God Mode

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God Mode

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PREPARE TO MEET THY MAKER Whole brain emulation (WBE) tech makes it possible for human consciousness to be transferred into any organic or synthetic body. Its inventor, Augma Industries, has secretly launched illegal human trials on university campuses in the Third World. College sophomore Theo Bondoc has absolutely nothing going for him. He’s a hypochondriac nerd and a mama’s boy. He has no money and no connections. But his luck dramatically changes when he gets his first ever girlfriend: undercover superspy Amy Miyahara. Their peaceful student lives are interrupted by sightings of mechanical bees and a run-in with brainwashed frat boys. The source of all the strange happenings is Beta Mu, a cult masquerading as a frat and backed by the rich and powerful. Its members are Transhumanists who believe in an ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) deity. Now Theo and Amy must uncover a grand conspiracy in order to prevent all of humanity from being enslaved by an emergent godlike being.

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    Good one bro... I follow you down from the group when I sqe your post for your novel This is cool

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Prologue: Goodbye, Cruel World!
I can already see what the inscription on my gravestone would be: | R.I.P. Santiago Bondoc AUG 25, 2004 – FEB 9, 2024 HE WAS A DEVOTED SON | The bit about “devoted son” is a euphemism for mama’s boy. A vandal would probably spray-paint over it: “HE WAS A LOSER” in big, red block letters. But you know what? Right now I don’t care. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. Right now I’m on top of the world. Literally. I’m sitting atop a climbing wall. You know the artificial wall that simulates a rock face inside climbing gyms and sports centers? Yes, that. But the one I’m perched on is outdoors because, this weekend until Valentine’s Day, my university is holding a fair on its parade grounds. The time is just a little past 6:00 a.m. and dawn is still just a yellow shimmer on the eastern horizon. Of course nobody’s here in the fairgrounds except me. As you can imagine, I’m breaking so many rules by being here. First, solo climbing is a big no-no. Second, climbing without a rope
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Chapter 1: Meanwhile, 1000s of Feet Overhead...
(Author’s Note: This next part you’re about to read took place out of Theo’s sight. Far, far out of his sight. To be exact, 43, 000 feet above sea level. Of course he’d eventually come to know about it, but since he’s not omniscient, only you – the reader – will know for now.) | PHILIPPINE SEA Lat: 10N 49′48″Long: 126E 42′36″ | “Hello, Richard. You don’t know me, but I know you,” the pilot playfully announces on the PA in a superb impression of Jigsaw (from the "Saw" franchise). His voice is growling, breathy and mechanically distorted. The celebrity passenger of the private jet, Richard McKnight, sniggers on his seat. “I want to play a game,” the pilot continues. “Here’s what happens if you lose. Despite the illusion of safety made possible by our satellite uplink, the vehicle you’re riding is a pressurized metal tube hurtling through space. Otherwise known as a plane. When your pilot finally loses it what with your calls pinging everywhere, you’re going to drop in a ragin
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Chapter 2: Of Big Brothers and Bullies
My older brother’s name was Jacob and I called him "Kuya" Jake (Big Bro Jake) while he called me Chiao. Like all younger brothers, I worshipped him and thought he was the coolest and smartest kid in the world. He knew so many things, especially about Marvel trading cards, paper planes, kites and gladiator spiders. I remember his dream was to be a policeman and catching and taming bugs was strictly just his hobby. One of Big Bro Jake’s factoids that really stuck with me is how spiders aren’t really insects. They belong to a completely different class of animals, Arachnida, which is demonstrated by the fact that they have eight legs instead of an insect’s six. At the time, my brother was on fifth grade while I was on first. Apart from being a bully deterrent, he was a god in my eyes because public school teachers were too underpaid and outnumbered to give customized quality education, and most of what Big Bro Jake knew was from self-study and online searches at the solitary Internet ca
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Chapter 3: Spy(der) Games
Alice must’ve blacked out because the next thing she knows, she’s having difficulty breathing and trapped in a bear hug by Gubler. Her feet, now bare except for her sheer pantyhose, are dangling several inches from the floor while her skirt has a rip on one side. {My Jimmy Choos!} she thinks frantically but also dimly, since her brain’s running out of oxygen. Through her narrowing vision, Alice sees Gubler’s neck. Veins are bulging out of the thick, taurine appendage. She notices at this precise moment, rather belatedly, that hot coffee’s dripping and steaming all over the German’s face, which is red and contorted in murderous hate. She spies the culprit – the golden coffee pot – fallen on the handmade rug and dented for some reason. Oh, and the paring knife from the service trolley is sticking out of the side of Gubler’s neck like a motorbike’s rear-view mirror. It has just missed his carotid artery. Someone (most probably future Mrs. McKnight) is squealing behind Alice like a pig
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Chapter 4: My Dark Origin Story
