The Road Goes Ever On

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The Road Goes Ever On

By: davidpage OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The story follows Jason, an ordinary young man from Earth who dies and is reincarnated in the magical realm of Phantasma. He is granted powers of healing and fighting and told he has a destiny to fulfill in this new world. Jason travels to the town of Rockhaven and befriends wise mentor figures like the innkeeper Ralph who help guide him. He trains to control his new abilities. When the town is threatened, Jason emerges as a hero who protects the people. However, Jason feels restless and eager for adventure. He sets out to explore Phantasma, proving himself against threats like dragons, demons, dark cults, and tyrants. He discovers his childhood friend Daphne also came to this world and gained magical talents. Reuniting, Jason and Daphne become an inseparable duo who travel across exotic lands aiding villages and kingdoms. Their compassion and courage make them living legends. They master the use of their powers and learn virtues like wisdom, sacrifice, and perseverance. Though their skills grow formidable, Jason and Daphne remain committed to local lives changed through direct efforts, not personal glory. They periodically return to their hometown as a base, but always the call of adventure summons them forth again. No matter where trouble brews in Phantasma, these heroes bring hope. Now their journey continues as they confront ever-greater challenges, propelled by destiny. But their love and devotion to each other is their greatest strength. Together Jason and Daphne inspire the realm to believe in heroic ideals once again.

