The Guardian Of The Sacred Stone

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The Guardian Of The Sacred Stone

By: Vikki OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Gerald is on his way driving to school, when a portal appears on the road in front of his car and due to the speed he is driving, he enters the portal and finds himself in another ancient but beautiful world. he finds out he has magical powers. In this new world, he is in, the people that seek to capture him are many, but why?!

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  • Becca


    I am just starting and i know this will be a good one ...️...️kudos to the author

    2023-03-27 02:53:57
  • Amira Writes


    This is going to be a great read. I can't wait for updates.

    2023-09-16 01:55:15
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14 chapters
“ Gerald breakfast is ready and mind you, if you don't come downstairs right now you'll be late for school, “ Gerald's mom called out from downstairs to Gerald who was upstairs getting ready in his room.“ I'll be right down in a sec Mom, “ Gerald answered from his room loud enough for his mom to hear… He took a last look at himself and put his necklace inside the shirt of his school uniform.After that, he grabbed his school bag and car keys before dashing downstairs. If there was anything he hated the most, it was going to school late.He didn't want people in school to notice him any more than they already did because he was already an object of ridicule in school, where they mocked him for bearing an ancient name and being a nerd.As if it wasn't enough, he wasn’t only being mocked, but he was also been bullied even though his parents were very wealthy. What escalated the bullying and ridicule was that Gerald wasn't handsome at all.He had a round face, thick lips, and a big nose.
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When Gwendolyn covered herself and Gerald with the cloak, they disappeared or more like teleported , and appeared in front of a cottage on a hill. Gerald was at a loss for words to express his thought so he just turned around to take in his present environment.Below the hill was the town he could spot after the forest they had just telepathed from. This place was strange for he thought places like this only existed in movies.He could see the city walls and gate. The kind of buildings that existed in this new world he was now in were cottages but still within the city walls was a very big castle which he guessed would be the abode of the king.But this cottage he was in was outside the city walls on a hill, beautiful flowers were around the cottage and it helped beautify the surrounding. All of a sudden Gwendolyn appeared from nowhere and grabbed his hands.“ Let's go, mother, is inside waiting for us, “ Gwendolyn said and they went into the cottage. wooden chairs were what was in the
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When Gerald raised his head his eyes orbs were glowing green as he was breathing fast with his hands in a fist due to his growing anger and Calanthe had to hold his hand to calm him down.Ophelia and king Nebeus's guards just sat still on the floor they landed on when the wave of energy that emitted from Gerald pushed them down.When Gerald calmed down his eye orbs stopped glowing, they glowed because he used his powers, so apparently, they'll glow anytime he uses his powers or his emotions are triggered.“ Oh my!! He is more powerful than we comprehended “ Ophelia said, still in a state of shock as she looked at Gerald. She motioned for the guards that came with her to attack.They stood and charged toward Calanthe and Gerald but Gwendolyn immediately stood in front of them and closed her eyes when she opened them her eye orbs began to glow blue.Gwendolyn raised her hands sideways on each side with her palms open as she tilted her head back a little trying to gather strength and wat
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Immediately Gerald touched the hilt of the sword, his eye orbs glowed brighter than they had ever seen and he just stood still on the spot with his hands on the hilt of the sword.Gwendolyn became alarmed when she saw this and reached out to touch him but immediately her hands touched him, a wave of energy emitted from Gerald and shocked her hands.She immediately removed her hands and shouted “ Mother!! Mother!! Something is wrong with Gerald his not moving and when I reached out to touch him a wave of energy like a thunderbolt shocked me “.Calanthe immediately ran back to meet them, she facepalmed and rolled her eyes when she saw Geralds's state.“ I told him he'll need his powers before he can unsheathe his father's sword, but I guess he doubted me and decided to see for himself. He will probably be having flashbacks and seeing visions of things that happened in the past, that's why his eye orbs are glowing, luckily I know just what to do “ Calanthe said.“ And what's that? “ Gwen
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Calanthe and Gwen asked Gerald why he thought he had half of the Sacred because they had no idea how the stone was split into two.“ Since I remember being a child, I have had this necklace that has a pendant. I found it odd that a boy would have a necklace on his neck as though he is a girl,so I opened the pendant one day and saw a green shiny stone that was transparent, from merely looking at it I could tell it was a broken half of a stone, “ Gerald paused and then continued.“ I tried to get it off my necklace but it wouldn't come out. I used everything I knew I could to cut it with but I couldn't. The surprising part is that no one else could see it besides me. My parents began to think I was having mental issues and so did kids from my school. I was forced to visit a psychiatrist, no matter how I tried to show them they couldn't see it. I decided to let the issue slide because there must be a reason for no one else to be able to see it aside from me. And now I know the reason ““
