Secretly Young Billionaire

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Secretly Young Billionaire

By: Zila Aicha OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brian Jones, a poor student of WestCliff University who was never considered as a human by his friends, betrayed by his girlfriend and also lost his grandfather caused by an accident. But after being suffered for years, suddenly he woke up at the new place and being told by his real grandfather that he is his only heir of a successful businessman in the country.


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15 chapters
1. A Hard Life
Brian Jones, a student majoring in business management, rushed to tidy up his things and then put them all in his old duffel bag. As soon as he was sure nothing was left behind, he immediately walked out. However, just as he was about to reach the door, someone bumped into him whether on purpose or not. The big book that Brian was carrying fell and some of the papers fell scattered. "Huh, poor man. Didn't you notice while walking?" Brian just glanced at the person who had bumped into him. A beautiful girl looked at him with disdain. It was Ellen Thomas, one of his classmates who came from a wealthy family. Her father was an advertising business owner. No wonder the girl became arrogant."I'm sorry I didn't mean to, Ellen." That's how it happened. Even though Brian did anything wrong, he was still the one who had to apologize first. He just thought, the poor like him had to give in even though they hadn't done anything wrong. This was for the sake of making his position secure on
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2. A Big Trouble
"You want to die, huh?" Edward said breathlessly. "Stop talking!" replied Brian and now the action of hitting each other was inevitable. Diana Reid shouted back, "Brian, stop! Let Edward go." Unfortunately, Diana's screams were ignored by Brian. The girl was getting frustrated. "What should I do?" muttered Diana confusedly. She looked around but no one was there. The security post was far from there. Meanwhile, Edward was starting to get overwhelmed by Brian, whom he never expected to have such great martial arts skills. Confused, Diana could not think clearly. However, her brain returned to work properly and she contacted the police. Inwardly, she hoped the police would come there quickly. She was really afraid that Edward would be seriously injured. "You loser. You can only be violent! You rascal!" Edward cursed in between his fight with Brian. With a heavy breath, Brian replied, "You ... are just rich boy who uses money to attract girls. Aren't you ashamed?" After that, B
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3. A Secret
The incident happened so quickly that Brian didn't even realize he had been pushed to the right by his grandfather. His body swayed slightly but he survived the unfortunate incident. However, another fact shook him greatly. His eyes stared intently at the body of his grandfather who was hit by a car. "Grandpa." His screams sounded so heartbreaking. With so much shock he approached his grandfather along with the people who helped him. "Help my grandfather! Please!" He shouted again. His body was shaking violently and he even felt his consciousness was being lost somewhere when he saw an ambulance came and pick up his grandfather. Brian was too shocked by the incident and was silent when the medical workers began to take action. When they got to the hospital, Brian stared blankly as his grandfather was brought into the emergency room. However, at the same time, a man in his forties approached Brian with a guilty look. "Excuse me. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't see you and
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4. Revealing
"Of course I know, Young Master." Brian didn't like being called by that name but his attention was still centered on how this person who was standing not far from him could find out the facts that not many people knew about. “Young Master, let me explain briefly.” Joe Maiden began to tell stories and Brian listened carefully. Twenty-one years ago, Marco Jones, Brian's father who was a surgeon, married Beatrice Hoult who also worked as a doctor. Simon Jones was very, very happy with his only son's marriage. However, one day Simon asked Marco to stop working as a doctor and continue his business. However, Marco refused his father's wishes and a big fight ensued. Marco chose to leave the Jones family home and live alone with Beatrice outside the city. At that time, Simon did not know that Beatrice, his daughter-in-law was pregnant. Because he was offended by his son's choice, Simon never looked for his only son and never got any news. He lived alone as if he had no more sons and o
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5. The Planning
"Yes, Young Master." Of course Joe Maiden would do whatever Brian Jones ordered. The young man was his new boss. There was no reason for him to refuse. "It's fine for you to announce I have returned, but please hide my identity." Joe Maiden looked confused. "Why should it be, Young Master?" "I haven't done a DNA test yet." Joe Maiden sighed tiredly, "There is no doubt for me that you are really Master Simon's grandson, Young Master." "I know. But hearing your story about lots of people trying to take over my grandfather's. Do you understand what I mean?" Brian explained carefully. Joe Maiden gasped. He immediately bowed low and said, "You're right, Young Master. Gosh, you're so smart. Without a doubt, you have the same intelligence as Master Simon." Brian waved his hand. "You're exaggerating, I'm not as smart as you say. I'm just being careful." Joe Maiden smiled brightly. "Fine, I understand. I will immediately carry out your order." Upon their return to J-House, Joe Maiden
