The pack in school: Demons Awaken

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The pack in school: Demons Awaken

By: Idrees faruk OngoingFantasy

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Berean Academy school's grade 11 is excited for their excursion to ancient Greece, but things take a dark turn when Peter, the clumsy but brilliant main character, unknowingly unleashes a demon. He and his friends Scott, James, Sarah, and Sandra must confront the demon and battle for the safety of the world and their loved ones. As they fight, they discover that they have superpowers and are not alone in this fight. But when they realize that some of their friends are also possessed by the demon, they struggle with the decision of whether to kill them. The hoodman, who knows the story behind the demon, helps the teens in their battle, but ultimately sacrifices himself for their cause. Meanwhile, the demon collides with Hades and resurrects the Olympus gods and monsters, creating chaos and destruction. The teens must use their newfound powers and bravery to save the world. As this collides with their affections

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  • muqtaridris1


    intriguing, and nice read

    2023-08-05 08:15:01
  • Lynxx


    Nice story Love it

    2023-07-07 20:42:29
  • Nonny Wise


    The synopsis is ChatGPT generated, who knows of the chapters?

    2023-08-07 00:14:23
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28 chapters
The bullies
Peter runs as fast as he can while checking the time on his watch; he must not be late. He tightly holds the cigarette pack in his hand. He arrives back at school, jumps through the fences, and peeks to avoid being seen by teachers and other students. He dashes straight to the rooftop, and there they are. "You are one minute late, Peter," Derek says, stepping on his school uniform, which they had taken when he was about to buy cigarettes from them. Peter breathes hard, "There are too many people, so I had to wait." Owen walks closer to him and gives him a hard knock. "What does that concern us? We warned you not to be late, and you were. You have to be punished for it." Peter goes down on his knees, "I am sorry, I'll be faster next time. I'll steal it if I have to." Raymond, the leader of the bullies, stands up from the boy he was sitting on, using him as a chair. He walks closer to Peter, who trembles as Raymond approaches and takes the cigarettes. "Go," Raymond says. Peter
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Beginning 2
They arrived at the temple, accompanied by a narrator who diligently chronicled their every move and the events leading up to their arrival. As their eyes fell upon a peculiar statue, its form seemed to defy convention. Though seemingly crafted from stone, it possessed an uncanny semblance of life. Each student paused, captivated by this enigmatic sight.The narrator's voice resonated once more, filling the air with a tale of ancient lore. "Behold the king, the inaugural werewolf in human history," they proclaimed. "Once a beloved soldier of King Zeus, he commanded immense strength and an expansive army. Yet, in a fateful encounter with Hades, the lord of the underworld, he harbored ambitions of toppling the earthly order. His reckless pursuit almost wrought destruction upon the world itself. However, King Zeus, filled with righteous fury, condemned him to eternal petrification as punishment, simultaneously sealing away his legions within a chamber."Amidst the students' awestruck sil
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The Discovery
Peter's eyelids felt heavy, making it a struggle to open them. As he groggily regained consciousness, he noticed a faint beeping sound nearby, indicating that he was in a bed. However, it was clear to him that this was not his familiar home environment. He attempted to lift his hand, only to find it weighed down by an unseen force. With great effort, he tried again to open his eyes, and this time, they fluttered open, though his vision remained blurred and indistinct."Peter," a voice echoed beside him. He turned his gaze toward the source, but all he could discern was the vague outline of a person. Suddenly, a beam of light illuminated his face as someone adjusted a lamp nearby. Gradually, piece by piece, the scene before him began to come into focus.The person who had touched him spoke once more, asking, "Can you see me?" It became evident to Peter that he was in a hospital, and the individual before him was a doctor. Nodding his head slowly, Peter attempted to utter the name "Jame
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Discovery 2
Chapter 4: A Mysterious ConfrontationAs Peter awakened, his surroundings transformed into an unfamiliar setting—the heart of the jungle. Puzzled by his sudden displacement, he questioned himself, "How did I end up here?" His certainty of having fallen asleep in his cozy room heightened the sense of confusion. Something inexplicable was happening to him, compelling him to navigate the dense vegetation with urgency. However, his progress was abruptly halted by the resurfacing of a haunting voice, resonating with a monstrous timbre. Peter pivoted to identify the source and was met with the sight of the flashy object that had trailed them since their previous excursion. Fear surged within him, prompting a swift retreat from the enigmatic presence.Upon Peter's return home, his mother awaited his arrival. Resembling his mother in stature, he inherited his facial features from a late father whom he had never known—an unfortunate victim of an accident before Peter's birth. As she posed the
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Shapeshifters 1
