The Ultimate Devourer

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The Ultimate Devourer

By: Daoist Of Lies Updated just nowFantasy

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My peaceful short life had been quickly cut off by a band of bandits that had raided my village, killing my father and capturing my mother. The bandit leader took a fancy to me and decided to make me one of them because of my face, for reasons unknown to me, but this was only the start of my journey. The more I grew up the more I realized that I had no talent, I was as ordinary as I could be, with no inherited memories, no old masters to help me improve my talent, no legacies left behind, no locked bloodlines that would burst into activity when I was in danger. But I still had something that most people didn't have. A stubbornness that many wouldn't possess, the stubbornness and sense of danger that I got for life after I saw my father die in front of me. And with that, I shall predate upon those that are more talented than me. I shall walk forward and reach the apex of the world, not because I want to protect anyone, but because that's simply what I want to do! Regardless of the methods that I have to use or the people that I have to push out of my way!


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225 chapters
The beginning
The first thing I realized when I came to a tangible consciousness was that in this world, strength ruled supreme.I was born to two commoners. Both of them were ignorant of the danger around us. However, because of that, I became different, not because I was born with any special abilities, techniques, or memories, but simply because their death had awakened the ultimate sense of crisis in me.I was around seven years old when it happened.Our village was in flames before lunchtime even arrived, I and my parents hid in the cellar of our house as soon as the danger arrived, but it wasn't enough to avoid our fate.We were found, caught, and dragged out to the middle of our humble village, which now lay in ruins as most of the houses were being smoldered in the fire that the invaders had created. A thick smoke entered my young lungs as I looked around and coughed. My eyes widened in horror as it was the first time I saw such a horrible sight.I could see blood stains on the ground, and
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My short bandit life
My life with Mikutsuhi was hard. I had nothing to eat and drink besides muddy water and hard brown bread. The man worked me to the bone, putting me through increasingly hard exercises, seemingly at the order of the leader, or at least that's what Mikutsuhi told me when I asked him why I had to do such hard things.Push-ups, sit-ups, and running through the forest with boulders tied to my feet.My muscles screamed for their life every movement I made at the end of the day, the muddy water and brown bread weren't good enough for my growing body, but Mikutsuhi wouldn't give me anything better unless I 'earned my keep'.That meant I would have to kill and pillage.My village was one of many on the mountain where we lived. We were quite unlucky that we had been targeted and razed from the ground by the group of bandits because of how remote we were placed.I sighed and looked down at my hands which started to be full of callouses, besides the physical training, Mikutsuhi also made me train
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Everywhere I go I'm shunned
The first thing I did after I left the bandit camp behind was go to a nearby village, which I never had been to before to inquire about the whereabouts of my mother, but she was sold eight years ago, so it would be hard to track her down. Unfortunately, the first thing that greeted me when I arrived near the village was bounty posters with my image along with the other bandits that I killed. It looked like after more than 15 years of pillaging since the creation of the bandit group, the authorities finally decided to make a move. This troubled me greatly, after all, I didn't have anything to cover my face, and it was pretty recognizable as the poster somehow looked identically to me. I wasn't sure how they would be able to make such an identical picture, but it wasn't the time to think about that. I had to cover my head with a hood and enter the village to inquire about the whereabouts of my mother. Unfortunately, it was summer, and wearing a hood during such heat was quite susp
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The innate power of devouring
I could feel my blood boil from the power that was appearing inside my body, this was something that I had never felt before, regardless of all of the hard training that I had done under Mikutsuhi. It was very strange. Could that amount of blood I ingested from the youngster in front of me be the reason this happened? There was no other trigger, so this was the most logical conclusion. I could feel my vision swim as my head started hurting. The body in front of me was still warm, so I needed to get rid of it as quickly as possible. There was no time to faint now! I could feel images appear in my head as some sort of seal inside of my body was broken, and my guesses were proven right. My power had slowly increased, and my injury sealed itself due to the blood I unconsciously drank. This was something that everyone could do, the innate ability of devouring! Everyone would awaken these memories the first time they drank/ate someone with special abilities. It was more of a curse,
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The realization of being talentless
