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Ren lived a poor life ever since he was a child. Without any luck in the power he possessed to try and turn their life around, he focused himself in academics where he seems to have better chances. With college entrance exams right around the corner, Ren was offered a scholarship just by tutoring a young miss of a wealthy family. Seeing it as a chance to turn their life around, Ren accepted the offer. And as if lady luck finally found him, Ren learned the truth of his power on the night of his birthday, a very unexpected gift that will force him to make drastic changes to his life long plan.

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Pros and Cons
I woke up and saw the exact same thing everyday for the last 17 years of my life. A piece of stale bread and a glass of milk that’s on the verge of expiring were the first things I saw the moment I walked out of my room. That’s usually the staple food in our household every morning. If you look at it, it's not enough for a growing kid like me who is trying to study and get at least a scholarship to go to a public college, but it’s more than enough for me.As someone who is not worth much, I can’t complain. I can’t. But with that kind of food greeting you everyday for almost your entire life, you’re bound to get sick of it someday. And that day arrived a long time ago. Sadly, I can’t do anything about it.“Meat” Oh! How I hope to wake up at least once in my life and see meat being served on the table. It can happen if I just focus on working and stop shooting for a scholarship. But even that’s hard if you are sitting at the bottom of the food chain. Unranked individuals like me can o
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Enjoying One's Youth
For the first time in a while, I wasn’t greeted by the usual stale bread and milk. There are still plenty left from the leftovers from last night. Fortunately, we have a small fridge to prolong them long enough to save them for another meal.“Morning, Mom.”It seems like my mother doesn't have any work today since she’s preparing breakfast. She usually leaves for work around this time and returns home at 12 AM to rest for the day. I’m glad she could get some rest before another unforgiving day of work.“You’re up early.”“This is usually the time I wake up. Where’s dad?”Mother handed me a plate of rice and a reheated bowl of soup yesterday. I only noticed it just now and it seems like it’s raining. What a perfect meal on a cold and rainy day! I hurriedly sat on the table not wanting to let the soup go cold and started eating immediately.“Your father is out today. It seems like there’s been a problem from the recent irregu
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Rewarding Efforts
“Aiyo! Morning, Ren. What a great day, huh? Say, what are you planning to do on your birthday?” Asking me something like that out of nowhere, there’s no way I can think of something on the spot. “My birthday, huh? I don’t know. Since it’s the same day as the college entrance exam, I guess I’ll be studying?” Right after I said those words, Ivan looked at me with a disappointed look on his face. “Hey, Ren. I know I should be saying such things, but it's your birthday. Shouldn’t you at least enjoy yourself even for just a day?” What’s this guy saying? I just told him that it’s the same day as my entrance exam. I can’t just skip it. “Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since you got to celebrate your birthday. And for a few years now, I’m the only one who gets to receive a gift from you. That eats my conscience away every year, you know?” “If it troubles you that much, then just a gift is fine. There’s no need to celebrate, is there?” It’s true that I gave presents to Ivan
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New Experience
‘Boring’ That’s how my life has been for a while now. Everything is so easy to get as long as you have money. Luxury cars, branded clothes, latest model phones, and even people. I can confidently say that I have everything. Everyone I know is doing everything they can to get what they want even when they already have everything and they are happy. So I thought I’d do the same, and my father would immediately give me what I demanded. That’s how you can make yourself happy, by getting what you want. I was happy. The joy of getting what you want is satisfying and fulfilling, but that did not last long. And soon, I realized how boring and dull my life has been to have granted everything I wanted without doing anything nor working hard to get what I want. As soon as I heard that we needed to move because of the nature of my father's work, I felt relieved and hopeful that this would somehow make me realize true happiness. “Young miss, we are going to arrive soon.” I looked at the world
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New Experience II
“Let me guess, you don’t have bills?” I shook my head. I got so used to the cashless life back in Sector B that the idea of bills went out of the window.“It’s fine. It can’t be helped since you don’t have any cash. The meal, just think of it as my treat.” He said with a smile. “Follow me, it would be dangerous for you to go through the entrance. You should take the backdoor instead, it’s much safer and the people outside will not notice anything since its in the same direction of the restroom,”He led the way, and the owner noticed us and gave us a confused look.“Something came up, Mr. Kim. Please deduct her meal from my paycheck.”The owner just gave him a thumbs up.“I don’t know if you’re just visiting Sector D but make sure not to do that again. You're fortunate that you did that here in our shop otherwise things would have turned ugly. Do you know how to get home?”“Of course, I’m not a kid you know?”Th
