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After tampering with forces and meddling with matters beyond him, Nocht Noche wakes up in a Universe unknown to himself. Without his former powers, he uses everything in his disposal to escape the prison-like world, all in search for the one he loves the most. Whatever it takes.


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The Great Prologue: Part 1
YOU CAN SKIP THIS. Please Proceed to the [Rewrites]. THE GREAT PROLOGUE The Universe. In the terms of a mortal, it is the cosmic body with infinite measurements in which they reside. However, to the cosmic deities, the scale is much larger than that. A great nothingness envelops everything called Ginnungagap, and from this everything, they dropped their essence. Basking in nothingness, the droplets were nothing more than thought. Pure, abstract, platonic thought. But, the thought of those above was different from the thought of those below. Their thoughts... contained power. And so, these thoughts, these stories, were given meaning and identity. Identity is power, and power gave form to these thoughts. Soon, the thoughts developed into the Universes that we know today. Some formed by explosions, some seemingly appeared without any prior reason, some were even humorous in nature. The degree of Logic formed both unequal
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The Great Prologue: Part 2
The two of us went to a huge condo in the capital of Phillip where Latina and Zack were supposed to meet. There were a lot of buildings in the area, some of them towering over the said skyscraper, but none of those condominiums were as fancy looking as this one. Before Latina entered the building, I casted Link on her, which would enable me to not only communicate with her telepathically, but also lend me her 5 senses. This way, we're able to communicate and transfer information. Magic sure is convenient. "It's real fancy here. Should we go on a date here after we finish the job?" Latina said as her tail wiggled flirtatiously. I was confuzzled, as her tone indicated a joke. "If I can tie you up and slap you around as I please, then I'll think about it." "Ooh, kinky!" There are a lot of guards roaming in the vicinity. Their little marches made it feel that the place was well kept and secured. Although it makes everything easier
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The Great Prologue: Part 3
POV: The WriterGender: MaleLocation: Kingdom of Phillip, GaiaAge: 17Status: Narrating... SCREECH! The Birgus sent a deafening cry. The force was such that it broke all of the glass in the luxurious building as well as tear half of the skyscraper's tip. Nocht was discombobulated for a short while, but it was enough for Zack to plant a powerful punch that sent the man flying from the building, through 3 other towers, and finally stopping on the fourth one. "I should've brought my weapons." Nocht grumbled, buried in the solid wall. "He punches harder than Teach." Earlier, while he casted the Link, he also marked Latina so he would be able to swap places with her using a spell. Nocht anticipated the entire thing, but was stupid enough to not grab his tools. Meanwhile, Zack charged up his legs for a huge leap. "ARRRGGGH!!" From the tower,
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The Great Prologue: End of Prologue Arc
Location: Ginnungagap, Nocht's Ship I can't say it was bad. I mean, me and Latina went at it for hours non-stop, until she started complaining that her waist hurts. So here are, having some casual pillow talk. "You... you didn't even break a sweat, didn't you?" she lies on her front. I applied some ice upon her back to help her with the pain. "We've been doing it for a while now and I still can't wrap my head around it. How are you so... energetic?" "You're just weak." I said casually. Well, she IS weak. And she took that seriously. Latina tried to sit up straight but her back collapsed faster than the speed of light. Despite the pain, her pride wouldn't let her be silent. "Weak? I'm a succubus. We're supposed to last longer than most!" she bitterly grunted. Latina seems to hold her bed game in high regard, so rather than teasing her even further, I instead tried to shift the topic. "So, what's with the androphobia?"Read more
Volume 1, Arc 1. Hell Arc; Chapter 1: Lost Memories
It's been 5 months since I've awoken in this world. It's much different than that of the world I know and it's most certainly... strange. All that made sense to me is that I'm not in my usual world, which in and of itself is bizarre. While traveling, I've explored numerous amounts of places and yet they all look the same. The sky is just a pure blanket of ghastly gray hue. Everything else was a desert of black sand that stretching all the way towards the horizon. I picked some of the sand up, it flowed smoothly in between my fingers like flowing water even though I could see the individual grains. Again, it was incomprehendsible to me. Crimson trees that had no leaves, but they were producing some sort of cyan sap. I used the said liquid to quench my thirst and took barks of the tree for food. No matter how many miles I seemed to have walked, I've never met a single lifeform except for the trees. Not even once. Then finally, a hopeful encounte
