Screw the Sage

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Screw the Sage

By: Amaza Rashi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Our assumed hero has simply rambled about the world without boundaries or restrictions because he has no idea where to go. He has zero faith in anyone. He had known how evil real life was from the outset. He believed that "life is lot easier when you just don't cherish." But. The moment he met someone, everything changed. He is now back. What sort of universe is he going to unleash?


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Chapter 1: Screw
A hymn through the wind, beating the sound of nature as it calls the prophet.Naah… naAAH~ nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah nah-Nah~ ♪NAn-nAH~ nananananAAH~ ♪Naah… naAAH~ nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah-Nah~ ♪NAn-nAH~ NAah, AAaah~ ♪This is the song he always sings. He has obviously forgotten where he last heard it, but his Last Song Syndrome keeps on bugging him. As he walks to the greenery valley, he keeps reminding himself it's a peaceful era, nothing can go wrong…Yes, you heard that? Nothing goes wrong because it is currently peaceful time.Anyway, hello their person from the other side…Yes. You. I know you can hear me, or watch me? Or… maybe you can read me? You don't need to answer because I'll never hear your thoughts and voice anyway. Hmm… People will think I'm crazy, so how about this… Let's say— I'm assuming you can hear me, or see me. How's that sound? I don't care whether you're convinced or not, I'm talking to myself— I'm convincing myself. Welcome! Welcome
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Chapter 2: Screw the kid
"Can you walk?" Screw sits in front of the child named Gura, he rested his cheek on his right hand."Numb," she answered without emotion. Poker face. "Get up, I'll carry you." He grabs Gura and hold her on his arm. "Sticky," she said, Screw carried the young miss toward the nearby lake.Screw, put the little miss down and soak her with water. Gura shivered a little when the water hits her body, "Cold."After washing her, Screw uses his own hooded cloth to dry her. He raised his hand and snap a finger to cast a spell [Clean]* and [Dry]*.[Casting spell: Failed]As expected, he can't use his magic and cast it to people apart from himself. Even the basic and necessity spells, are prohibited for him to cast.Screw, pickup the little miss and move to the forest. He found a giant tree which they can use to spend for a night. Now the problem is food, he doesn't usually stack his food and that's the reason he needed to hunt or find some edible fruits or mushroom for the child to eat.
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Chapter 3: Screw the new life
Above.The Gods are looking down on all creatures besides their kind. Then, as the mightiest, must enforce the rule and let the lowly creatures follow, bow, repent and pray. Because of the eternal life, they got bored for doing nothing, so the Gods decided to create an entertainment befitting to a God that rule in every Universe they own.Gods have an eye in every multiverse, they created this connection to make it easy for them to communicate and place a bet. Gods, who seek entertainment, will do everything to enjoy their satisfaction. One of these examples is the creation of Angels, Demon Lords, Hero, Saints, and Beast to fight each other, for having a right piece they can use. Whoever wins will be blessed.They LIE.This is eternal, a repeat, a forever vicious cycle of war, life, and death. But, everything change when the Ertoverse a part of the multiverse birthed a single man born on Ert. They call him a miscalculation, an error, a bug to be precise. The man who they think as
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Chapter 4: Screw the guide
The first rays of sunlight lit up, melodic birdsongs started to drift the village by its chorus. The just-risen sun shone softly on the streets, bringing with it a flurry of early morning activity. Dawn seeps into her room as she rubbed her blear eyes, glancing at the window was a pearly glow in the sky. Besides her, a man wearing a plague mask standing at the door."Good morning," he greets before he turns his back to prepare her breakfast. She abruptly leaves her bed, runs, and suddenly hugs the back of his master. "It— its— been long… so— so long…" she hid her tears by digging her face on her master's back. Screw already realize it, "go back now… and thank you for remembering me.""Happy birthday Gura. ♪ ♫ Happy birthday Gura. ♪ ♫Happy birthday, happy birthday~ ♪ ♫Happy birthday Gura~ ♪ ♫""Woah! Thank you," Gura closed her eyes before blowing the candle. Everyone was partying at the Screw's residence, it has been five years since they arrive and live here in this small comm
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Chapter 5: Screw the wonder pills
"Nær Pah!" A ball of flame burst out at the hand of Perk. After casting the , Perk started to chant another spell "Nær Brid Pah," a small firebird soared and burned her enemies.It's only been fifteen minutes when the fight starts, but it feels for them, they're fighting for several hours already. Too many freak monkeys appear on every side, and they are surrounded. "We've killed a dozen of them, but they still-" Malt dodge the claw of monkeys, and counterattack with a small knife, stabbing the monkey into its heart.Zack threw a hidden dagger to kill the beast sneaking an attack at the back of May. "Thank you." May hits the head of the beast monkey. "Focus on what's in front of you, May," Zack ordered while slashing down another one."There are too many of them… it is hard for me to defend," brandishing her long sword, Joy stabbed the abdomen of the beast and bash the other one, attacking her front with her great shield. "Form a circle formation!" Zack stays at the forefront, Joy
