Waiting For The Light

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Waiting For The Light

By: Magic_castle OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Students who have a special beast appearance and special powers and then become mages...A high school that teaches magic to those students. A young boy who didn't awake his beast form like others finally awakened at the magic school with the help of his teacher. With that little support, he will go to the top place in the future. After he faced many things, he will become powerful. When the world he loves fell into the dark abyss, he will become the light for everyone. All the people will be waiting for their light to bring them out of the dark. " Let's wait for him. He is our last hope. " .....' WAITING FOR THE LIGHT '...


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Invitation From The Magic Academy
The Galhand High School A little world for beginners to learn magic. But some people in the outside world were still unaware of that. It's a place that has a lot of secrets and incredible things. The Galhand High School was one of the most popular high schools in Corlond city. It's said that the students didn't have to apply and the school selected them by itself. So there was a saying that only talented students were able to get into Galhand high school. Because of that, the noble families in the city wanted their children to be a student at Galhand High school. But it was not a school that was normal. There were a lot of mysteries behind that school. Only the students of the college knew them and the secrets of this school were always well hidden. While the whole city thought that only talented children will be nominated to be students at Galhand, only several people knew that's not the reason. They knew the secrets because they were the people who graduated from Galhand Hig
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The Galhand High School
The letters said that all the students who got invited must come to school. Once you entered there no matter what you couldn't be able to go back. To save all the secrets, students have to stay there until they graduate. So they weren't able to meet their parents or loved ones until they graduate. This Galhand school was like a small town. It had all things that are in a town. Because the students have to stay there until they graduate. So the school made them feel no different from their normal life. Benjamin was also not an ordinary boy. He also has a beast form and special powers, but he hasn't been able to awaken his form or powers yet. Even though he wasn't normal he didn't know about the speciality of the school. He just thought that he got lucky to enter a school. He wanted to study. He loved that. Since he was invited, he packed up his things and came out of the apartment. Since he was a single person, the school informed him that a person will come and pick him up. He go
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Who Am I?
They came to the principal office soon. He looked around the school on the way to the school. It was a normal place. Nothing special there. But he felt like something he saw had been carrying a dark side. When Mike saw Benjamin looking around with great interest he explained to him about every place like a tourist guide. Benjamin also heard them out so curiously. Ever since Benjamin heard about these mysterious things his mind was imagining countless things. Finally, they were ready to meet the principal now. Principle's room was quite big though. When they arrived inside there was a big table in front of them. There was a window behind them. It was open and the wind was coming through the windows and making the room cooler and comfortable. After looking around Benjamin captured that one side of that room has a huge bookshelf, and the other side of the wall had many portraits. But the room was empty.'Where is the principal?' Benjamin looked at Mike. Mike postered a gesture saying
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New School Life
Mr Clerk ordered Mike to go back. So he went after saying goodbye to Benjamin. Now it's only Mr Clerk and Benjamin in the room. Mr clerk found some papers and handed them over to Benjamin."Your timetable, an introduction about your roommates, your study schedule, your school map and here is your school identity."Mr Clerk handed over his identity card which had a picture of Benjamin."Oh Thank you, Mr Clerk " "Then you should go and find your room and get along well with roommates ""But I have a question "Benjamin said with a serious face."What is it ?" " When I first came here, How did you talk with me ...It's ...What was that? "" It's one of your abilities and also mine... You have to improve it more. You can only talk back, So you need to learn more...So work hard and you will be able to awaken your powers and improve more skills...I am looking forward to it "" I see...I will work hard. Thank you for everything ..Then I will get going "" Okay..."Benjamin left the princip
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Start To study
Mr Clerk started his speech and all the students listened to it silently." I am gonna tell you everything from the start. So even if you know them already just keep your mouth shut and listen to them again. As you already know all of you are special, that's why you are here. Some people already have found out about their special appearance. And some people still haven't. It doesn't matter, because you are here for that. I especially wanted to say that your transformative form can be similar to animals trees or other creatures. But remember you are not the same as them. All of you are human. Even if you transform into your animal form you should remember you are still a human being. So don t behave like animals. Don't look down on anyone.And some people say it's animal form, second form and many names. But in school when you study, we called you a beast-man.That's not rude ..That's why I said you are not animals. But also beasts. While some parts of your human body remain the sam
