Mage of Blade

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Mage of Blade

By: Tech_Player OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The novel begins on the last day of 2022 when an information flood enters the minds of everyone, revealing that the world will not remain the same. It is later revealed that the God of Machines, Robert, has merged three universes together after a clash between the God of Magic Nebula and the God of Sword Shiva destroyed their worlds. Robert created a planet named Gor and a system to help people grow and adapt to the new world. However, he died after doing all these things, and people learned that the planet and system are based on the popular MMORPG game "Trials of Fate."

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beginning of the new Era
The world as we knew it changed on 31st December of 2022. At 11:59 pm, everyone received a flood of information in their minds. It wasn't anything significant, but it hinted that the world would not remain the same as it used to be. As time passed, people discovered that the God of Machines had granted them the power to grow. Three all-mighty gods, the God of Magic Nebula, the God of Sword Shiva, and the God of Machines Robert, ruled their own universes. However, a clash between Nebula and Shiva resulted in the destruction of both of their worlds. Robert couldn't bear to see people suffer, so he decided to merge the three universes together. However, there was no mana in his world, which put him in a difficult position. He made a planet and a system to help people grow. At the end of every year, people above a certain age could teleport to the planet Robert created. They received a system like a game and started adapting to the new world. Soon, Robert passed away as creating all th
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Knowledge of the past
[Welcome to the infinite Library][Please choose a book you want to read][You can take on 2 books][All the contents of the book will be directly imprinted in the brain]"Ok, now it's time to look for that book, knowledge of magic by one of the greatest magician of the human kind according to books in the Tower. Solerus, the second demigod magician", Aryan thought.The rank of magicians is divided into following:1st - 9th CircleArchmageDemigodGodHe consumed the pill he got in 1st trial, It had the effects of body strengthening, It was needed as he had to go to a deeper part of the library, He ran straight as fast as possible without taking look at the books around him because soon the guard will come inside.He saw the book, he was extremely happy and laughing while running but soon he saw somthing, in the game, I did not go past the book as it was full black and I didn't want to risk it as I only had 1 life left. But now I had 2 lives as I didn't die even a single time in the f
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Magic or Sword?
[You have been teleported to spawn][Congratulation!! You are the last person remaining on the island!][Trial cleared!][Would you like to receive your rewards now?]"No"[You will receive the rewards at the end of the last trial!][Teleporting to trial no. 3]Zuup![Teleported to the third trial!][You have been give 3 undistributed stat points for clearing]Aryan was teleported to a black pitch room with nothing to be seen.[Objective: Find and press the button to move to the first floor][Trial start!]"This is going to take some time brother, lets start!", Aryan gets ready and starts searching for the button. The button was not randomly placed in the room rather the room's size was random, if you were luck then you could find the button within seconds but if you were unlucky then it could take days, months and even years but you wouldn't be alive by then and would already be dead from starvation.Aryan first went to the right side hoping he would run into the wall, he walked for
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"it's Indomeria"[Teleporting][You have been teleported to the capital of Indomeria, Inoveria]Wosh!Aryan gets teleported into the central plaza of Inoveria which is filled with people entering and exiting the tower. He had seen the city countless times in the game before but seeing it upfront was totally unreal, the city looked like it was taken from some fantasy novel. The buildings were mostly painted white with hints of gold.Aryan came to the city because it was known as the magic capital of the planet Gor. It had every magical instrument one could think of, there were carts flying around in the sky, and people using magic for everything. Aryan was amazed but soon took control of himself and headed to a magic tools store, as soon as he entered, he was greeted with a doll welcoming him inside."Could I get a mana circle for enhancing mana and aura intake?", Aryan asked the doll, the doll smiled and took him to an elevator, as he entered the elevator, he saw something weird. From
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The plan
"Come out!"His friends came in one by one inside"Oh man, how do you always know where we are?", Millan asked"Leave this and tell me have you all obtained the abilities and items you wanted?""Yes", everyone nodded."Then, let's meet after a month to begin preparation of our plan", Aryan stated.Everyone walked off one by one, leaving only Aryan behind. "It's time ah", Aryan thought. After a couple of minutes, Aryan too moved and started heading home while thinking about the 'plan'. It all started after the countries fell.After the day of the beginning, mana started to settle down slowly but after a time dungeons started to appear. Most of the players were out on Gor or in the Tower. Modern weapons were able to resist to a certain extent but as high-level monsters started to come out, even they failed.After a long war of attrition, many countries came out victorious by some of them plunged into darkness. Slowly, 6 months passed by, and humanity finally decided to use a nuke, it was
