The Path To The Right: The Master Of None Saga

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The Path To The Right: The Master Of None Saga

By: W.B. Merlin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This isn't your average reincarnated, portal fantasy, isekai, slice of life story. This is an epic fantasy saga in a handcrafted world replete with complex undertones that you'll have to read to experience for yourself. New world? Check! New power structures? Check! Non-generic Characters? Check! Epic scope? Check and double check! Yes, there is reincarnation. Yes, there are slice of life elements. Yes, it's epic. Yes, you'll want to read it to the end. Yes, it has much more. This is a story that blurs the lines between fantasy genres. Follow the path, the path to the right. Synopsis: Everybody wants a second chance. Except Ruben. Growing increasingly disillusioned with life and not finding any satisfaction in anything he did, Ruben quit his job hoping he’d be able to sort himself out. Big mistake. Not only was he still depressed, now he had all the time to think about why he was depressed. While slowly going broke. In the thick of it, the dreams began. Weird dreams. Dreams that paralleled his waking experiences. Dreams of places he had dreamed of before, one after the other. As if that wasn’t enough, Ruben started becoming an insomniac. Then, the mysterious man that used to signal the start of his dreams when he was younger, came back. There is only one explanation for it, Ruben concluded. He was about to die. Everybody wants a second chance. Except Ruben. Ruben was given one without asking for it. He finds himself in a strange world, in a strange body, with no recollection of how he got there. Armed with only the familiarity of the world’s language, and a smattering of surface level knowledge in various subjects, does he have what it takes to survive?


