The Reign Of Azazel

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The Reign Of Azazel

By: Silung Stories OngoingFantasy

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The world in 3010 is ruled by an evil demon named Azazel. Azazel has complete control over the land and enforces very strict and cruel rules. The people of the land live in fear and misery because they have to follow all of Azazel's orders and wishes. However, there is a young man named Rizal who has the determination to fight Azazel and restore peace to his country. Rizal learned sorcery from a wise teacher and eventually became a very powerful magician. He leads a resistance movement consisting of people who want to liberate their country from Azazel's rule. Rizal allied himself with resistance groups from all over the world who were determined to fight Azazel. Their struggle was very hard because Azazel had extraordinary strength and a very strong army. However, with their courage and intelligence, Rizal and his allies managed to defeat Azazel in a fierce duel. After Azazel's defeat, Rizal led his country to become a just and prosperous land, where freedom and peace prevailed for all its inhabitants. Likewise with Rizal's allies in countries all over the world. Finally, the world became peaceful again.

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  • BOSSSESamaaaa


    Nice story, Brother. Enthusiasm for fellow Indonesian Authors

    2023-03-15 12:10:49
  • Banin SN


    Nice story... keep up the good work, author.

    2023-03-11 13:33:02
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12 chapters
In a major city in the World in the year 3010. Tall buildings rise into the sky and vehicles fly across the city skyline. However, that beauty only becomes an illusion when we pay attention to the atmosphere of the city which is full of fear and insecurity. Azazel, a ruthless leader who rules with an iron fist, has taken power and turned the World into a bleak place. "I am Azazel, the highest ruler of this country and ruler over the helpless souls. I rule with demonic power and without mercy," Azazel looked at the large city under the balcony of a magnificent building where he ruled. Everything felt empty and lonely. The streets that were usually crowded with vehicles were now only inhabited by Azazel's troops patrolling every corner of the city. Fear and insecurity engulfed the entire city, even the animals in the surrounding forest were heard stamping their feet and flapping their wings as Azazel's army passed by. "I have set strict rules, but they are for the good of the co
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Determination and fear
Rizal and Asih's feelings are mixed, between fear and a strong enthusiasm to learn magic. "Let's go," Rizal said as he opened the door of the room. They exited the room and headed towards the harbour. On their way, they saw a group of Azazel's warriors checking everyone who passed by. "We have to be careful, Asih," said Rizal, pulling Asih's hand. "Yes, I know. We have to find a way to get past them without being noticed," Asih replied while observing the soldiers from afar. They walked slowly and tried not to stand out. When they were almost past the soldiers, suddenly one of them turned and saw Rizal and Asih. "Hey, you two! Stop right there!" shouted the soldier brandishing his sword. Rizal and Asih looked at each other, they knew that they couldn't beat those soldiers head on. "Wait here, Asih. I will distract them," said Rizal as he walked towards the soldiers. "Damn, both of you will be arrested for being suspicious," said the soldier as he approached Rizal. Suddenl
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Black Wolf
Rizal looked towards the sound of footsteps that could be heard entering the room where he and Asih were, and he saw a woman covering her face with a mask. Rizal was quite surprised, that someone was the person who had helped him this afternoon from the ambush of Azazel's army. "Who are you?" asked Rizal with admiration and curiosity mixed with suspicion. The woman took off her mask then smiled and replied, "My name is Maya. I've been following in your footsteps since earlier. I know you're looking for a way out." Rizal raised his eyebrows "The way out? How did you know?" "Because you are already here with me," said Asih. Rizal was surprised and looked at Asih. Maya laughed, "We are all looking for a way out of a difficult life. But I'm sure, you are more than just an ordinary young man looking for a way out of a predicament." Rizal looked at him in surprise, "What do you mean?" "I saw you in downtown Alchem, from the glow of your eyes, from your body movements, from the wa
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Learn magic
On a sunny morning, Maya stood in front of Rizal's bedroom door, knocking gently. Rizal immediately opened the door, smiling when he saw the cheerful Maya. "Good morning, Rizal!" he said happy. "Good morning too, Maya. What brings you here so early in the morning?" asked Rizal. Maya smiled mysteriously. "I have a special plan today. Come on, let's go find someone who can help you improve your magic skills!" Rizal was stunned. "Who's he?" "Wise magic teacher, of course!" answered Maya enthusiastically. "He will give you intensive training and show you how to use magic power against Azazel's power!" Rizal was silent for a moment, thinking about the attractive offer. "Okay, I'm ready. What's your teacher's name?" "His name is Abdiel," answered Maya while inviting Rizal to go while giving him a piece of bread and a cup of coffee in a pack. "Come on, don't oversleep. Rizal then quickly took his bag and locked his bedroom door then in a hurry while eating the bread given by
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Attack strategy
