Not a husband

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Not a husband

By: Thane Updated just nowFantasy

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This story describes the hardships of a young man. Rejected by his family, friends and even his wife. He came back with no particular mission. He just wants a normal life and yet his in-laws are giving him trouble. What will this man do? No one knows. Neither human nor gods know what this young man might do or where he went.


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38 chapters
I am here. Standing in front of a tall building, our protagonist exclaims. His looks are average. His build is average. But currently he is tired. He sighs heavily. Because, he is standing in front of his wife's office. He used to be an ordinary employee of this company. His wife was his boss. It's not like he really wanted to get married. But, he was forced into this. His family had taken a huge debt from a mafia. And he had to work to the bones to be able to pay the monthly interest. Then, one day, the mafia wanted the money back in full. My parents were startled at that. I worked even harder than before. But I couldn't meet the deadline. I was taken into custody. And then I found out that I was sold. My parents actually sold me to the mafia. Pretty common, right? This situation was really common if it was a manga or a novel. Why do I have to suffer? And another big bomb was waiting for me. I was about to be married to the daughter of that mafias boss. She was the same age
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I am standing outside my wife’s office. Hello, I am the main character of this story.I will introduce myself later. Let’s begin the story. I was thrown out. I was abandoned. And yet, here I am.After all these years, I am back. Although I am not back for any particular reason.I am here to check things out. Thinking this, I take the first step into the building.But call it a stroke of bad luck or coincidence, I got a leg cramp.I fall down right there. At the very door of the building, I fall down due to a leg cramp.It hurts. My muscles feel like they are tearing apart.I can’t move my leg one bit. But even after seeing me like that, no one came to help. I guess nothing has changed.I am still the failure I was. At least to them. I would like to say that I have improved or more like, I wasn’t incompetent to begin with.That was just an act. But even so, they treated me way too harshly.I move to the side to recover. The pain subsided and after five minutes, I could stand again.“L
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The talk with father was refreshing. I remembered somethings. Some good memories and some bad ones.But still, it was fun. I hadn’t met him for a long time. But he is still the same as ever.Though I have to say that age is taking its toll on him.I am sitting on a bench outside of the office building. Technically I am still in front of the office.But the day is nice. I thought, why not?And here I am. Sitting lazily on a bench. Completely occupying it.I was about to doze off. But someone was calling me.“Hey…hey….” I was being shaken. I look up. I see a girl. About 14 to 15. Wearing a school uniform, she was shaking me.“Yeah, what is it?” I say, dryly.I was about to nod off but she woke me up.“Can you help me?” She said and pointed at the tree behind me.I look at it. I see that a kitten is on the branch.I guess she wants me to get it off the branch.“The kitten?” I ask her pointing at the kitten.*Nod nod* She nodded.I get up and pull up my sleeves. I climb the tree. It isn’
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Reminiscence and rescue
I am stuck. The robbers have completely surrounded us. We are the hostages. The bank just opened. Not too many people are present. I look around. I think about 20 people. Including the bank staff only about 20 people are here. The robbers have weapons. And judging from the looks, they are trained. They are well coordinated and work efficiently. Their weapons are also modern. Only a well-off mafia or some kind of organization can pull this kind of stunt. Again, they could be from the military. Excommunicated or kicked out, they seem to be seething with hunger. Hunger for money. After being kicked out, I went all around the world. Getting to know people and gaining experience. From the look in their eyes, they are starved. They are hungry for money and women. They are checking out the female employees. Any moment now, they might drag them to have a little fun. I can hear the police from the outside. But they are not interested in them. Working like normal, they are collecting ev
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I am meeting with someone I really don’t want to see. Hopefully that person hasn’t realized that I am here.When that person was tidying up the robbers, I try to run away.Not run but slip away. But I am caught. The police outside are interrogating the victims.“Are you alright?” One officer asks me.“Yeah.” I said that in a lighthearted tone. I really wasn’t that scared anyway. But I really have to run away.And even if that person sees me, they probably won’t recognize me.I am ashamed of myself for saying this but it is better if she doesn’t see me.That person or rather she should not see me. She finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a policewoman. I don’t wanna disturb her.The officer who was asking me questions was done. So I prepare myself to turn on my heels.But then came someone blocking my path. It is her.I try to stay calm and maintain a stance where I don’t know her.“Have we met somewhere?” She asks me. She has become even sharper than before. I need to be extra ca
