Welcome back Transmigrator

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Welcome back Transmigrator

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A transmigrator successfully returns to his previous world, but he is no longer welcome as a purger appears to exterminate all returnees. …. Gaige Feryuson was transmigrated into his favorite fantasy novel. In a world with swords and magic, he became a commoner teenage boy. He was a mere extra. He persisted in the extremely bleak and dreary place with no backing, and from scratch, he successfully reached the top and became a knight commander. He met with the main characters and helped them conclude the novel ten years in advance. In the end, he returned to his previous world, hoping for a peaceful life, but to his surprise, he was not welcome on Earth anymore. He met with other transmigrators to investigate and restore their peaceful lives. Yet, the world didn't work the way they wanted; a purger appeared to kill all the returnees. "Gaige, you destroyed the novel world just to come back here?" "Sir Rowan escaped the web comic world and safely returned. I heard it's a place with a good system. Why return to Earth?" "Miss Minka successfully completed the world of MMORPGs and happily returned here. Sorry, you're dead." "Wow! Congratulations! You survived a war novel! You didn't die there, but here? You're dead!" Can they escape the hands of the purger hunting them? Can they retrieve their simple and peaceful life before transmigration? What's the secret behind why they are not allowed to return anymore?


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97 chapters
1 Purger System!
Single-life creatures inhabit the Earth. Everyone who died here will forever perish. They don't have a second life or an afterlife to go to. In return, Earth's survival rate is high compared to other worlds that have monsters, magic, supernatural creatures, and other predatory creatures. Earth is less savage, so one life was enough for everyone. However, sometimes souls with more than one chance to live get lost and come to earth. To fix this, "they" sent the lost souls to another world where their souls fit. But once you experience life on Earth, you will always wish to return to it rather than suffer multiple lives in a savage world. It's the reason transmigrators' goal has always been to return to Earth. They expect to have a life away from bloodbaths and fights, but to their surprise, returnees aren't welcome at all. "Sir Rowan escaped the web comic world and safely returned. I heard it's a place with a good system. Why return to Earth?" A man with a gun asked a chained pe
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2 Ending to start
A month ago… "I pronounce you husband and wife." A knight with a large build, who was killing a large spider in the front row of the church, wiped his dry eyes as he felt emotional at watching the main characters get married earlier than the original plot. "You may now kiss the bride!" His ears ring after hearing the priest's final blessings. The main character's marriage marks the conclusion of the novel he transmigrated into. It would not have happened yet if he and his group hadn't protected them from the monsters and chaos happening at the altar. The entire church became chaotic as beasts and monsters crushed everything around them. Clouds suddenly appeared inside the high ceiling of the church, sending thunder as tremors cracked the floor and walls. The altar burned, and a strong wind blew, even if the outdoors were calm. Strange things popped out of nowhere just to stop the wedding, as if the world knew that it was not the right time to tie the knot yet. Fortunately, even
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3 I'm Back!
"I need a phone! I need the internet!" he exclaimed.Gaige forced himself to stand and try to approach some passersby, but everyone avoided him.He asked himself, "Why are they avoiding me?"He was clearly unarmed as he let go of his sword while running toward Bettine. He wondered why the surrounding people looked at him strangely.Gaige only realized what was wrong with him once he looked down at his clothes and realized he was still wearing his armor. Also, stains of green and red blood are giving off a pungent smell. It's a smell that he's used to because he kills almost every day in the novel world, but people in the real world will surely feel disgusted by his smell."W-why am I back with my armor? Did the warp open abruptly to make such a mistake? that it does not work well?"Gaige took off his armor and left it under the arch. Luckily, the undergarments of his armor look similar to the casual clothes of the modern world. The only thing he couldn't get rid of were his meta
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4 There's a light!
"There's a light. Why?"Gaige cautiously approached his door and tried to listen through the door. His aura, skills, and strength remained in him, allowing him to hear what was going on inside his small apartment."Hmm? I could hear someone watching TV. I could hear someone washing dishes too. What's going on?"He stepped back and looked at the apartment number and the surroundings to make sure he was not mistaken. He then went down the stairs and checked the mailbox for the date."I was gone for a year?" he exclaimed. He rechecked the dates in the mail to see if he really had only been gone for a year. He spent twenty years inside the novel, which is great to know that he didn't go missing for the same length of time."But why is my house occupied by someone else?"This building is owned by his parents. He lives alone, and they rarely check on him. That is why it's strange that his house was already being occupied by someone else."Did they find out that I was missing?"His s
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5 Not him