After making sure I scrubbed every inch of the pungent smells that covered my body, It was time to clean my clothes.Not much blood had splashed on them when I ripped that youngster's jugular out, but it was better to be more precautions.I took all my clothes from the river bank. I unceremoniously started to cleanse them inside the water, leaving behind only my satchel with the goods that I took from the bandit camp, and my sword that didn't need any cleaning considering I didn't use it to deal the fatal blow.After making sure they were clean, I left them to dry on a nearby tree while I started thinking about my next move.Now that I was clean and quite far from the murder location, I thought I wouldn't have any trouble with any pursuers for the time being.As I rested my head near a tree, I could feel my head swimming as the changes in my body weren't fully finished. It looked like eating that youngster was the right decision.As I sat there, I could see that some bushes from the o
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The five churches
As I followed Aratas from behind, I could fully see his wide-armored back.This type of back was supposed to give out feelings of protection and reliability, but to me, it was a rather cold feeling that was stuck in my chest.I didn't fully understand, but maybe it was because Aratas only took me in to replace his dead squire, even though he was a paladin, and also a religious man due to his profession, he didn't seem to be caring at all.The bandits always talked about religion as if it was their salvation. They always said that if they were ever going to give up their bandit ways, they would priests or monks.But I knew they were only saying those words jokingly.Once you go down a dark path, you can't stray away from it.I already did some things that normal people would never think of doing, and I knew this was one of my best opportunities to get some type of backing. It was risky to join a church as a cannibal, but it was also a good defensive front as no one would think a cannib
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An war that has been ongoing since creation
Mirato was serious as she suddenly leaped towards me at a speed I couldn't react to. Before I realized she had disappeared from where she previously was. Aratas had already grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her away from me.Both of my hearts were beating extremely fast as I clutched my chest and realized blood was seeping out of the location where one of my hearts was.Aratas snorted and pointed towards my wound, healing it instantly using his holy fire.Aratas pinned Mirato to the wall as he glared at her and said:"You think that keeping up our noses and not nurturing our own set of cannibals would give us an advantage during this bloody war?!"He gave her a tight slap on the face, making her red eyes start trembling even more as crystal clear tears started to drop from her eyes down to her cheeks, wetting her face and clothes as they continued to slide down.Mirato knew there was nothing she could do against Aratas. The Paladin was the peak physical and magical profession of the
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One of the limits of devouring
The further we went into the prison, the weaker the pressure from the inmates was.Of course, they were all still stronger than me, but since they were chained and jailed, they couldn't unleash their whole aura.Aratas stopped in front of a particular jail before he knocked on the bars, making the person sitting in the darkness come up.He was an emaciated old man with a deep scar running over his nose and left eye. He had an aura around him that felt like he had seen quite some things in his life, and his eyes were empty of all emotions.It looked like he was on the verge of death, but his emaciated body was full of vitality, I could sense that through my newly stabilized power which I awakened from eating Aratas's previous squire.It wasn't anything special, it was just the start of reaching 'superhuman' strength, speed, and senses.Aratas looked at the old man before saying:"It's your time, Old man Skartion. You finally get to pay for your betrayal of the church with your life."S
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The second limit of devouring
After I regained my vision, I could see that we were standing in front of another jail.Inside it sat two middle-aged men with impressive physiques and scars running all over their faces, making them unrecognizable.Even though their physiques were impressive, it was obvious they were both starving and dehydrated from the color of their skin and the way their bones protruded from some places on their exposed skin.Aratas opened the jail bars and made both of them walk slowly forward as they glanced at each other before they tried to attack Aratas in a combination of moves, but Aratas easily grabbed both of their heads and smashed them together, but not strong enough to knock them out.They were disoriented, but after they quickly regained their wits, their eyes moved towards me, and then they decided to switch targets after they understood they weren't Aratas's match.My eyes narrowed as I saw a vision before I took a sidestep, unsheathed my sword, and decapitated one of the men in on
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A more in depth analysis of devouring
Aratas helped me up and said:"You have overexerted yourself after this stunt. It's better to get you someplace to rest before we continue."I followed Aratas out of the catacombs as we got back into the Church, then we exited and left towards the back of the Church, where multiple small houses sat there quietly, quite a lot of young men and women could be seen either praying, training with their swords, or meditating.They were all squires in training for the other paladins of the Church, who were now out on combat missions.Aratas waved his hand towards one of the male squires and said:"Make sure this young man gets an appropriate accommodation, he had been training very hard, and he needs a good rest."The young man nodded, but it was obvious from his gaze that he had ill will towards me.If I guess correctly, Mirato must have told them about my peculiarity, which in turn made them hostile towards me.Being a cannibal meant that I was going to be ostracized even though Aratas appr
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