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Meeting the wife
I woke up this morning. Had breakfast. Everything was normal till I went to the bank.I enter the bank and robbers attack us. I get away from the bank robbery but then encountered my childhood friend.Someone ran away from her and decided to have a peaceful meal and leave this city.But the worst was still to come, I guess?!!I sigh. Not really but in my mind. It is a long and depressing sigh.Because, I am currently sharing my table with my ex-wife.Why? I scream in my mind. Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong or is someone plotting against me?I hold my head and become even more depressed.But I hadn’t noticed something, yet.My ex-wife is staring at me. Really carefully looking as if appraising me.But I don’t think, she will recognize me. She never had an interest in me. We only talked the bare minimum even when we were married.So I don’t have worry about her recognizing me.I just have pull this off somehow.I breathe and calm down.I have yet to introduce myself
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Another trouble follows
I left the diner a while ago. It has been more than an hour. You must be thinking that I am currently sitting in the train.Wrong. I should have boarded the train normally and left. NORMALLY!!!!!But, when I reached the station, the train was already there. I pass through the ticket counter and head to the train.However, that never happened. When I was about to step my foot into the train, I felt an impact.Someone hit me from behind. A pass out.It’s a blank. I don’t know what happened after that.And now I am here. Sitting in an abandoned garage. Pretty generic. It’s one of those abductions. I am abducted.But I don’t see the perpetrator. Who did that to me?I think I know who it is. But now, I have nothing to do. My hands and feet are tied together. How did they do it?They tied my hands and passed the rope through my legs to tie them as well and then made the final knot on my back.I can’t move. Even sitting is actually hurting me. This is definitely a sadist. Pretty good at bond
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Reunion once again
Boss took me to his hotel. The Kanehaya group owns a few hotels. One of them is in this city. “Akito, get changed.” He tells me and gives me a room key.It says presidential suite. This hotel has only 3 presidential suites and he gave me one.But it is no use arguing. He gave up on the matter from before but he won’t budge on anything except that.I just do as I was told. I go to the suite and I find a nice tuxedo.It is formal. What kind of business does he have? But no use arguing.I take a shower. I hadn’t showered and I was thrown into that dirty garage and splashed with water. So it should be better to take one.Then I get ready. It has been a while since I have worn something this formal.I should say this now but I haven’t changed my looks that much. I only gained some muscles.And I dyed my hair red. I originally had black hair. But after being kicked out, I dyed my hair red. It gives off a delinquent-ish feeling.*Ring ring* The intercom rang.I pick it up.(Akito, come to t
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We are currently under attack. A group of black men have broke into the meeting center and have pointed their weapons at us.Boss and father are keeping their cool. I see that Shizuka and Mona are also calm.Despite being young, Shizuka has seen these kinds of things. So she is used to them.Mona is the same. I don’t have to worry about them. The problem is the grunts.We were here to have a simple meeting. So no weapons allowed. Anyone who had weapons, left it at the counter.But that bit us. These men first took control of the counter and now are pointing those weapons at us.I recognize these black men. After being thrown out, I left the country. Illegally.I jumped inside a container at the very last moment and somehow made it out. When I came out, I was at Cairo port.That was almost 5 years ago. And thus began my African journey. In that journey, I met some people. Good and bad both.And I crossed some people who don’t like to be crossed. I spent 15 months in Africa before retur
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Am I cursed?
I am currently lying on a bed. Not my bed. I don’t have a house in this city anymore. So, I have been provided with a shelter.I am currently staying at the hotel Boss owns. That very same presidential suite where I changed my clothes.Now it’s night. Today has been full of ups and downs. Let’s summarize and reflect.I have made a lot of careless mistake since coming here. I have been busted by those black guys as well.They aren’t that important anyway. So I won’t bother mentioning their name.Let’s see. I got up this morning. Had my breakfast at a nearby diner. Then went to the bank to withdraw some money.In the bank, I got stuck playing the hostage. It took me a while to get out of there. Then I got tangled up with someone I never expected.I still haven’t mentioned her name but I will in due time. But she is a police officer now. I have to be careful.The police and the Yakuza don’t get along. She really was a fighter of justice. If she is still like that then I will be in troubl
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