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Chapter 1
Jason opened his eyes and found himself lying in an open grassy field. The last thing he remembered was riding his bike down the street near his house when a car came speeding around the corner. There was no time to react before it hit him head on, everything went black, and now he was here. He slowly sat up and looked around. The field seemed to stretch on forever in all directions. The grass was a vibrant green and swayed gently in the breeze. In the distance, he could see a dense forest and behind it, mountains that touched the sky. "Where am I?" he wondered out loud. This definitely wasn't the neighborhood he had grown up in his whole life. Just then, a voice spoke in his mind, "You have been reincarnated into the world of Phantasma. Here, some humans are born with special abilities. Yours are healing and fighting skills." Jason's eyes widened in surprise. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. "Wait, so I died and now I'm in some sort of fictional world? And I can hea
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Chapter 2
Over the next few weeks, Jason settled into life in Rockhaven and began controlling his powers. Each morning he practiced sword fighting with some mercenaries who were staying at The Gold Fox. At first, Jason could barely swing his sword without losing his balance. But after drilling blocking and footwork, he soon could hold his own in sparring matches. His reflexes improved drastically, allowing him to anticipate his opponent's strikes. In the afternoons, Jason visited Elena's cottage in the woods to develop his healing skills. She taught him to focus energy into his hands and let it flow into the injured or sick. Under Elena's instruction, Jason mended flesh wounds on animals with a simple touch. He even cured a young girl's terrible fever. Each day his abilities grew stronger. During his free time, Jason explored Rockhaven and got to know the villagers. He checked on the traders in the marketplace each morning, often running into a friendly young woman named Daphne who sold bak
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Chapter 3
Over the next year, life fell into a steady rhythm for Jason. He split his time between medical studies with Elena, combat training with the mercenaries, and lending a helping hand around Rockhaven. His skills grew formidable, though he tried to use them only for good. During a visit to The Gold Fox one busy night, Ralph sat down next to Jason with a serious look. "Friend, have you ever wondered why you were granted such powers here?" Jason shrugged and took a swig of ale. "Destiny or fate, I guess. That's what you told me." Ralph nodded. "Aye. But part of discovering that fate is seeking out adventure, putting your skills to use beyond this little town. Perhaps it's time you ventured out and found a real quest." Stroking his stubble, Jason admitted he had been feeling restless. He was ready for a new challenge, but had gotten comfortable in Rockhaven. Ralph stood up. "Come with me. I have something to show you." He led Jason upstairs to a room filled with weapons, armor and ot
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Chapter 4
It took Jason two weeks to cross the Eros Mountains and reach Theron. The capital was surrounded by thick stone walls and bustled with thousands of people from all races and backgrounds. Humans rubbed shoulders with dwarves, elves, beast-folk, and others as they hurried about. Jason made his way through the crowded streets to the city guard's headquarters. Though initially skeptical of his fighting skills, the guard captain eventually allowed Jason to review reports of the disappearances. Over the past two months, seven people had vanished without a trace from the city's busy market. The guard suspected kidnapping, but there were never any ransom demands. They had no leads. "I'll investigate the market and see if I uncover anything useful," Jason offered, eager to get started. "Very well. Report back if you learn something," the captain said. He seemed relieved to hand the mystery off to someone else. Beginning the next day, Jason patrolled the thriving market and asked questions
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Chapter 5
Jason ended up staying in Theron for several more weeks, healing sick citizens who visited the temple and helping the guard investigate crimes around the city. Each day the energy within him seemed to grow stronger. One morning, the guard captain invited Jason to his office. "We've gotten word that a dragon has taken up roost in the Widow's Peak mountains. It's already attacked one village and burned their fields. The men I've sent to kill the beast haven't returned." The captain paused before asking, "Jason, will you hunt down this dragon before it causes more harm? Your skills could mean the difference between victory and tragedy." Jason took a deep breath. Fighting a dragon would be far more dangerous than anything he had faced so far. But the captain was right - lives hung in the balance. "I'll leave for the mountains immediately," Jason pledged. He spent the day preparing, then departed the next morning with a fast horse and provisions. After two days on the road, Jason reac
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Chapter 6
Jason barely managed to duck beneath the dragon’s sweeping tail. The beast clearly possessed great strength and speed despite its hulking size. Jason knew he’d have to rely on agility and strategy to stand a chance rather than attempting to match the creature’s raw power. As the dragon advanced, jaws gaping and ready to snap him up, Jason darted around to its flank and delivered an experimental slash with his sword. Though the scales were thick, he felt the blade bite slightly into the dragon’s hide, drawing a hiss of pain. The outer layer was vulnerable if he could strike the right spots. Whipping around, the dragon spewed flames once again. Jason rolled behind a chunk of rock, but not before the intense heat charred his arm. Gritting his teeth against the searing pain, Jason focused his healing energy until the charred skin regained its normal appearance. The dragon pressed its attack, lashing with its spiked tail and blasting fire. Jason ducked and wove, struggling to get withi
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Chapter 7
The villagers rejoiced when they heard of the dragon's defeat. They welcomed Jason to recuperate in Pine Hollow for as long as he wished. While relaxing at the village inn after his battle, an older woman named Jenna asked to speak with Jason alone. "I have a request to make of you," she began. "As you may have noticed, our village healer perished in the first dragon attack. Without his knowledge of medicinal plants and healing magic, even small injuries and illnesses have become a matter of life and death." Jenna's brow furrowed with worry. "Would you be willing to remain here for a time and take over as village healer? Your power to mend wounds and cure sickness would restore hope to Pine Hollow." Jason considered the proposition. He had been wondering what adventure to pursue next, but helping these kind of people recover and rebuild seemed just as valiant a quest. "I will stay and serve as your healer for as long as you'll have me," he pledged to Jenna. The work was exhaust
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Chapter 8
Continuing his travels, Jason decided to visit the Elven city of Silverwood far to the west, as he had never met an elf before. He joined a merchant caravan heading that way and crossed the Banded Desert, an arduous journey, before arriving at the verdant Elven forests. The towering trees filtered the sunlight and blanketed the ground in comforting shade. Birdsong and the chuckling of streams filled the air. Jason instantly felt at peace in this land. The Elves who inhabited Silverwood were fair and elegant, full of wisdom and quiet humor. They welcomed Jason when he introduced himself as a healer and dragonslayer. During his stay, they held a great feast in his honor. The melodic music and delicate flavors enchanted his senses. On his third day there, Jason was summoned to meet with the Elven council. He entered a hall lit with glowing crystals to find three Elves seated at a carved wooden table. The elf maiden in the center spoke first. "Greetings, Jason. We have called you here
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Chapter 9
Jason elected to travel south, as he had never ventured in that direction before. After many days on the road, he arrived in the swampy lands of Argus. The air hung thick and fetid over the gloomy bogs. The people who dwelled in scattered thatch-roof villages seemed sullen and suspicious. Jason even had to thwart a robbery attempt on the first night. On the second day in Argus, Jason came to a desolate village by the shores of Lake Misery. The residents there told him that for several weeks, some unknown evil had occupied the lake's island. Strange lights and sounds came from the island nightly, keeping the superstitious villagers awake with dread. When Jason volunteered to investigate the island, the villagers tried to dissuade him. They believed the evil presence hungry for souls had placed a curse on the lake's waters. None who went to the island had ever returned. But Jason would not be deterred so easily. Once darkness fell, he procured a small raft and pole from the villagers
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Chapter 10
Arriving on the outskirts of the boisterous riverside city of Banewell, Jason's mood immediately lifted. He took in the lively taverns full of laughter and music, the crowds of shoppers bargaining in the markets, children playing games in the streets. After the gloom of Argus, this cheer and community warmed his heart. While traversing the city center, Jason heard someone calling his name. He turned to see a red-haired woman waving and rushing towards him. He didn't recognize her until she drew closer. "Daphne!?" Jason said in astonishment. She threw her arms around him in a gleeful embrace. "I can't believe it's really you!" Jason had not seen Daphne since departing Rockhaven over a year ago. As they broke apart, he grinned and said, "What are you doing here? You're far from home." "After you left, I wanted to see more of Phantasma's wonders for myself," she explained. "I've been exploring these lands, gathering knowledge and spellcraft." Her striking eyes twinkled with enthu
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