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Troubled Hearts
“How is she doing?”Steppen instantly prostrated himself in front of the company owner right after his inquiries all while bathing in cold sweat. An unexpected reaction from someone who was feared by his own subordinates.“This is all my fault! If only the ground floor was guarded tightly, then all of these wouldn’t have happened and the young miss wouldn’t be put in danger! Please allow me to apologize for my men’s lacking ability!”The company owner just looked at him blankly and buried his face beneath his palms.“It’s not like I’m pinning everything on you, Steppen. Sure, I’m angry that my little princess was injured but I’m glad that it was the only thing she suffered. Rather than that, I’m far more concerned about her mental health. She hadn’t sulked like this before, locking herself up inside her room and not eating her meal. That’s far more concerning for me.” The company head said, putting his pen and paper down.“She didn’t tell me anything about the young man who save
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'Please be my tutor'
This really came to me as a surprise. I did not expect to see her hang around in the same place where she nearly got harmed. I can’t tell if she’s plain foolish or brave at all. I sat on the seat right across from her and looked at her. Our gazes met but for some reason, she quickly averted her gaze from mine. It caught me off guard. A few moments ago, she had no problem locking eyes with me. Did I do something wrong perhaps? “Hello, we meet again,” I said, greeting her with a smile like I usually do. When I did, she turned to look at me again. This time, she did not avert her gaze away and greeted me back. “W-We meet again. How are you?” It just came to me at that moment. The reason why she averted her gaze from mine earlier might be because of the band aids. She must have felt responsible for what happened to me and could not help but turn away in guilt. I quickly tried to remove the band aids from my face, but she immediately threw me a remark, stopping me from removing them o
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Unusual Irregularity Breaks
It’s been a few days since my tutoring sessions with Ceri started. The first day was an exception since Mr. Lucius threw a celebration. The day after that was when the real tutoring session started. At first, Ceri was all shy and wouldn’t talk to me nor come near me. Considering the nature of what I came to their place to do, it made things a bit difficult for me.But after I asked her about the problem the next day, she didn’t explain and returned to how she was when I first met her. Maybe she was still trying to get used to the sudden change. I was told by their butler, Steppen, that this is the first time someone was asked to be her tutor. So I can understand her to a certain extent.The tutoring session was a good chance for me to review what I learned and started to enjoy myself. I used to tutor Ivan whenever he got in trouble with his grades, so tutoring another one is but a simple task for me now.While thinking about that, a voice came from behind me and grabbed my shoulder.“
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Sleeping Pill?
A few days have passed and I haven’t asked Ivan about his meeting with a shady man in the dead of the night. I tried to bring that topic up, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. Despite us always walking up to school every morning, I find it hard to ask him something personal.Just like today. I’m walking alongside him, but I can’t bring that topic up. It’s just too heavy and the prospect of it being a mistake and ending up straining our friendship scares me.He is one of the few friends I have in school. If I were to lose him because of my curiosity, I’d greatly regret it for the rest of my life. I know it.I let out a frustrated sigh. I saw him looking at me with a serious expression on his face. It wasn’t his usual cheery and enthusiastic face. I seldom see him being serious. And once he shows that face, it will take a while till he reverts back to his usual self.“What? Is there something wrong?” I asked.I can’t be too obvious that something is bothering me. Otherwise,
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Ever since Ivan confirmed it, I was not able to get it out of my head. To think that someone was spreading something like that here in the city. That alone is dangerous.If what they talked about was true then the drug or whatever it is has a deep connection to the abnormal appearances of Irregularity Breaks that’s happening all over the city. For now, the Exterminators are still able to contain the Irregularity breaks, but what if it continues to grow in numbers? Will the Exterminators be able to keep up?Now I understand what my fellow classmates were talking about. I also have grown restless. And if this continues, my college life and my hope for graduating college will be at stake.I’ve decided. For the sake of my life, my family’s life, I will do everything I can in my power, though small, I have to do this for me and my parents.I told myself that, I have resolved myself to do that, yet I was immediately hit with the biggest problem.“How can I do that? Will that cost money
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