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Chapter 1.2: Nocht Verse Cosmology
The Multiverse of Narratives: Babel / Turis Omnium Is composed of beyond infinite amounts of Universes. Each Universe is a tale, a narrative that contains its own laws and powers. The Multiverse houses myriads of creatures and is constantly threatened by spawns of Chaos and Anomalies, things that aren't a part of the Multiverse and yet . For many, it is the Tree of Yggdrasil, The Dream of a blind idiot God, the Void that views narratives as viruses, The Great Supersystem, and so on and so forth. In all actuality, it is all of them, and it contains everything that had existed, existing, and will ever exist. The Multiverse itself has 4 regions, each region, as repeated, containing beyond infinite amounts of Universes. The Laws of the Multiverse The Laws of the Multiverse is what makes it run. Each law is intertwined with the other. The Law of Identity is also known as t
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Chapter 1.3: The Theory of Nocht
Author's Note: You can read this or choose not to. You're free to leave. But, this is the cosmology of the Nocht Universe, in which I believe contains even our real world. Again, you can read and proceed with the story even without reading this. I just made everything a little bit deeper since that was what the point of this story is: Grimdark. *** "This is not fiction." I know what you're thinking. This would be the first and foremost reaction, anyway. When I took a deep sleep and remembered everything, it dawned upon me and I was just as shocked as you are. This guy is absolute nuts He's too high up there Woke much? And many more expressions. However, it is all the same. I witnessed it. No matter how much you try and escape from it, no matter how much skepticism you direct towards it, even if you don't believe it, it matters not. Even I can't believe it. Hu
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Chapter 2: A Horrible Job
It was unknown to me how much time passed. I was too busy, or more like distracted by the amount of faceless people surrounding me. It seems like they grew used to me talking, in sign language that is. They still go apeshit when they hear voices though. It's not like I can't move at all, I can move my hands at the very least. An enormous amount of time passed and I could move my entire body again. I still feel like my legs are jelly, but standing up and walking are doable. I stepped outside and what greeted me was not the usual bleak sky. No, it was much more than that. "Whoa." The word came out of me in sheer awe. This place, this pocket dimension of theirs still have the gray skies. However, it was no longer bleak by any means, as millions of dancing stars littered the sky. I thought that it was strange for stars to move so energetically until one of the said stars descended upon me to perch on my nose. It revealed itself to be a type of insect that
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Chapter 3: Unko
Tools makes any job more efficient. I only had the huge, disturbing shears in my possession. Why exactly is it disturbing? The handle is coated with what can only be described as flesh in my grip. Said flesh have vein-like expansions that stretch up to the tip of the blade. It proved to be inconceivably sharp as I merely touched the edge with the slightest force I could muster and it cut me regardless. To test the need for the shears, I tried picking the fruit from the trees by brute force, but no matter how much I tried it just wasn't doing it. However, with the shears, the indestructable branches felt like air. Back to the point at hand, tools make jobs more efficient. If I were to explore this place as quickly as possible, I need to be efficient. Meaning to say, I need a variety of tools I can use.  However, the Elder said he can only provide me the tools that are specifically for my job. Since they can't make more of it, the n
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Chapter 4: Her Favor 1
An infant... and a woman. A dream? I see it, but the vision is vague. I'm... cradling it... speaking to it. To him. With her. But I cannot hear clearly. I cannot see vividly. Both... all senses are blurry. The infant- wait, how do I even know that he's an infant? Is it because he felt so little in my arms? That he felt like he could break to a million pieces with the slightest of force?  A fragile existence, a precious experience even though I cannot properly savor the incomplete moment. I wonder, how would I feel if I could see the little one's face? If I can hear the other voice that's so gently... humming? The tune is simple. Vague, but wistfully it wrings my heart so. It was new, yet familiar. I felt this yesterday with Junko. Is this also a part of me? I do not know... but I do know that I wish to stay in this peaceful moment forever, despite only feeling. The dream ends... and the sensation still ling
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