The Element Council

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The Element Council

By: Suconcious OngoingFantasy

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Zach Harrison, a teenage young guy who has always been bored with his life as there was no thrill, action nor excitement that could just even give him the sense of self to live his life to the fullest. Everyday was always the worst day for Zach, a pessimist or a nihilist so to speak. He never had any friends to consider and hang out with. He's just like a lifeless robot living in accordance to the rules of the society and the ways of the world. It never gave him even the slightest bit of interest to explore over and beyond its adressing issue, but instead he had its own revolving world where he crosses out everyone from his sight. But everything changed after Ace Whendemier came into his life. She met her at a school named Clericus Institute right after they moved in town and that his Mom wanted to make his life a living and give it a unique and colorful and meaning. But everything you see ain't always what it seems as Zach discovers a whole new world beyond the ordinary. Along with Ace and some of his friends he met along the way which then later on created a guild named 'the element council' - this is where his tale begins, the next chapter of his life story as they unearth a secret dungeon that lies within the walls of the very school they enrolled in. All of them could not believe in what they have discovered as they will delve down deep within the mysterious and magical sense of finding a totem relic and its pieces which grants to those who finds all the missing parts of it.


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3 chapters
Chapter One
Chapter 1Zach's POV:Trying to fit in a world where you don't even belong just seems so out of this world. This world is nothing but a prison for me, Just like an ordinary routine, repeating its cycle all over and over again. It's just the same old boring patterns of life I used to live or maybe I am just blind to see how beautiful the world is. Strange isn't it? But this is the reality. The world doesn't even care for me either. I'm nothing but just a mere human who still wishes and dreams for something else. Something way more beyond than meets the eye.I honestly didn't think it would ever happen.But ever since I met them, everything started to change.It all started when me and my mom moved into a new city. We travelled miles with our Jeep Gladiator just to find a new school and place for us to stay. I was mid-year enrolled in a school named 'University of Clericus Institute'. Not
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Chapter Two
Chapter 2Zach's POV:*Kring! Kring! I woke up from the alarm of my phone. Time check, it was 3:30 am. The exact time I usually wake up whenever there's class.Looks like it was all just a dream. Again.But still I woke up being bothered from the unimaginable impossible dream of mine that I was flying and that I even had strange magical powers.Too bad though, If only I could prolong my dream even longer. Or mabye If could just rather live in my dream, not being able to wake in this reality.Or only if it could exist in this real life, I would be so enlivened and that I would always go on for fun and adventures.But It will always be what if's and stays at it is.It's never going to happen. What am I even thinking? I'm not a kid anymore.All of these aren't even real! but ever since I was a kid, I've always been holding on to this belief, believing that some day it would happen. This
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Chapter Three
Chapter 3:Zach's POV:I gave a thought of blank expression, looking above the sky from the window where I was sitting at. It was sunny clear, no clouds at all but just the reflection of the serene blue ocean. I was perplexed. scribbles were on the top of my head whilst of thinking about that happened yesterday.Just a dream... Just a dream...Remember Zach, You're just hallucinating. This isn't real!The sun was solely doing its job shining its bright light amongst everything it can touch down on earth, including the trees, the houses, buildings, animals and people even me, I felt the rays of the sun kissing my face. Not that burning sensation feeling but It was delicately warm and tender. But suddenly I was alarmed as I heard my name being called."Mr. Harrison! Are you even listening!?" Mr. Rosa shouted as he called my name.I stood up and bowed my head, owing an aplogy. "I'm sorry." Everyone were laughing at me as if th
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