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6. J-Company
Joe Maiden hurriedly bowed, "Sorry, Young Master. I have never lied.""Then what did you say just now, huh?" Brian gave an annoyed expression."Young Master, I apologise. Although Mr. Alfred Jones also works at J-Corporation, it doesn't mean that you will always meet him.""Joe, you told me earlier that I would meet him. So, which one is true?" Brian sat with his arms crossed as he gave his new secretary an exasperated look."You and Mr. Alfred are not on the same floor, Young Master. You will only meet Mr. Alfred on certain occasions such as important meetings.""Different floors? Are you sure?" Brian tried to confirm."Yes, Young Master. Would you like to go to the company to see him?" Joe Maiden looked very excited.Brian replied quickly, "No. Not now. Not now.""After you get the DNA test results."Brian would have retorted but he couldn't. As a man he couldn't possibly tarnish his own honour by breaking a promise he had made.The next morning, a doctor brought Brian's DNA test res
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7. You're Still Alive
But of course, Joe Maiden was not going to let that happen.He immediately asked for permission to go out and stop the chaos. "Mr Alfred, please don't make any noise!"Alfred immediately took offence. "Joe Maiden. How dare you say that to me!""Sorry, sir. I'm not like that." Joe was still being polite."Not like that? Then, what is this? I just wanted to meet my nephew. Why am I banned from entering?" Alfred hissed angrily.Joe replied quietly, "Mr. Brian is currently receiving guests, sir.""I'm his uncle. Shouldn't he prioritise me over others?" Alfred girded his loins, glaring angrily."Mr. Brian is unable to see you today, sir. But, he has arranged a meeting with you," Joe tried to calm Alfred down.Alfred snorted loudly. "When is that?""Chloe Lawrence will contact you shortly for a time." Joe Maiden turned to his young master's secretary.Chloe nodded in understanding.Alfred actually couldn't wait to see what his niece was like. However, he certainly could not be rash. If he
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8. Poor Waiter!
Although Brian didn't know Diana's intention in saying that, he didn't want to think about it.The most important thing for him was to drag Edward away from there. Without saying a word to Diana, Brian then left that floor.Brian chose an empty classroom that had never been used and pushed Edward inside and closed it from the inside."You ... do you really want to die, Jones?" Edward was very angry.Brian only gave Edward a quick glance. "Tell me now! Did you run over my grandfather on purpose that night?"Hearing that question, Edward instantly froze where he stood."Why are you bringing up something that happened a long time ago?"Brian replied irritably, "It only happened a few days ago. Not long ago, Edward Stein."Edward clucked his tongue. "Ah, fuck you. Why should I answer that?"Casually, Edward took a step towards the door but Brian stopped him. He stood right in front of the door."Damn it. Get out of the way! I'm going out, you bastard!""You'll never get out until you tell
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9. What's the Difference?
Rayn turned his head, looking in various directions around the place.His jaw almost dropped. Obviously there were so many CCTV cameras that would have recorded everything that happened in that place.Damn, he had completely forgotten about this. Ah, he had only intended to have fun by annoying the poor student. But, it turned out like he was digging his own grave.If his father found out what he had done on his campus, his father would definitely kill him immediately. His father was so cruel and never gave mercy to anyone even if it was his own biological son.Rayn could only grit his teeth in exasperation and grabbed the mopping equipment held by Brian. He gave him a death glare."Remember, it's not over yet." Rayn threatened as he threw a hateful glare at Brian, as if he would keep Brian's face in his head and remember everything Brian had done to him.Aline, Rayn's girlfriend said with a shocked expression, "Honey, what are you doing? You wouldn't do such a disgusting thing, wou
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10. Before the Meeting
"You'll probably never guess what I can do."After saying that. Brian was going to punch Rayn in the face again but he didn't do it because he suddenly saw a police car driving near the area.Rayn laughed mockingly, "Are you scared?"Not scared. It wasn't the right word to describe Brian's actions that he didn't do.Brian just didn't want to give Joe Maiden any trouble if he ever completely lost control of himself and ended up in jail.Even though he was sure Joe could get him out of there easily, Brian still didn't want to cause trouble.He had just assumed the title of sole heir of the Jones family. Moreover, tomorrow morning would see one of his relatives so he felt the need to restrain himself for now.Brian then let out a long sigh. "Whatever you say."The young man turned around and quickly picked up his bike again. Rayn was not satisfied and kicked Brian's bike until Brian fell down.Seeing Brian fell, Rayn laughed with satisfaction. "Uh, can't you ride your bike properly?" t
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