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When Gerald and Calanthe came back to join Pitney and Gwen, they all laughed at Pitney's funny tales about her town, and eventually, they fell asleep. But little did they know that Pitney wasn't asleep but just pretending.Gerald laid down on his mat sleeping soundly and surprisingly comfortably for someone who is sleeping in a place where evil and danger lurked.When Pitney thought that the trio was in deep slumber, she took out a dagger from her boot that had a crest of the beast that Gwen killed.Pitney raised the dagger and was about to stab Gerald but felt a sharp and intense pain in her legs like she was stabbed there.She cried out in pain and her fangs became visible, due to her loud cry, she woke Calanthe and Gerald up. They looked at Pitney with horror, not believing their eyes.Pitney looked down to see what pierced her and saw an icicle that looked like a stake was stabbed through her leg and rooted into the ground due to this she couldn't move. Pitney already knew that th
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“ Mother, you have to show him how to unlock his powers now or I'll use the hard way, “ Gwen said as she turned to look at Calanthe.Calanthe just glared at Gwen and didn't answer Gwen but instead, she turned to Gerald, took his hand, and led him a safe distance from the chaos that just happened. Gwen followed suit not waiting to be invited.They got to a clear spot where trees weren't abundant in the area, although fog still covered this area it wasn't as thick as the area they just left.“ This is a good spot for training. Now Stand in front of me “ Calanthe instructed Gerald who did as she said without a second thought.“ Unstrap the sword holder from your back, “ Calanthe said and Gerald did just that, while Gwen just stood there with her hands folded on her chest as she observed patiently.Gerald unstrapped the sword holder from his back and held the scabbard that housed his father's sword. He released a breath he never knew he was holding and stood holding the scabbard with his
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Gerald felt the presence of something around and was alert, even before the beast that had the head of a lion and the body of an ape lunged at Gerald, he also perceived it coming and dodged the beast known as a sibut.The creature crashed to the ground but stood up again to launch an attack at Gerald who by this time had already unsheathed his sword channeling his powers to his sword, and stood ready to defend himself.Calanthe and Gwen heard a roar from a distance and ran toward where the roar was coming from. Reaching there they saw Gerald standing against a creature they had never seen before, but only heard tales about it.Gwen immediately took the hilt of her sword she was holding and touched the crest on it, instantly a blade shot out from the hilt and she channeled her powers into her sword.Unlike Gerald when he channeled his energy into his sword, his energy in the form of green spiral lightning sparks emit from his hands and rest on his sword, but Gwen's sword only glowed b
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When they turned to see who said where they were camping for the night wasn't safe they turned and saw that it was Tartarus who said it.He was now awake and trying to sit up but still repeated what he said although he was still weak.“ This place is not safe, it's the territory of the scorpions, “ Tartarus said while in a sitting position and tried to stand up.“ We need to leave this place now before it is too late, “ Tartarus added.“ What do you mean? “ Gwen asked, confused, while Gerald and Calanthe just stood there watching Tartarus curious as to what he would say next.“ This part of the forest is the realm of the scorpion, “ Tartarus answered as he looked at the trio.Gwen just rolled her eyes and scoffed before replying to Tartarus “ I thought it was a serious problem but scorpions are just poisonous creatures, Gerald alone can take them down if they get to us “ Gwen said.“ You don’t understand these are not ordinary scorpions, they are… “ Tartarus wanted to continue talking
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When Gerald and his companions arrived at the border between the enchanted forest and the realm of the trolls they alighted from the giant scorpions.“ Thank you very much, great scorpions, “ Gerald said to the giant scorpions and bowed his head slightly showing respect.“ We all have names, Gerald. I am Atamis, their leader. I wish you luck in this quest you all have embarked on because you will need all the luck you can get to be able to defeat King Nebeus “ Atamis, the leader of the giant scorpion, said to Gerald.While Gwen, Calanthe, and Tartarus waited patiently for him to be done discussing with the scorpions.“ Thank you Atamis, I wish you well too. Goodbye I hope fate makes our paths cross again “ Gerald said and bowed slightly before turning his back to go back to the others who were standing in front of the thick fog that surrounded the forest, the fog was its gate out.Gerald barely took four steps when Atamis called out to him again.“ Be careful Gerald, on this quest you
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