In Another World With My Sword

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In Another World With My Sword

By: The Young Author OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A sixteen year old boy who is very skilled in sword wielding became the target of evil swordsmen. After winning in a competition, he was killed by his best friend who was envious of his progress. He is later reincarnated into another world with his sword. In the other world he gained magic alongside his sword skills and now his new home is about to be wiped out. Will he be able to save it?

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9 chapters
Chapter 1 The Dojo Challenge
The environment is cloudy as little drops of rain splattered down, making splattering noises on the rooftops of houses around. A boy holding a sword in it's sheath is seen running and smiling under the rain.Darkness smiled on the earth and the environment is saved from the piercing darkness with translucent illuminated neon light bulbs. Different scents wafted through his nostrils. He smiled in satisfaction as he ran. He saw people open up their shops.He passed a woman selling various weapons and equipments. He always fancied a golden sword sheath with dragon design. It was four thousand yen and he had been saving up his feeding allowance to buy the sword sheath. He had three thousand yen and he hoped to get the remaining from his father. His father owned a dojo where he trained young boys in his Sadeo sword technique. There were many dojos in that city and they all had different sword techniques. Most times, competitions were held to determine the best dojo in Japan.He got home an
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Chapter 2 Reincarnated Into Another World
The knight and the princess gets to a cave to catch their breaths. Do you think she would be able to hold them off? The knight asked in concern. The princess smiled. Don't worry, its Agnolia the strongest Mage we are talking about here, she would handle them just fine like fodder. Anyway guide the entrance as I prepare to summon him. Yes milady, but i have a question, why can't lady Agnolia summon the hero. Well, she might be the most powerful mage but she needs to be connected to royalty in order to cast the other worldly spell. She can do it but the goddess said she was destined to protect me from anyone who might want to stop the summoning and also she has dark powers which might corrupt the summoned. I hope she comes soon, i feel like all my powers would go away.The knight went outside and patrolled the area holding his sword tightly while observing the princess.She drew a magic circle with a triangle inside and she took her dagger and cut her hand sending blood to the circle.
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Chapter 3 Dragon Party
The lead boy who presumably killed the beast finally looked around and saw the duo. “We didn't catch your kill did we, though it looked like you were hesitant to kill the Elehorse. Oh by the way my name is Natael, head of the Dragon Party, we are an adventurous group. I will tell you about the others later but for now we have to get out of here before more of them come. Sasha, care to help with the beast. He said to a gi0rl who looked like she hated what she was doing.” “Aye, what a bother.” She walked to the beast and touched it, a blue magic circle appeared over the beast and sucked it inside. “Now let's get out of here.” The seven of them ran up to a cliff and hid behind it as they heard groaning sounds. Another member of the party conjured a tent to block the sun. “We can stay here for a while until the Elehorses finish their parade. It would be a terror if we are ambushed by them. But before that I would like us to introduce ourselves. As you know already, my name is Natael Fe
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Chapter 4 Manifestation Of Powers
The Dragon party got to the boy's house. They saw a dilapidated and old building which was looking strained. The outside was overgrown with weeds and thorns. The house was loosing it's paint. The inside was no better as cobwebs filled the house.The party were shocked at the structure of the building.They were led to a room where a woman is laid on a bed and shivering despite having thick wrappers on her.Tsuoma's appraisal eyes opened and he saw the woman had a curse on her. A high level curse which had merged with her and was draining her life force.His eyes scanned around. “Damn, a demon is the cause of this, he is still here.“ Tsuoma looked around and saw a giant spider bigger than a tarantula lurking above Natael. “Natael, above you, a giant Drake Gustof.“ His eyes had shown him the specie of the spider which wasn't on Earth. He knew the spider was dangerous as all of the members of the party brought out very dangerous weapons, even Miles was on an edge. Tsuoma wondered what
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Chapter 5 Berserk Stronghold Guild