"What! I died?"Gaige shouted so loudly in shock.He already considered his death after his soul traveled to another universe, but it's still shocking for him to actually hear that was his reality.Mrs. Jean blinked her eyes multiple times before she chuckled at Gaige's reaction. She tapped Gaige's shoulder, thinking that Gaige misunderstood her."Silly, what I mean is the owner's son died a year ago. Lauren dislikes talking about her son, so I don't know his name. Oh, poor Lauren, his son died so young.""You know – reason - his - death?""Hmm? I can't tell what's true because Lauren refused to talk about it, but rumor has it that the kid died because he was pressured in his studies.""What?""That poor kid died at his study table. He was reviewing for his exam without a break. Exhaustion and dehydration led to his death."Kim Nery's death sounds mighty, like dying for his exam, but Gaige knows what he was actually doing. He put his hand on his forehead as he felt embarrasse
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6 I'm the author
Article 1:"Who is the famous author KimNery?"KimNery, the author of the light novel The Seventh Oath, was like any other young author who dreams of having their books published and becoming a well-known novel loved by the masses. This dream actually came true, but not when he was still alive…Article 2:KimNery died at the young age of seventeen. He was a hard-working student and an author, full of passion. Before he died, he posted a five hundred and ninety-nine-chapter long novel online, and it became famous overnight. However, KimNery never sees his success as he never wakes up from exhaustion and dehydration…Article 3:KimNery's royalties brought millions of dollars to his parents' account! It is the gift of the son who left earlier than his loving parents...Article 4:The Seventh Oath by KimNery is a story that tells the adventure of a teenage boy from low status who paved his own path to becoming a knight commander. He persisted in the extremely bleak and dreary plac
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7 The gang
Where did the magic on Earth go?Actually, like in other worlds, the Earth has magic, and the people of the Earth just didn't explore this side of their world.Earth's people could only see magic on television, in comics, video games, or novels, believing magic only existed in fiction.Although humans have become the most dominant species on this planet, as they have also become by far its most intelligent, imaginative, adaptable, and resourceful species, none of them can cast extraordinary powers or possess supernatural abilities. Aside from the fact that they don't actually need to have such powerful abilities since creatures like dragons don't exist in this world, technology has made possible so many things that people do not have to rely on magic.Also, their nature as single-life beings with souls that will perish after their lifespan instinctively makes them avoid all sorts of danger and life-threatening activities. Even if none of them know they will be nothing after dea
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8 Will follow
The single-life being's destiny or fate all depends on their hands. They have full control over how they will spend the only life bestowed on them. Not even gods or higher beings can dictate what their lives will become. The gods have already made the earth the best place for any living thing to live, and higher beings have designed the entire nature of the planet to be livable and free of danger.So if they started a war, and they died, it's their fault. If they destroyed the perfect nature and environment of Earth and died from a natural calamity, it's their fault.If they hated rather than loved, it's their fault.If they didn't have a fulfilling life, it's their fault.If they messed up, it's their fault.If they have so many regrets before dying, it's their fault.If they turned evil or twisted and died earlier without consuming the entirety of their single life span, it's their fault.If single-life beings knew about this principle, would they stop being reckless?If t
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9 Grouping
Gaige massaged his temples while he watched his newly acquired underlings make his own bedding. Also, the red fur coat was still on his shoulders, as everyone insisted on making him wear it. Although it's strange, he couldn't make them go away or leave him alone because he actually doesn't want to speak.He doesn't actually want to shame himself because of his strange speech."Andy.""Yes, B-boss!"Andy instantly let go of the couch that he was putting on like a puzzle and hurriedly approached Gaige."Real boss, who?""Y-you?"Gaige glared at Andy as he felt upset for not getting his few words right away. He was already frowning because he disliked seeing such a huge man act timid, and he disliked Andy even more because he preferred to see him fight rather than cower in front of him."What a waste of strength and body," he thought.Gaige continued to glare at Andy, which made the huge man fiddle with his shirt."D-did you figure out that Axel wasn't really your boss?"Gaige return
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10 Someone will
Gaige Feryuson was a knight commander who could wield both auras and divinity. Obviously, he was well known for wielding aura manipulation but not divinity because he doesn't want to be pestered by the church, as he believes a knight is way better than a priest. Also, aura was such a cool power that he could proudly show off on the battlefield. He can use Aura to envelop himself in or with weapons for defensive and/or offensive purposes, rendering him nearly impenetrable and bestowing various abilities or attacks. It gives him enhanced physical capabilities such as speed, strength, and durability, which he could get with divinity either, but he hates how he needs to pray to cast a spell, so he prefers Aura for how taunting and cooler it is in fights and everywhere. "What power do you have, sir?" That energetic question from the timid, huge man in front of him made him uncomfortable because, even if he asked why, he already knew why Andy was asking him. He has to tell him if he has
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