Nightmare Apocalypse

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Nightmare Apocalypse

By: Icemaster360 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Sealed for a thousand years by a God, the Gamemaster, a nefarious being who gains pleasure in the suffering of others has been unsealed by humans and to thank them, he has infested their planet with zombies, vampires, werewolves and others creatures of darkness that are straight out of a child's nightmare but one human is adamant to surrender because his destiny is as great as the stars in the sky, he is the beast tamer shapeshifter


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7 chapters
Deep within a archaeological ruins in egypt, 2 men and a woman could be seen walking through a cave with runes and carvings on the surface."That was the last I hope" The woman said with tiredness as she took pictures of the runes and carvings on the wall. "So how old do you think this place is, it looks so new and well kept" The first man asked with marvel. "I can't give an accurate date because of how the place looks, it could be a hundred, thousand or even a million years for all I know" The woman said excitedly as she repeatedly took pictures of the runes."I have never seen these carvings before" The other man said as he traced the carvings with his hands. "Hey be careful not to trigger a trap, these carvings are one of the oldest languages in the world and they tell a story of a terrifying being that once roamed the world, it says that the being was so powerful that it destroyed planets with a wave of its hand, it made this a game, it would find a planet and then release some
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Opening The Coffin
Several hours later, the planes landed in a large base surrounded by sand, the base was basically in the middle of nowhere."Take her to see the doctor and take the coffin to the lab" The captain issued some commands as they entered the heavily guarded base.After issuing some more commands, the captain went through a series of locked doors which required a high clearance to enter and found himself in a large room which was filled with luxurious furnitures and specially prepared food made from rare ingredients, in the middle of this huge room sat a middle aged man at a table who was fiddling with some objects."How was the trip?" The middle aged man asked the leader who gave a salute to him before replying."We recovered a coffin but there was only one survivor who seems disoriented , she seems to have experienced something vicious enough that scared her to that extent " The leader answered . " A coffin you say , I would very much like to see this coffin and as for the families of th
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Self Destruct
"Nancy!" The captain shouted as he ran to her location but when he arrived, he saw the creature clutching her by the neck as it raised her to the skies."I can feel your fear, it feeds me" The creature said with a grin as it grinned at the head scientist which revealed it's sharp teeth which gleamed in the light."Drop her, now or I will open fire" The captain said as he aimed his gun at the creature's head."Hahaha, love is a very cruel feeling, it tricks into feeling that you have found something to live for and then at a crucial time crush that dream" The creature said with a chuckle as he brought her close to his face and licked her face with it's slithering tongue."I said release her" The captain said with anger as he pointed his gun at the creature threateningly."Do you think your earthly weapons have an effect on me mortal, don't make me laugh, killing you is as easy as raising my arm, if you think I'm lying ask them" The creature said as it pointed behind the captain."What
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The Apocalypse Begins
As an event that would shake the world was happening somewhere, our MC was visiting his brother at the hospital, As he walked into the hospital, all eyes turned on him and among them, he could see worried, sad and scared looks. He walked towards the attendant and asked to see his brother and after gaining his room number, he headed for his room but on the way, he saw a tall muscular man slip a gun under his clothes but he didn't take any action due to the military uniform on him. He opened the door to meet a sad sight, his brother lay on the hospital bed with several needles stuck in him like a freaking doll, his skin was pale and his body was also cold. "Hello brother, it's me Dominic, mom says hi, she couldn't bear to see you in this state, she says get well soon so that we can all be one happy family again, remember our deal about the race, we aren't done yet, I will be waiting for you but I don't know how long I can, the world is on the verge of destruction, I keep having this s
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First Kill
"Rooaaarrr" The figure behind me roared as the pocket knife planted itself in the middle of it's skull, killing it instantly."What the?, what just happened, how did I do that" I said to myself as I recalled how I was able to accurately hit the figure's head.BANG "Arrg, get away from me" I suddenly heard a gunshot followed by the scream I had heard previously."A survivor, I have to find him" I said hurriedly as I stormed out of the room, as I did, I failed to spot the sparks of green light that flowed out of the corpse into my shoulder."Where did the sound come f..." Before I could finish the sentence, I heard another scream coming from my right so I followed the sound until I arrived at a large door in the hallway, the sound was coming from behind the door."Ok here goes nothing" I said as I opened the door slightly and peered in, this hallway had only one light which was also dim so I switched off my phone's torchlight and walked in while pulling out my gun.As I moved, I could
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The Eyeless Reaper
RoarrrThe spider roared in anger and pain as it struggled to fend off the flames which scorched its skin and continued to inflict burn on its body until it shot out a spray of it's gooish liquid onto the ground which created a large hole which it escaped from."Whew that was so close" I said with ragged breathes as l remembered how close I was to getting killed again while barely escaping with my life."Hey you okay?" Rash said as he walked up to me while staring at the hole in the ground."Yeah thanks for saving my life" I said with gratitude as he helped me up."It's nothing, we're even now, but why do you look like that?" Rash asked as he stared at my frown."I don't know if it's just the adrenaline but the human part of the spider looked familiar, it's probably nothing though" I said with a shrug as I brushed it off."Okay so now what? " Rash asked which made me think, I hadn't really thought of the it but now i needed to, it seemed that the top priority was to get out of this ho
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Meeting Survivors
Somewhere in the hospital, two figures could be seen sneaking down a dark staircase, they walked slowly and soon reached the end which was a door, the one in the lead peeped through the door then placed his hand on the doorknob but just as he was about to open it, he suddenly paused then turned around."Could you please stop breathing so deeply behind my neck, it's annoying" Dominic said with annoyance."What are you talking about, I ain't doing nothing" Rash replied with a frown."Yes you are, I can't even concentrate with your hot breath against my neck" Dominic said."Okay okay, I'm sorry" Rash said with a raise of his hand."Good, now lets go" Dominic grinned as he twisted the doorknob and opened the door slowly as he stepped into two doorways with plenty doors, one on the left and one on the right, and luckily this floor had light but the far end had its light off."Okay so now where do we go?" He asked as he took out the map and stepped under the light to see clearly."So we're
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