The guild was located at the centre of the town with its blazing logo. No one could miss the logo. Tsuoma and the Dragon Party entered into the guild seeing many people. “They are still here, I thought they went on a mission.“ Natael said pointing to a set of seven young men huddled together. “Hey, Natael, seems we finished earlier than you.“ One of the boys said upon seeing Natael and came to meet him. “Ooh, you brought guests, will they join your party to make it a complete party, i am sure you have bribed them to accept, knowing you have to have seven members inorder to go on D class missions like we do, you are on E class missions, why are you not satisfied, I assure you, D class missions are difficult, now you bring them to the guild to be registered. Am I right or right?“Tsuoma looked at the party seeing them angry. He decided to check the status of the boys in the party.The name of the party was Salamander Party. The leader who was talking to Natael had just few things superio
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Chapter 6 First Encounter
“Hello kids, you must have surely heard of me right. Hmm that scent, you two are not from this world aye, heroes.“ She said as she looked at Tsuoma and Teruki.Sigrid stirred up in Tsuoma's mind.“That is Urea, one of the most powerful demons, he is speaking through her, even I had a problem battling him during the war.““Hello humans, I see you were able to kill my basilisk. It's ok, I only wish to speak to him.“ She said pointing at Tsuoma. They all raised their weapons but they couldn't move. Time had stopped and only Tsuoma, Teruki and the Empress weren't affected. “Interesting, she is not affected, perchance she is connected to your life source, so killing you kills her. Interesting, I have learnt something important today. And now I will kill you even before your heroic adventure begins.“ She raised her hands and dark red energy be began forming and taking the shape of spears. “It's over. Crushing god spears. These technique was used to destroy the god's during the war, so lo
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Chapter 7 Burst Of Power
They looked at the city at their back surprised to see it obliterated. Smoke and debris could be seen everywhere. Buildings had crumbled and were black and charred. Tsuoma began to hear sounds.Crack! Cough!He heard a cracking sound and a feminine voice coughing. He went to the place and saw a girl in tears. A log of wood was on her leg and she was struggling with it. Tsuoma saw a dead boy near her. He was burnt to a crisp and he was clutching a bit of the girl's clothing. He had protected her. The girl began to wail and the rest of the team ran to where they were, Teruki gagged and vomited. She touched the girl and saw everything that happened to her and she also began to feel the girl's pain. Tsuoma patted Teruki who was weeping. He touched the girl and a white magic circle appeared above her and a green light overshadowed her. Her wounds began to heal and color began to return to her cheeks. He raised her up and saw she was a little girl. “How old are you my dear?“ He asked in a
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Chapter 8 Recruitment Of Party Members
After the fight which was decided as a stalemate. Tsuoma was given the right to form his own party. But until he finds all the members, he would have to work with Natael's party. He accepted this offer and he, Teruki, Agnolia joined the party. The princess and the holy knight moved around the city in disguises. The princess was worried about how the people were being treated, most of the halflings were treated unfairly and even the Holy Knights were butchered.Emile came across a young woman of probably seventeen years old who was wearing an hoodie to cover her face, she stole a loaf of bread and ran, the owner of the stall saw her.“Hey, get back here, you thieving pest. Guards, get that bastard.“The young lady was pursued hotly by the guards, a spear was thrown at her legs but she kept on running. “Hey Airen, let's follow that girl.“The holy knight looked around and followed the princess. The girl ran into a closed up area and the men rounded up to her. One of them grinned evilly.
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Chapter 9 Disbanded And Separated
They were called “The Striking Vipers.” They were regarded as the strongest party because the members were all over powerful.Tsuoma Sadeo was the leader and Teruki was the assistant.The members of the party were, Tsuoma, Teruki, Agnolia, Tiatha, Sigrid, Jikoki and Ashrua. The party had a guardian, the supreme mage, the strongest swordsman, an empath, a goddess, an elf and a kitsune. None in the guild wanted to meddle in their affairs. The Dragon Party were the only ones who could be with them and Tsuoma had gotten them a new member or members, the sisters of Ashrua, Kuri and Haemta. Though younger and less powerful than their elder brother, they were more than enough to take down great monsters on their own. The duo used Lightning and Water spirits for their attack and defense. Though limited to one spirit, they were still very powerful to defeat monsters. And when they combined as one entity, their powers skyrocket and they are called Guardian Primus.THE GUARDIANS! The Gu
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