Skull And The Fangs

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Skull And The Fangs

By: Brighttheo7 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Kylian, a vampire who has a past that's full of deaths and blood, struggle and near-death experiences, finally finds peace in New York. However, peace became faraway again when what made his past a plagued one came into picture again. On que, a mystical hunter arrived in the city and is after him. Things are falling apart. But then, what could be called a second chance came for him. He found his soulmate. However, that became bad news again when her life was sought by an ancient vampire of over 1000 thousand years old. His heaven is coming down, his Earth is breaking apart and at the end, the Hunter's presence and the death stalking his soulmate were nothing but a drop compared to the flood coming his way. Watch out for the power packed story of this vampire, Kylian.

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Human blood.
There was a lot of screaming. He couldn't bear it anymore. He has to go there. He has checked it out.He had been tracing it from like a mile away and now he's here. He turned into a corner and what he saw next made him hate himself.A man, a vampire, had a woman in his grip with his teeths in her neck as he sucked life out of her. The woman could only shake in the grip of her death as the blood in her system reduced, by the second.The vampire lifted his face from the woman's neck. His red eyes gazed at the person before him, then a grin broke out of his bloody lips. "Oh, Clawe. Come and have a taste.""No, no. Don't bother." Clawe replied. He could feel his stomach churn at the blood that sipped out of the punctured neck of the woman but he looked away."My pleasure." Clawe made to step out of the place but he bumped into a chest. "Sorry." He quickly apologized."Look who we have here." The English was heavy with Spanish accent.Clawe lifted his gaze and he saw who it's. His eyes
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He groaned, staggering to his feets. His eyes were slightly blurry and his senses are weak but he could still recognise where he is despite that it's blurry.Papa Ruiz's shop.A grunt left his mouth along with a grimace as a migraine struck his forehead hard.Like a wave of light passing by, the migraine stopped and his vision returned too.He lifted his hand to move his long silver hair from his face and then he saw something that made him halt.Blood.On seeing the blood on his hands, he gasped in shock, his eyes widening with seconds.He scented it and he knew it.Human blood."What the hell?" He cursed as he moved backwards still surprised at how he got blood on his hands.He stepped on something and almost fell but he was able to scramble back his stance.He looked down and his face turned ugly.Around him was blood, allover the interior of the shop. The wall had splashes smearing it. On the floor was blood too, forming a pool. Clawe couldn't believe his eyes when his gaze fell
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A fresh start.
The oceans clashed and the birds from the receding woods shrieked as they flew by.A lone tent was in the middle of shore and the woods, blocked from the busy harbor of the seaside city by a large rock.Inside the tent.Amidst the searing pain that seemed to possess a power that burned through his veins like a hot brand of metal, Clawe's eyes fluttered open.The brown old view of a tent was the first thing he saw, the lantern burning softly gave the enclosed place a light. He sat up, wiping to a side his scattered, now clean, silver hair. Must have been washed clean when he was in the ocean. The clashes of the waters that reach his ears, making him realize he hasn't gone far.His coat is no more, only his baggy pants remained.But where is this place?His eyes moved around. Apart from the lantern, only a leather bag could be seen.The remaining space of the not so large tent is unoccupied. A temporary stay- he guessed.The early yellow sun casted inwards beyond the small opening of
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200 years later
New Amsterdam is now New York.Late in the Autumn night, Kylian was in his library.The place where he spends many of his time, in the middle of maps he had drawn, sketches that pronounced his past, beside a shelf that held scrolls, books and documents that contains elixirs, that had dark histories and unnatural backstories.Before him was his heavy, thick and old diary. On the diary, his pen danced."No hunters. No vampires hunting me. No frenzy. No massac-" Memories flashed in his head and the pen shook along with his pale white hand, making him stop for a while. Then he continued on a new line. "No running around.""The longest rest I ever had, it is. It felt like paradise."Kylian finalised the scribble in his diary and dropped the pen.Right from behind him, Heald appeared.He licked the blood stain in his hand. It belongs to his last prey.He never finds it difficult to drink human blood, something Kylian tried his best to restrict himself from."Hey, man," Heald's voice came
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Flowing blood, hunters call to duty.
Somewhere around Caucasian sea.Centuries ago.The villagers roared music into the air.They rejoiced that the war ended in their victory.The chief laughed good-naturedly as he addressed his warriors. They had all worked hard and we're able to stop the bandits disturbing them.The bandits that their empirical government couldn't get rid off.But the chief knew for sure who the honor belonged to. It's none other than Eleodore, son of Marcus.Everybody rejoiced and hopped around bonfires and heavily beat drums.It's a good day.Eleodore, the man in question, was away from the village square. Away from the loud yells of excitement and the bangs of drums.His chest was bare and his sword dangled at the waist of his armor pants.Gazing at the full silvery moon, the color of his ponytailed hair, he slowly settled his butts under the green olive tree.Alone, he appraised the glimmering moon, the green terrain around and the pine forest far in the west.Then all of the sudden, he heard loud
