Aurelio's Revenge

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Aurelio's Revenge

By: Déra brown OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"You need to get a lady pregnant!!" Aurelio Dad's loud voice rang in his head and he slowly put down the magazine he had used to cover his face giving his dad a questioning look. "A responsible one!!" *** Aurelio Bertram, a 24 years old handsome billionaire, Grandson of a mob boss and the son of a highly recognized business man in the City, and for Aurelio..he is the combination of both but was temporarily nothing. His family happened to be one of the most feared and respected family in the city. Just when he had thought of taking his revenge on one of his childhood rival and an enemy to his family, and to go for one of a huge party event, his dad and Grandpa weren't ready to allow him but since he was of age to take over their family business, he put a condition that Aurelio must get a Lady that'd get him a child to be a heir to him but it didn't go as expected. Aurelio Bertram is known as a Man whore in his family and he thought it'd be easy to fulfill his task but no, this time no single Lady got pregnant after weeks until he met, Erica James, A middle class hotel waitress, she's simple, has a very good body shape that'd make men drool over her. Her parents left her since highschool since she didn't further her educations for her own reasons, they believed nothing good would come out of her. But then after one night Aurelio spent with her, she got pregnant and thought of running away with the baby out of shame but how would she run away with the All powerful Aurelio Bertram's Child...?? A child that would be his heir?!...

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  • Dragon Sly


    I'm here to leave a comment for my girl... Tell Aurelio to be coming down for Erica ...

    2023-04-16 01:34:06
  • Déra Brown


    a good one you're not to miss

    2023-04-16 01:29:28
  • Delinda Schumacher


    38 chapters 3-31-23

    2023-04-01 00:27:27
  • Rachel


    This is a good read but the reason I’m not giving it a five star is taking to long to update. If the author is having some difficulties can you at least let us know if you are going to update any time soon???

    2023-09-13 07:14:16
  • Nicole Martell


    Very badly written and/or translated, couldn’t be bothered trying to read beyond the first chapter

