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Since Kyle wanted more information, he was curious as to why Jareth was changing the subject.Consequently, you implied that I can and will use magic.How can you be sure?” "It comes with your title and is in your blood.Despite the fact that it has been suppressed for such a lengthy period of time, it is still present.It is one of the reasons why you must immediately begin training.It will help when you guarantee who you genuinely are.Those who don't know who they are don't like magic. "You talk about it as if it were alive." “It is.Magic is alive and well.Although we can learn to work with it, we will never truly have control over it.We can believe that it is within us and allowed it to direct us.At some point, you will have to say who you really are, and when you do, I imagine you will be a powerful magician. To this, Kyle had no idea what to say.Kyle discovered that he longed for what he had left behind because everything was so strange and new.He thought of many things that would be comforting as they rode on.He envisioned being before the warm fire in Danin and Jane's home.He found that he wanted warm bread and butter that was just made in Jane's kitchen.He recalled Katniss's supple hand and how it felt in his.When she gave him a kiss, he remembered how supple her lips were on his cheek.He nodded off for a split second, felt his eyes close, and almost fell off his horse, he caught himself.

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Chapter 1
On a throne, a young woman held her head in her hands.How did this come about?As expected, everything was in order.Over a thousand years had passed since the kingdom first took on its current form.What had gone wrong while she was in charge?She had carried out all of her instructions.She had done everything that had been asked of her, but it wasn't enough.She was now surrounded by complete chaos, destruction, and rage.A soft, low voice said, "My queen, I think it's time," quietly.The young queen raised her head.She had been so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she had not even heard or felt her protector enter the room.She choked out, "My son."Jonathan..." "The young prince is prepared to depart, and the king is seated in his chambers."It might take some convincing for the king."The reality the kingdom was facing was still a mystery to Queen Sophie.There must be another option.Things couldn't have been that bad after all.Daisy, are you positive?Is there really no way out?Da
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Chapter 2
The majority of the kingdom of Regventus's cities and villages were constructed of rings.The size of the town determined the number of rings.Typically, the rings varied in class and function.Clarton, Kyle's home village, had three rings.The Viceroy and other extremely wealthy families resided in the inner ring.Shops, workhouses, and a few places to live for the poor made up the middle ring.Most people who worked at the edge of the forest lived in the outer ring, where the main stables were and Kyle lived.Apothecaries, farmers, and others who preferred to live outside the town's main hub were among these individuals.The majority of people would not live in the third ring because they were afraid of the open forest at night. However, there was ample space and decent housing there.Kyle didn't know why individuals in Clarton dreaded the woods.He had spent many summer evenings at the forest's edge and many happy days riding horses in the trees.He liked to watch the fireflies blink as the
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Chapter 3
Taking a sip from his canteen, Jareth felt the liquid warm him as he sat by a tree at the forest's edge.Was this temperature typical for this time of year?Non-magical people don't seem to notice the onset of the cold season, but magic people could feel it in their bones.Jareth considered starting a small fire, but he was too close to the town.He didn't need to draw attention to himself at all.He had observed the child.He was aware of what he needed to do and say, but how would it be received?Would the boy work with you?Would he attempt to comprehend?Jareth didn't want to kidnap the boy.In order for him to develop into the person he needed to be, he wanted this boy to join him.Jareth got up, dusted his pants, and got dressed.He decided that talking to the boy's caregivers would be the best course of action.For all they had done, they had the right to hear what planned to occur.He had first met them at night.At the time, Jareth had just turned his own age of maturity.Jareth had been s
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Chapter 4
Okay, but we want to be with you there.When you speak with Kyle, we want to be present in the room.Jane added, "We want to help him understand and be able to say goodbye."Jareth paused.He wasn't sure how much the boy would want to know for him to come.If she had truly grown up with the stories, he was aware that this woman knew some things.It was one thing to hear the stories, but it was quite another to actually hear them confirmed."First, let me meet the boy.We will not leave until he meets with you both, I promise you.If he doesn't listen, what happens?What if he refuses to go?What if he flees?Danin asked in a slightly enraged tone.Jareth demanded, his eyes narrowing, "He will come with me tonight in some way or another.""What's the point of that?"Danin jumped out of his chair to ask.Although you may believe you own the boy, we have always been his closest parents.He won't be hurt by you.Jareth made an effort to regain his composure.That boy would never hurt me.He is essenti
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Chapter 5
