The Myth

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The Myth

By: William OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I'm one out of none, believe me. The world, let's say it will end no matter what. Everything around us surely decompose, nor crumble as the time passes, yeah? However, do you know better than what I discover myself? One abandon the world, the like of you, this lifetime. For what? For the purpose of saving the life beyond, right? You sure find the end you've long for so long. The bitter...end. Why, you ask? Let me tell you why...I even share it to you. You even says we are not that close to begin with, so why...I'm doing this? I'm kind of debating whether you use euphoria, and actually tells me I'm some sort of a cult. That's why I have the question for you. Will you let me tell you the reason...or you already think I'm some sort of evil design to stop you? You know...the Myth, right? It's deep...within us.


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Chapter 1
I lean comfortably at the highest of tree, feeling the coldness of wind blow harsh to my face now and then, waiting for warm that will not possible yet I consistently ask to embrace me. So far, either for the sake of faith nor of staining the comforting life I have, never once cross my mind to ever consider the both at the same time.“You're stuck to that time, Arsy,” someone says, lecturing, “you should learn to move forward. Time passes, yet warmth cease to exist. Aren't you tired?” He approach slowly, his white suit stain with dirt all over, he even shivering to the cold. Though I don't think he will stop just to gives me the peace I wanted.From leaning comfortably, I jump from the highest of trees and landed with a bang. “Aren't you tired of nagging?” I ask as he cough to the dust hurling about to the impact.“I'm tired seeing you this way,” he said, sure are weary. “Remembering that moment as if happen yesterday? I never find someone as earnestly such you, Arsy.”“You think I'm
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Chapter 2
"Do you think Pryor is fine?" Gab ask, looking inside the bus where the latter don't even move an inch. He look like seeing some sort of bizzare entities, though Gab warn beforehand the bizzareness of this place. Yet I don't believe my mind to even think he wasn't at all fine, that something...much more bothering than the bizzare that Gab knows."Yeah?" I nodded, abandon the idea that resurfacing. Yet I can't let go my eyes fom him, especially in his forevead, there's blood flowing from the cut cause of his metal bumping. But other than that, he look fine, and I can't be certain if he intentionally hit his head to the metal pole or something?Other than Gab, no one pay attention to him anymore. That's when I realize what this bizzare that Gab proudly said. He said it was Halloween Festivities, so I should expect much more scary thing. Was it tricks and treats that he mention?Weird. It only daze me and I felt like the worst coming over. Gab resume for excitement to the goings on, so I
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Chapter 3
I don't know but it comes to mind suddenly. His name. It's sounds familiar, only named to a person who respected and bowed by townspeople. I don't think that is him though. Anyway he turn around and run away like he's meeting someone out of its mind. Gab find me the next moment, messy and all, watch with my eyes widely open to Pyro's disappearing figure."How do you find that place?" Gab ask just as I sit comfortably in the bus. We're heading home and I'm kind of sleepy, yet the question makes me fully awake and thought the deepest."Pyro did," I said, trying to catch a little bit of reaction from him. Yet I receive too much. He's worried, yet among all sigh, as if what I said is absurd."You don't forget," he shrugged before I even react. "Anyway... Have you enjoy?"I nodded, hide the curiousity within me. I find him a bit weird though, so I can only look away. Did I suppose to forget?I look around the people, there's only few of them. Perhaps enjoying themeselves to their heart co
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Chapter 4
The sulking cry becoming louder and louder. Except Gab have no reaction over it."Where are you going?" he ask while his eyes close. "You're awake?" Though I have the feeling he isn't. He didn't response so I nodded with my judgement. Still I answer the question just for sure. "Gonna take a walk. I'll be back."It so noisy outside. Yet not even dog able to bark. The noise so loud those who heard will surely abandone the thought of even cry or even open their eyes. So I imagine the night shifters, are they good?However I don't know and don't have any idea of what's their work are. So basically I don't know if they leave the place. No establishment really open at night for unknown reason.The night sky is good, yet my mind remind those lights filled the cloud. Specifically Pyro, or was it Pryor? "Whatever his name is," I murmur with a sigh, not until I hear the familiar voice outside."What's with this place?" it came from afar yet the silence able one to hear him. "Silence and all,
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Chapter 5
I don't know what gotten into me. I do think of leading him to that place I sure wanted to forget...yet now thinking of filling his presence.With a memory of him.Strange, he quite down, gone the pervertness in him. I can't really forget how he says his body will be a payment. So seeing him looking at my butt, with awe and excites shiver me. All the excitements...yet with fear of after a year I'll come visits the place, it's gone.I disfgusted, not for him...but myself.For even such a sin-incited jerk!Though I know he's joking earlier. It's kind of a disappointment to me still. 'cause inside I know, I conside the idea of his body as a payment. But what's there from granting wishes that I deserve such a joke?The idea of it...sick me. That's not me receiving a peace of mind I really want in this lifetime...if I continue this madness. I have to stop this... Starts in myself!"Just follow me as a payment, Pyro," I said to him earlier, as clear as the stars fully shine in the sky. I