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138 chapters
Chapter 1
Tyler Do’Urden2017, February, Saturday 4thThe air went still as he raised his oversized swordlance, tip pointing at the gargantuan creature which was his mount just seconds ago. His hand trembled lightly as if having second thoughts. The sound of the beast’s labored breathing grew weaker, its inhales shorter, the exhales longer. A low crackling sound emitted from the creature with every exhale. Towering over the head of the beast, the figure, clad entirely in black armor, stood still for a moment, his other hand running through the surface of the beast’s matted fur. The creature let out a short, grunt-like sound, like it understood.With no further hesitation, the figure thrust his weapon into the neck of the creature, angling it as it went deeper until the hilt was firmly lodged against the skin, its tip, no doubt, severing the airways and other organs as it progressed. The beast’s body spasmed violently before stopping completely seconds later. Like how he impaled his mount, he wi
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Chapter 2
It’s Like Rain2017, February, Sunday 5thOne unremarkable afternoon, I slumped on the sofa and fell asleep from sheer tiredness. Of what, I have no idea. I wasn’t doing anything. I barely went out or exercised. I fell asleep and woke up hours later remembering two set of numbers from the dream. 4800726 and 3720026. I remember those numbers to this day. The numbers kept nagging at me even after several days that I finally ventured out and entered two tickets to the Lucky Seven Lottery. The prize had been accumulating for a while and is notoriously hard to nail. Well, I won. Not the jackpot, just the second prize – matched six numbers right to left. Some woman won the jackpot so aside from a brief mention at the lottery’s website, I was out of the limelight. Still, I became a millionaire overnight.I refilled my glass as I relived the excitement I felt three weeks prior. Three days. That’s how long the excitement lasted. On the third day I realized that I won exactly the way I wanted.
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Chapter 3
And So, I Chose The Path To The RightYear of the Golden Gilled Boar, 1983, Ied, Naesu 26thThe first thing I remember was a feeling of freedom, of floating. The sky, spattered with the occasional cloud, bluish, stretched in all directions. The next thing I recall was the immediate reminder that gravity is a bitch. My hands shot up as a reflex, hoping to grasp, catch something to stymy my fall.My back protested, my shoulders especially, as it hit the ground. Mostly sand but, from the shooting pains spread in different areas of my skin, small rocks were also present.Urgh- My pained groan was cut short. I tried to lift my head, but the attempt was thwarted by a prolonged stabbing pain near my right temple. The stabbing pain shortly changed into an agonizing sensation. A picture of my brain trying to escape my skull briefly crossed my mind as I tried to prop myself up.Is that… Applause? I propped myself up by the elbows and followed the sound. It rose into a crescendo within a few h
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Chapter 4
Brooks Was Here. So Was Ruben.And bright. Weightless, I was weightless once more. The brief image of the sky graced my vision before it became the ground. Then the sky, and the ground once more. All around, the sounds of fighting and cheering muted, replaced with loud ringing. I breathed in gasps, bits of dirt coating the insides of my cheeks. The maddening thumping of my overworked heart sent blood flowing at such a pace I could hear blood flowing in my veins.Sounds slowly returned together with my vision. How so much could transpire between two moments has been the subject of many a debate but in my case, all I knew was that it was terrifying. Bodies, more than I remember seeing, littered the open space of the arena. Those who were embroiled in a life and death battle just seconds before were either cowering or dazed. Or dead.The seats above were quickly emptying. Even with my sight still switching between ultrabright and normal, I made out people running in all directions. Those
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Chapter 5
Hey, You. You’re finally AwakeYear of the Golden Gilled Boar, 1983, Zuhak, Heiar 17thA single tree has the ability to both awe and terrify in the right situation, especially the gigantic ones. A cluster of them, at night, with thin mist gathering around replete with a slight chill in the wind, well, let me just say it’s enough to make a grown man look around warily. Particularly when a sudden sound is heard. Like the snapping of a twig or a rustle. None is more terrifying however, than the sounds your own mind makes, specifically when you both anticipate and dread hearing a sound. Any sound. In the woods. At night.Thankfully, it was not the case this night. Some of the previous nights? Yes. Whenever I look up at night and see nothing but darkness peppered with bits of pin-sized, faint lights, the tall trees lording over me, I can’t help but feel many things. Insignificant, small, powerless, and terrified. Check, check, check, and check. Lost too. That’s the star of the show. The ot
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Chapter 6
This One Time, At Camp“…like you have never seen the sun.” Mouni helped remove the last of makeshift bandages as he spoke. “I can hardly remember the last time I happened on one as pale as you are.” He continued almost absentmindedly. He sounded like he was mocking my lack of masculine traits but the offhand way he said his statements told me he was, at the very least, intrigued.Serves me right for asking what I looked like. Once he had removed the ones in my shoulder, he proceeded to help me with the one covering my head. I clasped my hands and opened them a few times, then tested the mobility of my arms as he unwound the wrappings. “Like they never had to work a day.”I lifted my hands closer. The early morning sun had just started to shine through and under the cover of the trees, it was still relatively dark despite the increasing orange tint all around. He was right. My hands looked daintier than a princess’. I caressed the palm of my left hand and noted how soft they felt. My
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Chapter 7
Alone Again, NaturallyI am not proud of it, but I admit, I cried. Left to my own devices, having no clue what I was to do next, I cried. Unable to piece together what exactly happened that led me to this place, I cried. I needed to. I allowed myself to. After all, I did just die.To say that I was ill-equipped would have been too kind. My palms started to ache but my stubbornness and need to get just one thing done prevailed. The branch, previously drying by the fire, from which I started carving thin shavings from was all but a stub. I did not even have to use the stones to know there was no possible way the thin slats would catch fire. The knife wasn’t dull by any means, but it wasn’t sharp enough either. By the time I was about ready to reduce my third slat into splinters, I gave up.I gathered the thin slats and most of the wood and put them back near the fire while I sulked once more. The sun was at an angle again, the previous hour or so I completely wasted. Images of sticks be
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Chapter 8
I’m a Barby GirlYear of the Golden Gilled Boar, 1983, Zuhak, Misng 18thWhat the fuck?! then What the hell! These were the thoughts I had. Repeating a dozen or more times. While it did not help with the shock and confusion, it did give something for my mind to grasp on lest I lose it. There was no explaining it. I have heard of raining fish, tadpoles, and frogs. I have head and even seen videos of birds just falling out of the sky. But people?A long time passed, and I was just stood there, mouth probably open. Had it been daytime I would really have lost track of time. I did not realize it at first, but I have been squinting harder that my eyelids quivered from exhaustion. The light had gone considerably dim. I back away slowly, my gaze trained on the woman. I proceeded to throw some of the wood I had gathered into the fire.While I nursed it back into a decent-sized fire, I rationalized. Maybe people do fall out of the sky here. I’m new. I don’t know how things worked here. There’s
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Chapter 9
A Journey of a Thousand MilesPlucking off the splinters took most of the night. I argued against it at first but decided to move her closer to the fire as the night wore on. By the firelight, I could make out the tiny gashes and cuts in her flesh but curiously, not much bruising. Just another thing that made my eyebrow raise.The rest of the night was spent thinking about what to do next. I had planned to walk in the direction Mouni had given but that was out of the question on account of the mild incident of a woman falling out of the sky. To keep myself busy, I used the cloth from my bandages together with some water from the waterskin to wipe her down, especially in places where she had cuts and wounds. It was not long after when it became evident what the first thing I needed to do was come morning. First light found me heading for the stream. The path did not seem easier or more familiar the second time but I managed to reach it. I did commit to memory the trees and overall app
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Chapter 10
Save for the occasional root, rock, and bush that I had to avoid on account of me dragging an injured person, the whole trek was rather uneventful. Though I kept an eye out for anything that resembled the herbs I was given, I did not come across any. My recollection of how they looked and my ability to second-guess myself to oblivion was mainly the culprit. Thankfully, my companion did not look like she was getting worse. She didn’t look like she was getting better either but that’s beside the point.With all the vegetation looking all the same to me, my mind began to wander. First order of business – what was I supposed to do upon reaching the town? As it’s wont to, my thoughts drifted into more grounded and realistic scenarios. Rags to riches type of things. Start small then worm my way into high society with my superior intellect. Become a trader and establish a secret information network making myself indispensable to the king. Or, my favorite - advance the science of the town at
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