Revenge of the Rightful Heir

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Revenge of the Rightful Heir

By: KR MKHABELE OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Mr. Wilson, could you please explain to us how you went from being an alcoholic homeless man to a classy multimillionaire in a matter of months after losing everything?" one beautiful blond reporter asks him.   When he hears her question, the young attractive heartthrob in a suit standing behind his two muscular bodyguards turns his gaze to her and smiles confidently. "Who said I lost everything?" He asks, as if the lady and all the other men dying with curiosity of how his mighty return is even possible are simply delusional. After losing everything he inherited from his father to his half brother and becoming a drunkard and a homeless man, Elijah Wilson surprises the world by announcing his magnificent return as a multimillionaire again. The world is shocked, no one understands how this is possible and his half brother, who stole everything from him, is shaking in his boots as the mighty Elijah Wilson, does not only announces his return, but also that he is coming for him and everything he stole from him. What will Trevor do to prevent Elijah from destroying and stealing everything from him as he did to him? Also, how did Elijah become a multimillionaire after only a week as a homeless drunkard? & Will his revenge plan to reclaim what is rightfully his succeed? Join us on this journey through the rivalry of these siblings and find out.

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7 chapters
chapter 1
In the beautiful city of Richmond, a swarm of men wielding large cameras and recorders surrounds a handsome young man in his early 30s, each of them taking turns asking him questions to pique their curiosity about what they describe as his sudden mighty return. “Mr. Wilson, could you please explain to us how you went from being an alcoholic homeless man to a classy multimillionaire in a matter of months after losing everything?” one beautiful blond reporter asks him. When he hears her question, the young, attractive heartthrob in a suit standing behind his two muscular bodyguards turns his gaze to her and smiles confidently.“Who said I lost everything?” He asks, as if the lady and all the other men dying with curiosity of how it’s possible that his returning not only better looking but also a multi millionaire again after losing all his wealth to his half brother and even became a homeless drunkard because of sinking into depression, are simply delusional.The gorgeous hunk showed
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chapter 2
Trevor instantly became intrigued and inquired of his receptionist, Tracy, about these claims made by Elijah that could cost him his potential investor, but even after hearing what Elijah accused him of, he remains unshaken.“So my stupid half brother claims he made a fool of himself to deceive me?” He chuckles, still staring at Tracy, who, like the other board members, is freaked out by Elijah’s mighty return and the accusations he made against their CEO.“Oh Elijah, aren’t you the funniest?” He goes on.The board members, who are still sitting at the office’s meeting table, are all quietly staring at their egotistical CEO.although, unlike him, they recognize the potential harm that these claims could bring the Wilson company, most of them fear Trevor, who they know as arrogant, rude, and short-tempered.Ever since Trevor took over the Wilson companies from Elijah, nothing has been the same; he acts as he pleases and talks to employees however he chooses, and because most are fright
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chapter 3
“Hello brother.” Greets the appealing multimillionaire as he steps into the Wilson firm boardroom.When they realize it’s him, all the Wilson company’s board members look at him, surprised.“What on earth is he doing here? Tracy: Who allowed him in?” The haughty CEO, who is also shocked, shouts now as he stands next to his expensive chair.His eyes are wide open, and his mouth is twitching in a frustrated manner.His half brother strolling into his office while he was expecting someone else, clearly irritated him and his brother can see it.However, as if he expected the reaction, the Multi millionaire slightly flushes his attractive smile.“Oh, brother, don’t yell at the poor girl; you’re the one who told her to let me in.” He states loudly and if he’s hit a nerve, Trevor yells once more “Is this some kind of joke? Tracy!” He screams as he rushes towards his receptionist and his brother.Tracy can see her employer is upset, and she knows that while this isn’t her fau
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chapter 4
Trevor was instantly reminded of how he stole not only Elijah’s fortune but also his wife and children, and that as a result, Elijah is not only returning to fight for his wealth but also for his family.Trevor grew outraged and summoned security, who threw Elijah out of his residence. He told him he didn’t want to see him anywhere near his family again, but Elijah, confident in himself, simply laughed at Trevor and told him to get ready because his coming for him and everything Trevor stole for him.He vowed to make him pay for what he had done to him.“Trevor Wilson, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for all you took and everything you got, and it won’t be good.”Trevor recalls Elijah’s words as they dragged him from his home.Though Trevor was now realizing that his half brother meant business, his arrogance would not allow him to reveal that he was becoming terrified. He needed to appear unfazed and ready for anything, so he yelled.“You can try, but you’ll fail just like hundreds of
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chapter 5
The eldest son of the Wilson family has been locked up in his million dollar beautiful house trying to find ways to eliminate his half brother with no luck, which is taking its toll on him, and as a result he has even forgotten he has an almost falling company to run, thus he is surprised by his receptionist, Tracy, coming to update him on what’s been happening in the office in his absence.“Boss, things are really bad. Even the small investors that we had are pulling out after reading what the media is writing about you lately. If we don’t find an investor soon, I am afraid things will start falling apart.” announces Tracy sitting by her CEO, Trevor’s couch as she looks at Trevor, who doesn’t seem like himself anymore. Trevor has been struggling for the past few days, unable to find a solution to his unforeseen dilemma. With that, reality appears to be catching up with him quickly.He made a promise to his wife that he doesn’t appear to be able to keep because his half brother is st
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chapter 6
Trevor Trump is hurrying to his office after receiving yet another warning that things are not looking good at the office, and while he has yet to find a solution to rescue his firm without allowing his half brother to contribute, he does not want to risk losing the company entirely.The second he steps out of his car, he is astonished to see a swarm of reporters racing to him with cameras and microphones.“Mr. Trump, did you try to kill your brother?” One reporter attempts to approach Trevor, but is stopped by Trevor’s bodyguards.When seeing the reporters, Trevor rapidly becomes irritated, as if he wasn’t already dealing with a lot, these obnoxious reporters won’t leave him alone. He’s been generating news for almost a week and they’re still pestering him for more, which irritates him.“Absolutely not! I’ve never attempted to murder anyone!” He yells angrily as he tries to make his way to the building, but yet another person asks.“But why would Elijah say you did?” enquires another
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chapter 7
When Trevor learned that his private investigator had discovered something on Elijah, he expected something big to quickly put Elijah down before Elijah could destroy him but unfortunately, he was surprised to hear disappointing news, which forced him to change his quick plan to play the long game, which is about to surprise everyone.“Mr. Trump, you called us here?” one of Trevor’s board members, Mrs. Shiloh, inquires.“Yes, I did, and I have a significant announcement to make. I’ve decided to accept my brother’s offer and allow him to reinvest in our company.” His response shocks everyone in the boardroom.“You have?” Mr. Nelson, another of his board members, inquires.Trevor turns to face him and smiles when he hears that.“Yes. I promised Tracy, my receptionist, and the rest of you I would go to any length to save our company and that is what I’m doing.” He responds with a soothing and calm voice, astonishing everyone yet again.Trevor has never been one to joke and smile with his
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