One month later, Rizal finally returned from the magic training cave located in a secluded spot by the sea in the coastal city of Xyrel. Rizal wears a black robe with a hood covering his head, giving off a mysterious and powerful impression to him. Maya was already waiting outside the training cave, riding her performance-enhanced motorcycle. He felt proud and happy to be a part of Rizal's journey. After saying goodbye to Abdiel, Rizal and Maya left for the Black Wolf base quickly. They traversed winding streets and passed through dense forests, until they finally arrived at the Black Wolf headquarters Square. A formidable fortress surrounded the Black Wolves' base, providing strong protection for their group. Mrs. Anisa and all members of the Black Wolf welcomed them with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. "Mother Anisa, we are back!" said Rizal while opening his hood. "Yes, Rizal! We miss you!" replied Mrs. Anisa with a big smile. Maya looked around, seeing the warmth and
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First strike: part 1
The atmosphere of Xyrel in 3010 looks so futuristic and sophisticated. Magnificent buildings soar high into the sky, blending with technology unimaginable today. In the middle of the city, there is a building that is the most luxurious and magnificent compared to the others. This building is the head office of the Xyrel government, where Arcgis, head of the Azazel troop who leads the government in the Xyrel area, reigns. Arcgis is a vicious figure and is feared throughout the city. He is known as a strict and merciless leader. No one dared to go against his decisions and orders, for anyone who did would receive the most severe punishment. However, for those who obey, boundless benefits await them. The atmosphere of the Xyrel government headquarters building that day was so busy and lively. Government officials and employees walked here and there busily, while the doormen strictly checked anyone who tried to enter the building. Amidst the crowd, Arcgis suddenly appeared in fr
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First strike: part 2
The tension that was intensely felt by everyone in the center of government when news of the attack on Azazel's army bases throughout the Xyrel region reached Arcgis. A soldier with a pale face came to report to Arcgis at the government center. "Sir, Azazel's army bases throughout the Xyrel region have been attacked. Our forces have suffered heavy casualties, several bases have even been taken over by the black wolves," the soldier reported. Arcgis' face that was calm and cold immediately turned bright red. "Who dares to attack my troops?!" shouted Arcgis with a voice that broke the silence in the room. Everyone in the room glanced at each other, afraid to say something wrong. However, soon came the firm voice of a general standing behind Arcgis. "Maybe the Black Wolf rebel group is responsible, sir," he said. Arcgis nodded seriously. "Who is leading this attack?" "We are still carrying out our investigations, sovereign. However, we suspect that it was carried out by small,
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First strike: part 3
Gothar, shocked at the greatness of the Dark Wolf's strength, hesitated to fight again. He knew that his army would not be able to win against the Dark Wolves. However, Acrgis who is in the city of Xyrel needs the help of Azazel's troops. He knows that Gothar is in danger and needs to help him. Acrgis uses his powers to send magical messages to Gothar and his army. "Don't give up! We need your help!" Gothar, hearing the message, decides to continue the battle. He asked his troops to fight with all their might. In the midst of the battle which was getting more and more fierce, Gothar saw Mrs. Anisa, Asih and Ryan coming on full alert. They faced him calmly, each wielding advanced firearms and carrying blazing magical energy. "You have taken the wrong decision by attacking us," said Gothar in a cold voice. "We have no other choice," Ibu Anisa answered firmly. "We are only defending our territory from enemy attacks." Without waiting any longer, Gothar charged forward and str
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Golden Sun
Early in the morning, the sun is golden. The atmosphere in the city of Alchem ​​feels so quiet and calm. Several flying cars cruised slowly and not as crowded as usual. There are also a few land vehicles. Its people seem to walk carefully through the empty city streets, as if they are searching for something missing. Some of them stopped in front of government buildings, observing every activity closely. However, all they saw was emptiness. At that time, a loud noise was heard from a large screen of digital audio-visual media installed on the city's main street. The townspeople of Alchem ​​flocked to him, curious about what was going on. "Society of Alchem, this is important news!" came the reporter's voice on the big screen. "Azazel's army has left this city. There are no longer any of their troops in the streets or guard posts. We have been freed from their oppression!" The townspeople of Alchem ​​fell silent, shocked and moved by the news. They looked at each other, unab
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Azazel's messenger
Somewhere, in the middle of a bustling city, there is a magnificent building that towers above all other buildings. The building is the center of Azazel's government in the world, which is located in a super-advanced country called Azura. The atmosphere of the city looks so futuristic and modern, with bright neon lights on every street corner. Flying vehicles, advertisements and news in the form of golograms, and large buildings built with advanced technology are the hallmarks of the city. Inside the magnificent building at the seat of Azazel's government in that world was so futuristic. There are countless sophisticated knick-knacks in every corner of the room. The neon colors and the shining lights reveal the splendor of Azazel's country. Azazel was busy going through important documents on his desk when his head of intelligence, Vincent, came into the room with a serious expression on his face. "What happened, Vincent?" asked Azazel. "I have bad news, sir," said Vincent.
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