It happened on the trail, when I briefly let go of my brother’s shirt. I felt something crawling on my arm. My senses were turned up to 11 and I could feel the blood pumping at my temples, making my head feel like it’s bulging; a sure sign that I was scared to death. When I looked down my arm, I saw in the dim light of the moon a light-and-dark-banded insect. “Bee!” I shrieked. I panicked and threw my arm in a sweeping gesture, flicking the bee away… and pissing it off. My brother tried to hit it several times with his flashlight – its beam flailing in the dark – while the bee hovered menacingly in front of my face. Finally, one of my bro’s strikes appeared to swat the bee down from its flight and it buzzed and disappeared under his legs. “Did you kill it?” I asked nervously. “I think it got me,” Big Bro Jake said and the casualness in his voice was him trying to downplay the panic. The first thought that entered my mind was: {Ma’s going to kill us.} Pointing my flashlight’s b
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Chapter 5: How to Catch a Spider
Opening the accordion doors of the cockpit, Alice discovers both the captain and the co-pilot slumped in their seats. The touch-screen instrument panel is blaring an alarm. The calm voice of OS Athena rises above the din to greet her: “Flight attendant Alice Kim, we have a situation. Captain Ryan and Co-pilot Lance are both nonresponsive and I detected a precipitous drop in our fuel levels. Permission to make changes to original flight plan.” “Permission granted,” Alice responds. “Please input security code.” {Just great,} she thinks to herself. {Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been locked away in a dead-stick aircraft.} She can’t help herself and bends over to check if it’s indeed Captain Ryan sitting on the pilot’s seat. She recognizes the fifty-eight-year-old former USAF pilot and feels slightly stupid for even doubting. Instinctively, she lifts his bowed head and inspects his left eye. It’s infected with the same pink eye condition. She spies something else out of the corner of
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Chapter 6: Champion of the Weak... Not
Some of you might be hoping, rather unrealistically, that my brother’s death led me to become some kind of journalist-slash-defender of the weak. Nope. I’m not studying to become a journalist or policeman but rather to be an accountant. I wish I could say that I’m at least on the Medicine or Nursing track like my ma and that it’s my life mission to ensure my brother’s preventable death by bee sting will never happen to another Filipino kid but – I gotta be honest with you – I can’t stand needles and blood. The sight of either knocks me out cold. Yep, from a grieving kid brother, I became an OC nerd who always has wet wipes in his pocket. One person is solely responsible for who I am today: my ma. And let me tell you, she’s a force of nature. When Big Bro Jake died, Ma went on overdrive. First, she had all our important papers – our birth certificates, my report cards, my brother’s death certificate – photocopied in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate etc. Then she kept both origi
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Chapter 7: Fallen Angel
600 feet is cutting it close to open a parachute; half of that is the limit for soldiers and sport parachutists alike. But Alice doesn’t have a real parachute so she has to assume the worst-case scenario that her makeshift canopy would rip. She’s convinced that the key to surviving a fall from a great height is to reduce one’s deceleration. Basically, she’s applying the brakes but not just any brakes. Going from 120 mph to 10 mph in a split-second will still hurt. A lot. {Here goes nothing,} she thinks grimly. She opens the briefcase and lets the DIY parachute unfurl into the air. Whack! The shock of the chute’s opening and billowing is like receiving a hanging wedgie from King Kong. She doubles over as jerkily as the arms of a swimming squid, all the wind knocked out of her and stars exploding in her vision. The canopy consists of two king-size silk bedsheets linked to each other with seatbelt nylon and whose four outer corners are tied to suspension lines; also made from seatb
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Chapter 8: How to Catch a Girlfriend
“Are you OK?” I blurt out. “Did you hurt yourself?” I’m thinking about how she face-planted on the canvas of the big top. I’m slow to realize the irony. O-M-G. Her braided hair’s really shaggy and has knots the size of garlics in a string; the kind that can drive away Dracula, with a thick bundle of dried stalks running in the middle and each bulb trailing copious roots. There’s also this delicate red smudge seeping from a cut near her right temple. If I wasn’t nauseated by all manners of blood, it might’ve even looked cute to my eyes. As though someone had playfully used a red Sharpie or killed a bloated mosquito right there on her forehead, near the scalp. The flaw enhances the glossy smoothness of her skin and the radiance of her face. {I didn’t use to have a type but now I do,} I think to myself. {It’s boho girls.} If you get past the glaring for a second, her eyes are naturally slanted and cat-like. Bring back both the glaring and the mascara and they look extra squinty. Her
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Chapter 9: The Con
I thought she was going to shake my hand (how do you close a Faustian relationship contract anyway?) or, better yet, return my phone. But she does neither of those and instead walks over to pick up the pieces of my camera. “Uh… that’s OK,” I say, feeling a bit embarrassed now that the reality of what we’ve just negotiated hits me. “That camera’s always breaking apart anyway. What we should focus on is getting you to the University Hospital. Are you sure you’re OK?” When I look her way again, I see that she’s fitted the broken pieces back together. “Whoa! How did you do that? Are you a camera geek, too?” She shrugs. “I remember how to assemble and disassemble sniper rifles in pitch black. This is nothing.” I dismiss that and just assume she has some kind of advanced ROTC training. She turns on the camera and deftly checks the playback mode, to see if everything is in working condition. Then, she hands the camera to me after brushing and blowing off bits of grass. I take her gesture
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