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Chapter 6: Screw just go with the flow
'Is she crazy?' He was stunned.It devastated Screw heart by the scene.He can't believe that he watched the murder case of betrayal.Everything felt silence. Just for him… actually.Currently, the person in front and battling the NOT SO RAGE BECAUSE OF THE WONDERFUL DRUG BABOONS was busy holding his ground and didn't notice that one of his teammates has been killed.Zack keeps holding his sword and successfully defended the next attack of this crazy monkey. "Hey everyone, get up now!" Zack commands, "I can't hold this crazy Baboons anymore." Zack lowered and strengthened his legs to endure and take the physical strength of that fist.*Clang*A bloody sweat lingering on his entire body. "Guys, a little help… please" Zack knows his limit and can't endure much about the Berserk Baboons, so he tried to look back a little to catch a glimpse of his teammates. He went blank when he saw Perk neck was bloody and slashed out. "Ooh~ I know that expression. You were asking who killed y
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Chapter 7: Screw keep going with the flow
"So…" Screw dragged the broken teacup, flails it and check if there's still a love of my life inside. After inspecting if there's still a bit of juice inside, Screw drop the teacup, and look at two beauties in front."What's next?" Screw asked.[Are you asking me or them?] the system can't tell what's going on either."Mr. Screw is five royalties are not enough?" May gently ask. "How about we make it ten royalties, and you can add something if it works for you." Screw tap his left pointing finger at the table three times, the two women gulped while waiting for his reply. "What's the catch?" Screw threw another random question.Joy grip her great shield and sword when she sensed there is something wrong, 'his aura changed abruptly after that question.' Joy felt a heavy bolder suddenly crushed her. May squint her eyes after that question either, she tried to be more gallant in front of Screw, even her robes got dirty from the recent fight. "Mr. Screw we are looking for something."
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Chapter 8: Screw the Female Knight
At the back, Joy, still engaging a battle with the second Berserk Baboons. She's to focus with her battle and ignored everything. Joy used a dashing skill to get close to this crazy beast.[Shield Bash]*The Berserk Baboons use it's both hands to stop the [Shield Bash]* now his holding both sides of the shield, "What?!"'It's supposed to get stunned for a second.'Joy was astonished, but she continued her second attack. She thrust her sword upward targeting the Baboons neck, the Baboons clearly saw the thrust, so he shifted his neck to his right side a little to dodge the attack. The knight already saw his move, [Heavy Slash]* another basic skill for Knight, a heavy slash from above and cleaved her enemy downward.The Baboons got hit, and another thrust attack was on its way to its abdomen. The knight didn't finish her combo, after hitting with a thrust attack, she unleashed another skill [Cyclone]*. All the air near Joy got sucked in by the aura of her sword and start spinning,
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Chapter 9: Screw the village!
At the center of the blazing sun, a group of people rummaged some lost grass. Others used it for medical purposes, but others used it for staple food. It's been weeks since the great escape from the village. Plenty of villagers got succumb from depression, they don't know what to do, they lost their hope. "If the great chief didn't die inside our village, survive and lead us, maybe we will know what to do" said by one of the village survivors."We can't do a thing, those bandits attack us unexpectedly nor hesitation." A woman hug a sack of grass asked, "why those bandits attack us? Is it because we agreed to call an adventurer from the guild?" Everyone went silent. Everything happens so fast after Screw and the Adventurers leave the village. After their departure, they get a feeling that somewhere and someone's watching their every step. At first, they thought those are the monsters from outside the village, and they knew the Adventurers they hired are enough to deal with them.But
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Chapter 10: Gura
Another wolf jump in and pounce Gura she dodged the attack and hurled a little slap of stick on its neck.*Growl*The wolf stand-up and look at Gura's position. *Grrr*The other wolf sat back and allowed him to strike another round. This time the wolf didn't attack, but circled Gura, aiming and positioning the right time to use its claws to charge. Gura didn't move at all. She's as calm as water outside, but inside a raging surge of flame excitement devours her. She wants to taste it. That's all over in her skull.After several circling, the wolf pounced once more, but this time with more powerful leg force. He readied his sharp claws to claw Gura's back and aim her neck afterwards to secure a kill. But the wolf got astonished when Gura moved and face his attack head on like she already expected it. She flicked her wrist and toss the stick, hitting the nose of the wolf, and this caused the wolf to drop its balance. This gives Gura's time to jump into the wolf's body, grab her kn
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