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The frenemy
Night Hills stood erect on its feet, it's forest deep and haunting.…The Archipelago…Deep in the cloak of towering pines, humongous woods and crawling plants that twirl like snakes, were the fleets of dark caves, the way in, bent and almost invisible.Inside one of the caves, dimly lit, was the Casal leader, Caius.Bones the old was there with him too.Caius held up the Argus, a knife that symbolizes the Casal coven and the leadership of Caius.With this knife, who every vampire under Caius is will be revealed. And thus every danger will be known beforehand.After the meeting days ago, he had decided to look into the two hundred and fifty years old vampire, Kylian.That's the age Kylian claimed and he believed it.He needed to look into his possible future.And that is what Bones the old is born for.Every born vampire has special abilities and Bones' own is the ability to see what the possible future of anybody is.But it comes with a cost. Every time he sees a future, his age is sh
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Secrets, lotta secrets.
A full silvery moon, beautiful yet melancholy, drooped from the night sky.It looked more like a haunted abode deep in the Night Hills. The foliages hunkered tight overhead, making the forest darker than the deepest depth of the sea and silent as the graveyard.The rustling of dry leaves emanated.A figure in a beige cloak emerged. His steps are casual.It's Heald.Under the shadows of the night, he walked.He had told Kylian not up to a day ago that he's going out. But now he's already coming back.A swoosh made him stop.His brows furrowed. 'What's that?'His eyes glowed red as he activated his vampire abilities.His ears caught sounds of spiders threading their cocoon nearby. His eyes pierced through the dark like it's the day and he saw clearly all that's around him.He found nothing. His spiked alertness relaxed and he returned to his normal self.But he still feels uneasy. Even though it's not like the earlier.He continued his walk.But things are not the same anymore. The t
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Restricting his powers
The Archipelago.Caius turned to the young hunter. Fury cursing through his veins."And to what account is this added? As much as I remember, our agreement still stands," Caius pointed to the headless body of the young vampire, Lahm, on the ground. The hot print of a crossbow on the boy's chest spoke volumes of who did the job.Caius' voice sounded calm, but even a dwarf would know there's a storm raging under.The hunter trembled slightly. "Aro reports to no one."Caius cocked his head, his razor sharp claws flexed beside him, barely illuminated by the dim candles that lit the rocky cave.The hunter flinched and quickly said, "you should listen to me. Who am I to know why the legendary hunter is here? But I think I know what he seeks.""And what could that be? You know that the longer it takes for him to get what he wants, the more my men will die. So spill what you know.""I'm not sure, but I may be able to find out. His former missions will tell, there's a document tracking it all
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He left?
Kylian's hand lifted to touch the door but he paused.His silvery eyes ran over the red brick building and he sighed. This house is his home yet he feels so reluctant to enter it.All the insides of the house replayed what was his past, what he fears.The past isn't what he feared actually, but the dark events that made it up.The massacre. The deaths. The struggle. The animosity swirling in it like a legendary snake. It bites at every inch of his very soul.The living room occupied by walnut furniture pictured his village back then, centuries ago. It's surrounded by huge walnut trees.The library, filled all over with portraits, books, scrolls, maps and his mighty diary, made shiver run down his spine.He didn't want to see or remember the memories these things held. He feared it.'I should be able to face this.'His eyes cut to his wrists, to the dark ink running in curves of a language unknown to him. The runes work against who he is but help him personally.Things should be easie
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..The Archipelago.."Caius!"Heads turned as a voice called.Caius' head swiveled to the entrance and he saw the person."Hunter, what's it.""It's Aro, he left."Gasps flew outta fanged mouths as the hunter said this."He left?" Caius' asked again to be sure."Yes he did.""And why will he do that?" Bones the old took a step forward."Don't know, but he left."The surprise Caius is feeling didn't let him see the relief that watched through his men. He's confused at this.Bones the old was the first to respawn from the shock as he turned to Caius."That's a relief, leader?""Absolutely." Caius took a curt look at Bones before facing the crowd of bloodsuckers before him."My brothers, perhaps, this is the end of the meeting. I hope we see each other in the next few months."The Vampires didn't even wait any longer, they all zoomed off to their various places."Let's go." Heald nudged Kylian, who stood transfixed without moving."I'll go." Kylian remained, his eyes solely on a spot.Hea
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