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Chapter 6
"I'm the goddess descend to save the town!" her cry rotten the distant forest."Stop!" I shriek to felt the stab in my heart. "You're no difference of them!" her attention shifted to me, her glare cause blood to spit. "Just like them you're immerse, cause misery in me. You all cause the downfall of heaven!"I've known the townspeople despise to this woman. They call her witch for a reason unknown. However, I know. They are fear the truth...she bring upon her descend!"'re even descend to begin with?" my question even in myself was a kind of unfair. Is someone up there order her to do so? I pity her, yet I know she don't like it. She's been up to something. That's what I believe. Everyone's believing in!"I also question myself," her voice cold this time. She laugh, wiping the tears that trying to escape her eyes. "Why I'm doing this? Is this even worth it? I...have sacrifice too much for this..." I can felt how she long for someone up there as her tears escape her pained-g
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Chapter 7
I can't believe I walk away just because of unverified information. Though it was him and that witch, how can I know it's really the truth? There's no really!The boom of my heart in race. It accompanied by fear that hardly to makes sense. I only slow down when I makes sure he didn't follow. "What a fool," I wait for a minute yet there's no presence of him. "He didn't follow me, huh?"I walk pass the border that separate the forest and the farm. It's a wide-abandon farm. Despite though, it's not become expansion of a forest. It's clean in terms of living things, and dirtied from the way it looks in the distance with its wreck surface.The barns especially destroy in terms of interior, however stood strongly and survive the harshful climates. So it's a beautiful sight despite the wreckage.Just as I pass the barns, the sign of the farm halt me. 'Hell to the believers of Eternal Life' it's written below the signpost. Then 'Welcome believers' in the upper part. It almost unreadable w
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Chapter 8
I don't know if it's part of his plan, but this time I feel like he is change. This is such an impossible! People change, alright. But not this fast!The way he hold me gentle is strange. He didn't even comment something about it. I silently gulp, my eyes widely open and barely able to hide my shock. I contain the beat of my heart while he search and tap in the floor. It makes me question his sanity. The way he do that is such a bother. His eyes close this time and he panted very hard."Are you sure you know the way out?" I intentionally overload my frustration. The way I look at him, it seem like I'm looking to a rat. "If I'm not known, so what?" he glare, yet the intensity of his eyes hide the effectiveness of it. I only roll my eyes. "Just makes it faster."He groan. I thought he will throw hate, yet he doesn't response, not even defending himself. Strange. I wonder if it's a good thing?"Yeah, it is," I murmured behind my pant breath. I feel like it's a risk, a biggest risk!H
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Chapter 9
How can I possibly live without that energy?!Having that thought gives me more reason to hate him. He device it. I can feel it! How can this happening to me?!"Remember," a voice at the back of my head, "your command to their wish is the only thing left to you. Make use of it wisely, Arsy."It didn't help that my mind thought of him now and then, strange that he didn't even folow me. Just like earlier!"Is he that busy for something?" I can't help burst into flame. He really knows how to place himself in my heart, and now with a specially place in my mind, huh?"Whatever!" I dismiss the thought and let go the urge to come back. "If he don't want to, then don't."The sun is place directly in my head when I reach home. It's not good that my heart is heavy to the thought of Pyro. It's burning me to the deepest."Arsy!" I almost forgot about Gab. He run to me with his worried face. I feel the warmth of his embrace that ease the burning of my heart."Where have you been?" his eyes red fr
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Chapter 10
The way the sun shone is bearing warmth through out my body. But the sweat that pouring down my cheeks as I panting harder gives me an annoying premonition that I can't get out my system."Arsy," Haru's impatient and shivering voice rung my ears. "You sure? This place... I can't tell for sure but...scary!" his voice enough for me to hear, it's trying to not be heard by someone or something."Go back, will you? Stop...wasting your time with me!" I glare, then to his companion who giggled at the back, shook my head as if with disgust. "And you, too! Screw off!"It's been awhile and my patience run out. It feel like I'm walking endlessly. The way to the forest stretch about, and I can't help but ponder if I'm being delusion or what. Perhaps my lack of sleep this past few days?"Arsy..." Haru stretch to a stop and look horrible around. "Have you hear the gossips? This much scary at daylight!" I groan to his complain. Though it feel like the shortcut gone, I'm not stupid enoug
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