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Friendly Classmates
When all the students went back to their classes the desks and chairs were not there. It was just a classroom. Mike told the five to stand in a queue."Okay, now we are gonna start your real study. Which means training. Today we gave you a 30 minutes break because it's your first day. Since tomorrow, after the study hours, you will get a 2 hours break. During that time you should take your lunch and do other things. Then come back to the class. Today we are not gonna do anything big. You should always obey my orders and especially don't ever be late for class. Do you understand? " "Yes, teacher .." Everyone said together." Then first of all we should get to know each other " Mike said and pointed his hand at a girl."You, tell me your name and show me what you have got ""I am Keti. This is my beast form "Then she closed her eyes. And started to release her beast form. What she did was the same as what Mike did before. They will close their eyes and then relax their mind and tran
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Special Class
Max was the one who talked first. "Hey, you... tortoise .. How much big you can grow? "" Oh. That was my limit. " Even if Max called him a tortoise, Sam politely answered him. This made others angry. " You..good for nothing lion .. just shut up. You should learn to respect others " Lily said." You evil fox, you dared to bewitched us back then. Now, what do you want? "Max said with an evil smile.After hearing that she was about to cry. She was an innocent cutie.Seeing the things going bad Keti disturbed their conversation." Now we are in the same class. We should become more friendly. In the future, we will be one team. So let's stop this " " Okay, I don't mind that. But if we are gonna be a team I hope we will never be able to win a single match with that baby " Max said while looking at Benjamin." What the... He will be able to awake soon ..That's not his fault. If you dare to run your mouth wild I am gonna kill you ." When Sam said that everyone was stunned.Even Max wa
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We Are Special?
There was a mark on his back... It Looks like a tattoo of a pile of fire. It's shining. It was in the middle of his back. That means in the future that will become a pair of wings." You have come a long way. Your back has some signs that show you will be able to awake your second form soon. Both of you are better than I thought. You got it quickly " Mr Clerk said. His face clearly showed that he was impressed by these two boys. But didn't say anything about those things." But I can't see anything. Can you tell us what are the meanings of the things we saw earlier .?"Benjamin asked." I am also curious about that. Please can you tell us about that? " Kevin also added." Ha... That shows your abilities. Both of you are able to see them before your awakening. It's because you were late. Others just awoke their form and then slowly find out what are their abilities. But you are different, and also special than others. I can tell the meanings of those things ...But it's just a guess. So
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We did it...
After the class all of them were tired. So when the class ended they all went to their rooms quickly. Benjamin also went to his room because he will have to work more at night. When he came, Kevin has already arrived. The other two were not. " Benjamin ...If you awake your form early before me, can you please treat me the same way as you are doing now ?"Kevin asked him." Kevin, Of course. You don't have to worry... We will be close friends even after we get to transform. You also want it, right ?"" Yeah, We will be best friends. Ha ha," Kevin laughed." Let's take a rest first. That will be helpful later. " Benjamin said and laid down on his bed.Then that day at the special class, Mr Clerk checked Benjamin's back again. It's still the same. " Okay...Today second step. Are you ready, guys? "" Sit down and remember the things you saw yesterday. Then focus on them and watch if something is different from yesterday. If there is something, you should tell me .""Okay, Mr Clerk " Bot
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An Old Bird and A Bread Cutter
" Ice dragon? " Benjamin repeated it." Your wings are similar to their wings and your hair turned to white. That's why I said it. Because all you resemble is Ice. "Mr Clerk explained."Benjamin, you should first tie up your hair. It's all over you " Kevin said. Benjamin also had that idea. He collected all the hair that had spread all over his body and tied it up into a high bun. That's when they saw another thing. The back of his neck had a mark. It's a symbol of a serpent. It was like a tattoo drawn by blood.But Mr Clerk didn't get surprised. Because he already knew that there must be a symbol of something anywhere on his body. He also has one. There is something special behind this symbol. He knew all the things. Because he was the person who made the mirror go blank 30 years ago. He is also the same as Benjamin. But he is not a dragon. ( In the future you will know ..) Kevin also saw that. But he is not someone who looks into others' things like a fox. So he just stayed sile
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