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Accidental Bride
Marriage CEO Romance
Faith and Victor
The strangest thing Lily Johnson encountered on social media was an ad asking for people to apply to be Roman Dalmain's wife. Kim Wilson was an underpaid model who knew the man behind the application review and had bribed him into ensuring she would be selected as Roman's wife. What happens when Mark accidentally sends an email to Lily? Two women showing up on the same day to be Roman's wife, will he fall in love with the boring looking, middle school math teacher or the model with a perfect face?
The Runaway Groom
Comedy Marriage Sweet
Hauling Treasures
Irene Spencer was married to a bridegroom who never showed up to their wedding.Furious, she slept with an unknown stranger on that very night.The man started to follow her around, and she eventually discovered that he was the runaway bridegroom…
My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict!
bxg Billionaire Regret
Anastasia Marie
The fiancee of the wealthiest man in the city, Jackson Valor, had died. The perpetrator of the car accident that killed her, Serenity Lewis, was sentenced to three years in prison.After her release from prison, Serenity unexpectedly gets entangled with Jackson.Serenity knelt on the ground as she pleaded, "Jackson, please spare me."Jackson simply smiled and replied, "Woman, I'll never let you off."Rumors have it that Jackson was a cold-hearted man, but he fell in love with a former inmate who was working as a sanitation worker. However, when the truth about the car accident three years ago surfaced, it destroyed all of Serenity's love for Jackson, and she ran from his side.Years later, Jackson knelt before her as he said, "As long as you return to my side, Serenity, anything is possible."Serenity coldly looked at him and spat out, "Then go to hell."
Resent, Reject, Regret
Independent Emotional Arrogant
Aqua Summers
Even the coldest heart would soon grow warm if she kept holding on to it. That was what she believed. That was why she became his unloved placeholder of a wife. Unfortunately, all her devotion only led to a heartless divorce. “She’s awake now,” he told her. “Step down and step away, you miserable knock-off.”Then, he left. When he came back, it was because he needed her to do something only an impostor could do: go to jail for his dream girl’s crime. Deirdre McKinnon was condemned to perdition. She lost her baby before it was born. She lost her face to violence. She lost the ability to see. It was two months of a hell-like nightmare. At last, something died inside her heart. Two years later, she found herself another man, but when Brendan Brighthall met her by pure happenstance, a new feeling was born in his heart: jealousy. There were no means too terrible, no scheme too underhanded—not if it meant he’d possess Deirdre’s heart again. And yet, she simply refused to love him anymore.“What do you want me to do, Deirdre McKinnon?! What must I do to go back to the good old days?” His eyes turned red. “I’ll give you everything I have!”“You gave me a copper trinket two years ago. It was a sorry excuse for a wedding ring, and yet I cared for it as though it was the most precious jewel in the world…“But now? Nothing you can give would be even remotely worthwhile. Not even you.”
Beyond the Divorce
bxg Billionaire Divorce
Third Blossom
Most people often see marriage as a reincarnation for women. So, countless foolish women jump into one without a second thought. Many people see my husband as the perfect husband. He cared for me and loved me in every way. Yet, he still cheated on me right under my nose. Faced with the hypocrisy and ugliness behind his facade as a perfect husband, I've decided to serve him karma on a silver platter!
The Jewel of Your Love
Marriage bxg Soulmate
Bambina Unica
After taking her stepsister’s place, Yvonne Miller is married into a wealthy family. To take back her family business, she plots each step she takes carefully. Everyone knows Stephen Anderson is a cruel and ruthless person. Yet, his ugly and uncultured wife has him wrapped around her little finger. Stephen doesn’t mind that his wife’s an ugly duckling. On the contrary, he dotes on her excessively. When he hears gossip about his wife being ugly, with cosmetic surgeons offering her discounts, he whirls into a rage. “These blind dogs! My wife’s the most beautiful woman alive!” he insists.With that, a rumor spreads in Northerna City that Yvonne is Stephen’s retribution for his past misdeeds… Until one day, Yvonne returns from abroad drop-dead gorgeous, sending shockwaves all across the city. However, she doesn’t show up in Stephen’s life again. “What do you take me for, coming and going as you please?” he demands. Stepping aside to present the young kid behind her, Yvonne says in chagrin, “My child’s father?”
One Night Stand With My Boss
bxg Billionaire Dominant
Alcohol and heartbreak are definitely not a good combo. Too bad I learned that a little too late. I’m Tessa Beckett and I painfully got dumped by my boyfriend of three years. That led me to get drunk at a bar and have a one-night stand with a stranger. Before he would see me as a slut the next day,I paid him for the sex and deeply insulted his ability to please me. But this stranger turned out to be my new boss!
Adored Stardom: Away from Mr. Hamilton
Marriage bxg Love
Yvaine Claire
Wyneth Walford had loved Hayden Hamilton with all her heart for a decade, dedicating three years of her life to caring for him after he was left in a vegetative state by an accident. However, her time and devotion were poured down the drain. Hayden's heart remained stone cold.After their divorce, Wyneth entered the showbiz world, starring in movies alongside charming silver foxes and appearing on variety shows with young hunks. Her doting brothers were prominent figures, including an award-winning actor, a brilliant composer, and a founder of a major brand. Haute couture and jewelry were second nature to her, and even the nation's heartthrob was pursuing her. She had become the most coveted woman in the industry.
Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets For The HOT CEO
bxg CEO Romance
Amy didn't expect that her husband whom she had loved and trusted earnestly for many years would be cheating on her by having sex with his secretary. When she confronted him, he and his secretary mocked and ridiculed her, they called her barren to her face, afterall, she had not conceived for the past three years that she had been married to her husband, Callan. Terribly Heartbroken, she filed for divorce and left to the club, she picked a random gigolo, had a hot one night stand with him, paid him and dissapeared to a small city. She came back to the country six years later with three identical cute boys and three identical cute girls of the same age. She settled and got a job but soon find out that her CEO was the gigolo she had sex with six years back at the club. Will she be able to hide her six little cuties from her CEO, who happens to be the most powerful man in NorthHill and beleived to be infertile? Can Amy and the most powerful man in NorthHill get along considering the social gap between them?
Skeletons Of The Marital Closet
Sensitive Beauty Emotional
Wen Tang Tang
"Gale Warm, what the Warm family owes me is for you to pay!" Shawn Wood threw Gale Warm into a mental hospital, tortured and humiliated. Two years later, he married her. "Don't be delusional, you are just here to atone for your family sins." He hated her, and only wanted to bully her.Gale Warm endured it while searching for the truth, and proved her family's innocence. Later, Gale Warm threw the evidence on Shawn Wood's face. "I never owed you." Later, Shawn  Wood turned pale overnight. He whispered in her ear day and night. "Gale, don't leave me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live..." "Shawn Wood, how dare you threaten me!" "How dare I? You wouldn’t want our children to have no father, would you?"