Flesh Magic

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Flesh Magic

By: M.J. Solidor OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A Doctor From the Philippines Was reincarnated in a world of Swords and Magic where he choses to be bestowed the power of the Flesh God. With these powers, he helps those in need weather it be by fighting for them or healing them.

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6 chapters
Chapter 1
In the Basilan province located in Mindanao, Philippines, a group of doctors and health workers are holding up medical check ups and treatments for the local villagers that are unable to seek medical assistance from the city. Lead by Dr. Henry Solidor, a Filipino doctor, the doctors without borders and nurses treated all manner of illnesses.Henry: "And there you go, Sabel. Be careful next time you climb a tree. I might not be here if you need to stitch up your wound."Henry said to Sabel, a local nine year old girl from the village.Sabel: "I'm so sorry mister doctor. I promise to be careful. thank you very much."said Sabel with a beaming smile on her face despite the fact that she had just had her leg sown up with eight stiches. She then gave the doctor a hug before she went on her merry way as her raven locks bounced along with her steps.Sabrina: "Well, aren't you popular with the girls here, Henry."Sabrina Marks said with a mischievous smile on her face. Sabrina is one of the t
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Chapter 2
Henry is visibly confused on what is now transpiring around him. He was just killed in a fierce battle with a terrorist organization, and now he is floating in mid air in the nude along with four other people."Our apologies for what might be a confusing scenario for you all. My name is Zhitarine, Goddess of light. We have plucked the five of you from the dead to become the champions of our world, Marracord."One of the seven Gigantic humanoids, as tall as a fifteen story building, said as it introduced itself as the Goddess Zhitarine. She is at the center of the seven gathered Gods, and she can be described as a giant beautiful woman wearing a flowing pure white one piece dress with a plunging neck line that goes all the way down the bottom of her navel barely covering her ample chest. A golden belt hugs her hips to keep the dress in place. And floating behind her head is a golden halo that looks like an image of the sun that gives her visage an even more divine presence."May I ask
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Chapter 3
Once Goddess Zhitarine informed the champions of the family and status where they will be born into, she then announced that they can now choose the Gods they will be representing. However, she asked the champions to first formally introduce themselves to one another to solidify their bonds.After their introductions to one another, the rest were surprised to learn that Henry is the only one that doesn't have any military, counter intelligence, or combat occupation. Rather, he is someone in the medical fields.Victor: "Wait, so you had to fight off Abu Sayyaf members all by yourself to save your medical team? How? I thought doctors were trained to do no harm?"Victor questioned, as he can't believe that a civilian could go up against train terrorist like he did.Henry: "W-well, I was taught by my older brother who was in the military when I was young. My family and I lived in Nevada when I was young where my brother was stationed. When I was twelve, he taught me how to handle pistols
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Chapter 4
In the borders of Verdant, there is a vast forested area that is home to a multitude of creatures and races. It is here where we find our selves following a small girl as she staggers with her steps. Seemingly dressed in rags, her body is battered and wounded, as a torn cloth covers the bloody stump that used to be her right hand.The young girl made her way out the forest and stumbled upon a man made road that travelers uses to make their way from the kingdom of Verdant to the multiple villages that are situated between the border of the Raibaran continent and the demonic continent.The girl is now limping along the road curtesy of a large cut on her lower leg. She heads north as she follows the road, hoping to come across a town to get herself the help she desperately needs. However, the toll of her injuries has finally caught up to her, and before she knew it, she has fainted in the middle of the road.As the little girl's body forced her to rest in the middle of the dirt road she
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Chapter 5
Selk's POV:It was such a great day for me, or at least is would have been. I was relaxing in my home located in the Outbound forest between the boarders of the Human and the Demon continents when I got a letter via a raven from the Arcamac University. It said that I was accepted as their student and would need to attend the first day of class six days from now.I've always wanted to open a chain of medical clinics in remote areas of this world, but the law says that I would have to complete four years of medical university schooling in order to open my own clinic. This is the first step to me achieving my goal of providing quality and affordable health care for those in need.I hurriedly packed everything I needed for my trip. I was about to construct a pair of dragon wings on my back, but decided against it since there are flying monsters that might try to attack me. Sure, I can beat them, but I'd rather not hurt any creature if I can avoid it. So I chose to just run all the way the
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Chapter 6
Selk's POVI decided to have Allice become my apprentice after she relayed her true feelings to me. I could see the sincerity and determination in her ruby colored eyes. Since this decision was quite impulsive, I had no choice but to go back to my original plan of flying towards our destination. So, as Allice and her Grandfather are packing a few of her belongings, I prepared our transportation.I had to look for the carriage that I lent to the guards. Since the horse I created will only listen to my orders, I told it to go with the guard for now, but if I don't handle it directly it might go on a rampage since it still has a monster's soul stone in it.Once I found the carriage near the village jail, I quickly reform it to a new creature and shape. With my mana pool, it would be easy to create a new creature to fly us to Arcamac University, but it's even easier if I just reform the things I've already created. As the villagers gawk at how I use my magic, I reform the horse and carria
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