Who exactly is it?Kyle heard Katniss whispering.Kyle couldn't speak out of shock.The man said, “Hello,” turning his head so Kyle could see his face.Jareth is my name, and I need to talk to you."Why are you required to speak with Kyle?"stepping in front of Kyle, Katniss asked.What goals do you have for him?Jareth grinned half-heartedly.And so are you?"I am Isolde Finn, and I'm Kyle's companion.What topic would you like to discuss with Kyle?Although it is a private matter, I can assure you that I intend no harm to him.Why don't you visit the cabin?Jareth said, pointing toward the house, "You can see for yourself that the young man is well once we are finished."Danin made his way toward Katniss.Katniss, why don't you go see Jane with me?She probably could use your company.Soon, Kyle will join us.Before finding his voice, Kyle gave the stranger who went by the name Jareth a brief stare.Please, Katniss.It’s ok.”Katniss gave the impression of being unsure, but she let Danin lead he
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Chapter 6
"Why are you explaining this to me?What are you and I involved in this?inquired Kyle."Everyone is involved in this.I'm Jareth, a Raya descendant.I am the greatest defender of the kingdom of this generation.I have studied, trained, and lived this all my life, and I have always known this."What am I supposed to do with this, if all of this is true?Even my real parents are unknown to me.I'm a healthy young man who lives as far away from Aurumist as possible.What contribution can I make to this?Kyle couldn't quite make out the look Jareth gave him when he looked at him.Was it irritation, pity, outrage, or something different?"You are everything, Kyle.I was brought into this world by you.I received my education because of you.You are Kylewell, a member of the Adalwen family.Both of your parents are members of the Adalwen family, and you come from a long line of kings and queens.You were created for this moment.Kyle assumed the man was making fun of him as he stared at him.This individ
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Chapter 7
She said sadly, "I can't believe you are leaving."Without you, I have no idea what I will do."Katniss, it won't be forever.I will return soon.But you'll come back.You must be aware, Kyle, that everything is shifting.You will transform into someone else if you are truly who they say you are."No, I'll remain Kyle.Katniss, as long as you want, you will always be a part of my life.I'll be back, and the next time, I'll figure out a way to stay or bring you along.I'll find a solution.Katniss, wrapping her arms around him, exclaimed, "Oh Kyle."Just take care.Promise me your safety.My only wish is for your safety.I could bear it if I knew you were safe, if you have to be gone forever."Of course, I'll be safe, but I promise to be back, Katniss."After giving Kyle a quick kiss and quickly standing on her tiptoes, Katniss smiled and let go of him."I must leave.Where am I? My father will be inquisitive."Katniss, I will see you soon.I swear."Before leaving, Katniss opened the door and smil
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Chapter 8
Men would examine him and shake his small hand. It wouldn’t last long as soon his mother would send him up to bed with the nannies, giving him an affection kiss on the cheek. His parents would leave for weeks on trips together. His father was often in meetings with his stewards about his vast land holdings.When Kedan was taken by the palace staff at twelve, his father shook his hand and his mother hugged him and dabbed at her eyes, yet Kedan wondered if there really were tears in them. His parents always seemed to be actors to him, always on stage, always giving a great performance.Kedan stopped as he reached his chambers, and the soldiers on either side of the door bowed to him. Kedan nodded his head, and the soldiers opened the double doors and shut them behind him as he walked into the large sitting room that was at the front of his suite of rooms. Kedan tugged off his robe and threw it one of the wing back chairs by the fireplace. He then flopped down on the other chair, and lea
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Chapter 9
“Well, I suppose I could bring it up with the council at the next cycle meeting. I will look into it, and if I feel it is the right course you can count on my support.”“I beg your forgiveness my lord, but this is something that we, that you, might have to do without the council. You can give the orders. You can call our forces to The Great Surrounding and start imposing the way of the Ancients on the people. ““I would still like the council’s approval if possible and if this is something I actually deem necessary. Let me think about it until the dawn after tomorrow and we will meet again.”Till looked like he wanted to say more, but he nodded. “Very well, my Lord. I will come to the palace to talk again then. If you need further guidance in the meantime just send a messenger.” Till rose to leave and Kedan rose with him.Kedan saw Till out and then flopped back down in the chair. His tailor would come soon, but in the meantime he had much to think on.Williams stood at his tall tabl
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Chapter 10
Kyle didn’t know how long he slept, but he was awoken by a gentle shove by Jareth. “Kyle, get up. We’ve got to go,” Jareth whispered. The sun was high in the sky. Everything was already packed up, and the horses were ready to go. Kyle sat up from under his blanket.“Is something wrong?” he asked sleepily.“Shhh,” whispered Jareth. He held out his hand, and Kyle took it as he got up off the ground. “There are a few men nearby on horses. Look like some soldiers from Aurumist. Probably out patrolling the forest while the sun is still up. I don’t know what they are looking for, but we definitely don’t want to be found by them.”Kyle nodded and walked over, mounting his bay mare. Jareth did the same with his dark stallion. Soon they were journeying on, Jareth leading the way. They rode swiftly, sneaking in between trees, Jareth eyes darting all around, always looking for something. Kyle didn’t dare speak. He just followed Jareth on his horse. All of his weariness was gone, replaced with
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