    2023-04-02 08:48:37
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53 chapters
Oh what a Grandson
It was night in the City of Los Angeles, Erica had just left the hotel heading home after a long day. She couldn't deny how stressed she was and how much her body aches her."Oh damnit I think I'm beginning to wish I had a super power" she groaned lowly."I wouldn't waste my time to take steps instead I'd rather fly home.. but come to think of it, wouldn't it be stress to?" she thought and stood where she was with her head low to thinking but then passerby around stared at her wondering if she was okay."Arrgh.. I forgot taxi existed" She screamed and threw her head up making her hair go all over her face creating a mess. “Pft!” she clicked her tongue and ran her hands through her hair, as far as she could see she was okay even if she is seeing people around stare at her like she was a mad person."Uh.. I'm sorry" she whispered and rushed to stop a coming cab.In no time she went in and laid on the chair at the back seat immediately after releasing a heavy sigh and groaned aloud.
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A d!ckhead is back
Aurelio wasn’t disturbed a little, no maids came knocking by his door, not a single person and that was how he wanted it.All by himself… Just then the lady hands slid under his towel to grab something strong and erected,He released a soft moan immediately and shut his eyes in pleasure while she crawled over him and took off his towels staring in bewilderment at his erected cock.“ Daddy… .” She was already drooling over the size and immediately covered her mouth in it. AT THE MAYNARD’S HEADQUARTERSMr Maynard didn’t hear any reasonable reply about his grandson whereabouts.Mr Bertram thought of it then called Sasha, one of his employees he had left in the hands of his son Aurelio.She answered the call immediately and spoke up.“ Mr Bertram, good evening Sir “ her voice came up“ evening Sasha, is Aurelio there with you? “ he asked immediately and she cleared her throat.“ I’m really so sorry Sir, he had left for like hours ago, I’m sorry I couldn’t make him stay like you
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You need power?
Aurelio clenched his fist with anger clearly shown on his face.His fist were clenched tightly and he glowered at Aryan before him.“ Shouldn’t you be tired of glaring at me?” Aryan laughed and scoffed folding his hands as he pulled them to his chest.“ Aryan, it really is good to see you, don’t you think showing up your ugly face is a bad idea. It should be a crime don’t you think?” Aurelio asked him and Aryan laughed out“ Even if it is, it would not be my first time committing a crime and you know me too well Aurelio “ Aryan said and a guy beside him laughed at Aurelio getting him more pissed off.“ Honestly if there’s anything I want to do now it would be to slap you, like a real good one” Aurelio said trying to hold his anger and then Aryan laughed out like a mad man clapping his hands.Aurelio rolled his eyes finding nothing funny and then Aryan took slow steps to him.“ You want to slap me?” he asked like he was and Aurelio rolled his eyes.“ I would love to do that but don’t y
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Aurelio felt like his parents don’t want to give him what he wants. He stared at his father with a blank expression and stood in akimbo, placing his hands on his waist then he let his head low shaking it slowly. “Are you both having a pity on me or what?” he asked no one in particular and got no response from them.They only looked at him with a blank look too and his Grandpa Mr Maynard looked away after scoffing.“Dad!!! Talk to grandpa.. probably he is seeing it as a joke, but I am being serious here..I get stomped on everyday because of the both of you, Dad please talk to Grandpa, I know you’ll take orders from him” Aurelio pleaded with his hands together and with a pleading face.“Aurelio, I gave you a position in the suits you so well, like a gentleman” his dad replied“Aurelio? A gentleman?!” his grandpa laughed“ Don’t take it too personal Aurelio.. your dad doesn’t know you ain’t a gentleman, but I as your grandpa know you aren’t one” His grandpa walked to him tapp
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Bring me the ladies
Mr Bertram froze his steps by the door immediately and stared at his son with a blank expression on his face.“Are you okay? You sounded like you just saw a ghost” his Father rolled his eyes and Aurelio laughed up lowly.“Pardon me father, I was just so surprised” he replied as he stood up and bowed his head in greetings. His Father released a sigh and walked in further then took his seat on a very comfy couch. Aurelio stared at his father deeply trying to see if he can guess what his father has to say from his facial expression, but he got nothing and then he sat down opposite his father as he picked up the magazine in his hands. “So good morning father, hope you slept well ?” he asked his Father and heard him laugh“ Aurelio, this is unlike you.. just cut it off and be the real you I know” his father chuckled and then a maid walked to him serving him a cup of black coffee.“Thanks” he muttered as she bowed her head low and left.Mr Bertram turned back to look at his son
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Sleep with them all
Aurelio felt like a shock in his heart!What did he just hear? One of his target is engaged already?.Like what the hell??.“Aurelio? Aren’t you happy for me?” Hartley asked him waving at his face and then he shook his head coming back to reality as he gulped down.“ off course I am Hartley , it’s just so shocking to me.. and anyways Congratulations” he faked a smile at her.She returned a smile and turned back to the cake “why do I feel you’re not happy?” She asked him lowly as she took a piece of cake to eat.Aurelio chuckled and picked a glass of wine to sip, he turned to her as he dropped his glass down the table and spoke up.“Like I said, I am still surprised” he replied with a shrug“Do I look like a lady that won’t get engaged?” she asked him as she folded her legs and then he laughed lowly.“Don’t get me wrong Hartley” he replied and then she stood up“Okay, if you say so.. and by the ways, I have a date with him tonight.. I’d be leaving now” she chuckled and picked
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Bad new upon bad news
Few days later, Aurelio sat on his king sized bed with his legs crossed and a glass of Brandy in his hands.He had a smile on his face, apparently he believes something good is coming.Yes! He had slept with four ladies in the past few days and since then he hasn’t called anyone of them to ask them what’s up. None of them ever knew the reason why he called them to sleep with them.There and then he thought of what Rowan had said“What If they all get pregnant for him at once?” The thought of it made him burst out into laughter“I know who I am.. Aurelio Bertram, they would have to abort the baby and then I pick just one that I want” he shrugged and sipped from his glass with a side smile on his face“Grandpa, father, you both think you’re smarter than I am? Well it would definitely surprise you that I was able to get a lady pregnant” he laughed and got up from his bed and took slow steps to his dressing table to pick up his phone.Aurelio stood in his bathrobe and l
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A threat?
Aurelio had a blank expression on his face, deep down he was boiling up in anger.But should he blame any of them?Aurelio grabbed his bed spread in his hands, squeezing it tightly as he clenched his jaw.The first week is over, what do he do now?He has only next week and he has no single person in mind.Or should he just tell them the reason why he sleeping with them?“That’s absurd!” He clicked his tongue and got up from his bed.A phone call came in immediately.“What now!!” He yelled out angrily and went to reach for his phone.Rowan was the one calling… “what do you have to say now?” he sighed as he answered the call placing his phone on his left ear and placed his right hand on his waist. “Sir how did it go?” Rowan asked him and Aurelio chuckled“it is nothing good, grandpa and father really know it won’t as easy as I thought and now I’m stuck in the middle of nothing” he replied“I am really sorry boss, what do we do now?” he asked him and Aurelio sighed“I have no idea r
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Erica had the trays in the trolley as she pushed it along with herself to the elevator.This is actually going to be the first time she would be serving a VIP guest.She don’t know why but she just felt nervous and shaky. “Could it be I’m going to serve a president son? Or millionaire? No a billionaire??” she thought within herself and took a deep sigh as she pushed the button to the 4th floor“ Whoever it would be I need to look good” she smiled and giggled lowly as she cupped her cheeks and then arranged her uniform.It was a short beautifully designed black and white skirt with a white shirt on.She had her name tag on her shirt and then she adjusted that too more properly then stood firm with her head up.“ don’t chicken out Erica, just do your job and leave” she said to herself and then minutes later, the elevator made a ‘ding ding’ sound. The doors went open immediately and just as she made an attempt“ Okay! Let’s get to work now Erica “ she said to herself and ma
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Make it creamy
Erica eyes went wide immediately. she paused breathing as she tried to understand what was going on now. Aurelio slowly sucked from her lips that tasted more than strawberries in his mouth. Erica was still thinking of what to do, Should she push the stranger over her away? Or let him move on with what he was doing. Aurelio’s lips were so soft against hers and she couldn’t deny how good he was with the kiss. His left hands slowly trailed down her long, smooth and slender hands to her cheeks as he cupped them into his hands. The feeling of his soft, smooth palm against her cheeks and his soft lips moving on hers fired her up immediately. She felt a kind of shiver down her spine as she folded her toes immediately. Erica found herself slowly closing her eyes, as she returned the kiss. Aurelio could feel her lips moving in perfect synchronization with his, he could not explain how he was feeling inside of him. This isn’t the first time he would be kissing a lady, so why this feel
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