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It's Hell(1)
"well well well... I don't see your name here, who you might be?""Wha... ahhh...", Aryan tried to speak but he felt a huge pressure and he fell to his knees. He was terrified, he started running away."Put all free points in agility!!", Aryan screamed while running.[Done]Aryan with all his efforts and mana, he used all the abilities he knew to run away. He was about to reach the return stone, used to exit a dungeon. But as he was about to use it, he heard a voice..."Plz... Plz... Help me!!", A girl was shouting in a prison like room. Aryan hesitated for some time but decided to help, just as he went near her, she smirked. "you garbage!", The girl started while laughing.That instance he was swapped positions with the woman and was now inside the prision like room."Enjoy your stay you dumb sh*t", the girl tells and uses the return stone.[You have been now trapped in SS class barrier]----------------------------------------"And that's how I'm here", Aryan speaks"ahhhhh, how man
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It's He'll(2)
"Where is the demon king?""How would I know? and who are you to break into someone's house?", Demon askedAryan grabbed him, looked into his eyes, and asked, "Tell me, or this will be your last moment.""I will not tell you, you fu*ker," Demon shouts, showing his middle finger.Aryan then grabbed his head and transferred his aura into his head, making him immobilized, and then read his memories, it was one of the skills he learned while stuck in the barrier for so long.Aryan had finished reading his memories and came to know a lot of things about Hell. Like there was no permanent King, every 100 years there would be competition in which almost every demon would participate. The sole survivor would be deemed the king.The Demons never died in Hell, after a certain period, they would resurrect and continue their daily life. There was much more information but it wasn't necessary, the next Hell day would come after 30 years.Aryan strengthened his feet and ran south, his speed was comp
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It's Hell(3)
chunk why are the stats showing an error!!" [System reload initiated] [Failed to reload] [Backup system guidance activated] [Support system has been activated] ["Hello, I'm your support, as the system has failed to do its task, I have been assigned to help you"], Aryan heard this in his head. The voice wasn't feminine nor sounded male. Aryan was flabbergasted but remained calm and reorganised his thoughts. "Hey system, what happened to my stats? why isn't it showing anything?" ["It happened because the difference between your stats and your actual abilities grew far apart, causing the system to malfunction."]"So what can I ask you about?"["Anything related to your skills, abilities and stars"]"Looks like another thing to try out...", Aryan thought Aryan was fired up as he wanted to try out all the new items and abilities he had obtained. He also wanted to level up and choose his class.The day after, he decided to head out and kill monsters in the wild. He bid farewell to V
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It's Hell(4)
"Oh fu*k!!!", Aryan shouted"What happened?... Don't tell me you were the one who..?", Vulcan asked in a worried tone"Yes... but no one saw me do it, I cleared the witnesses", Aryan stated with nervousness on his face"You dumb kid, there are expensive artifacts that can tell the murderer!!", Vulcan exclaimed"For now come with me, I will keep you safe", Vulcan stated while keeping his hand on his foreheadVulcan takes Aryan to a room in the smithy where old equipments were stored and told him to not come out for at least a year and that he would give him the necessities every day.Aryan sighed but he had to do it or else he would surely end up dead. He started living in that tiny room, he organised his room as he couldn't live where insects would call around and swords would be hanging above him while he was sleeping.After a few days, Aryan was bored as he couldn't do anything new, he couldn't kill, practice or anything. So he decided to make a second circle. The day after he told
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Upon waking up, Vulcan discovered that Aryan was nowhere to be found. He called out his name but received no response. After some time, Vulcan noticed a note on the table.The note read, "Thank you Vulcan, but I must go. If fate allows, we shall meet again. Goodbye.""Arrogant brat! If I see him again, I'll kill him!" Vulcan exclaimed in anger.Meanwhile, Aryan had been teleported back to Earth."Zuuup... Finally, I'm back!" Aryan cheered inwardly.However, he soon realized that he had been teleported to a different location than his last return to Earth. When he attempted to go home, he was stopped by guards who asked for his status ID.Confused, Aryan asked what that was and was told he needed to register for one. Aryan claimed he had already done so, but the guards requested proof.Aryan sighed and went to the rank determination room. He was amazed by the technological advancements but was shocked when the manager asked for his name and year of rank assessment."Aryan, 2024," he re
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