor the other types of Existences that could be found everywhere. Both were bad for him, but if he had a choice, it was obvious which one he would make here. "...." Hestia kept quiet and just looked at one of the nine portals, and it was definitely
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Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors
"...Yes." "Yup." "Hm~" "...I wonder." Everyone responded positively after checking their inner consciousness. But only one of them, Enigma, turned towards Hestia and responded after a pause. His response was barely a response at all. "...." Hestia lightly coughed and avoided his eyes. To be honest, she had prepared to give him something a few days ago, but soon forgot about it when she thought that giving it to him as a goodbye gift sounded more effective. "...Senior, how can you be so cruel?" Jin also looked at her helplessly and he shook his head in feigned disappointment. Not like he had the guts to truthfully do it. Hestia was scary. "It... was supposed to be a surprise. Here, catch this, remember, this is all my hopes and expectations stashed together. Don't disappoint me in there." Hestia, who blushed in embarrassment under the eyes of everyone finally regained her face. She sha
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