Inside the classroom, Peter anxiously awaits the arrival of his friends, his mind filled with the events of the previous night. He vividly remembers encountering Scott, the mysterious man in the hood, the unsettling revelations, and their discussion about werewolves. With every entrance through the door, Peter's gaze fixates on it, hoping to see James or Scott among the arriving students.Approaching him, Derek confronts Peter with a menacing threat, vowing to inflict harm upon him. Unfazed by the hostility, Peter chooses to ignore Derek's words and rests his head on the desk. Derek, acknowledging a friend nearby, exchanges a nod with him, hinting at a clandestine plot they have concocted. However, their whispered plans are interrupted when someone calls out Peter's name and taps him on the head. It's James.Angrily, Peter questions whether the encounter with Derek actually happened. James, his voice laced with concern, suggests that if the claims made by the man in the hood are accur
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Shapeshifters 2.
Scott, Peter, and James recounted the events to Scott, who reacted with surprise, asking if Derek had also undergone a transformation. Peter confirmed that Derek had indeed changed, specifically pointing out his eyes as evidence. James, wearing a curious expression, questioned Peter about his nearly fatal encounter with Derek, expressing concern over his violent actions.Peter struggled to explain, conveying his confusion and a mysterious surge of power he had felt during the altercation. The group fell into contemplative silence until Peter broke it, recalling the hooded man's words about there being others with similar powers and the need to face the consequences. They all nodded in agreement, acknowledging the gravity of their situation.Seeking clarity, Peter rephrased his question, asking who they were. Scott corrected him, emphasizing that they should focus on understanding what they had become rather than who they were. James interjected, pondering whether they should meet with
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Acheri 1
The AcheriThe air was bitterly cold, and darkness blanketed the night like the depths of midnight. A part-time worker, eager to return home to the warmth of his wife and young sons, was preparing to leave when the light bulb in the room flickered. He muttered under his breath, "What the hell," while searching for a bench. Despite his desire to ignore the disturbance and hasten his departure, he couldn't resist investigating further. Climbing onto a table, he reached up and shook the bulb, hoping to restore its steady glow. Just then, the doorbell rang, interrupting his efforts. Irritated, he called out, "We're closed," and resumed his task, completely absorbed in his work. However, his concentration was abruptly shattered when a shadow loomed over him.Attempting to assert authority, he began, "I said we--" but as he turned to face the mysterious presence, a wave of weakness washed over him, rendering him paralyzed. He desperately tried to speak, but no words escaped his lips. A minu
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Acheri 2.
Acheri 2:As they entered the classroom, Sarah immediately inquired, "Who is that person?" James replied, "That's the man I was talking about." Curiosity piqued, you ask, "What was he saying?" James recalled, "Something like 'Ach' or whatever it was." Peter interjected, acknowledging, "Just as he said, we've done something we shouldn't have, and now we must face the consequences." Sarah scoffed, reminding them, "We're still just teenagers, remember?"Peter and James exchanged shocked glances as Scott let out a heavy exhalation, suggesting, "Maybe we should tell the police." Sensing the futility of such a course of action, James murmured, "You know that's not a possibility." Frustration boiling over, Peter shouted, "Then what other option do we have? Should we follow that cryptic man's instructions?" Sarah intervened, managing to calm Peter down.Meanwhile, at a local bar, Derek and his friend Owen had managed to deceive the staff about their age, granting them entry. Seated in a circl
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Werewolves 1.
Peter arrived late to class, which was unusual for him since he was always punctual. However, the events of the previous day had left him feeling weak, and he had dozed off. His mother had to wake him up twice before he finally responded, and when he glanced at the time, he was startled and quickly rushed out of the house.As the teacher was writing on the board, he silently entered the classroom and took a seat. James spoke up, "Hey, why are you late?"In a hushed tone, Peter responded, "It was a long night."James muttered, "No one knows what kind of darkness has taken hold of them. I saw the principal this morning, shouting at a student with his bald head and booming voice. Little did he know that he was a lifeless corpse just a day ago." Peter scoffed at the comment, turning his attention away from the teacher.The teacher barked, "You two, out!" When they hesitated, he repeated the command with a stern gaze. Scott suddenly stood up and announced, "I need to use the restroom," wit
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Werewolves 2.
Werewolves 2He entered the sacred place, where a burning hot fire raged like a stream, resembling a cave or a maze. The heat was intense enough to scorch a man miles away, but he walked through it. The chain of burning fire had been knotted, so he untied it. He sat in front of the plaque and recited the incantation. The water boiled loudly and danced, awakening him. With his help, he would take control over the world. No one could stop him this time – not a bunch of teens, not a hooded man, not even Zeus. He appeared majestically and godly, shaking the entire mountain."Now, let's go to war," he proclaimed, his first words after a thousand years of sleep.Peter waited at the counter, expecting his order to arrive. He tapped the desk, humming an "intention" song. The staff arrived with the gala and coke."Here it is," they said, stretching it out to him. He collected it and handed over the money. He usually ate that when his mother was working the night shift. Cooking wasn't his forte
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