The Hooligan in Another World

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The Hooligan in Another World

By: Xin Ban Hong Shuang Xi1 OngoingFantasy

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Lin Feng had always looked forward to the mysterious world in the novels. After an unfortunate car accident, he was sent to the legendary world full of magic and Combat Qi. There, he was reborn in an unlucky young man who had just died.With his intelligence, talents in Combat Qi, and magic, Lin Feng roamed freely. There, he would bring the broken General Family back to the peak!

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  • Sugitomo


    Your introduction says about Ling Feng story but Chu Qianye is the main character from Chapter 1-30 and suddenly Ling Feng appears on chapter 31-last with a totally different story. What a twist!? Have you mismatched your 2 books of different stories? let me read the next story of Chu Qianye please

    2023-02-20 00:45:39
  • Espy Umu


    where is the rest of the book from chapter 1 to 30

    2022-11-25 23:48:12
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263 chapters
Chapter 1 Merciless Betrayal
In the Sword Marquis Estate’s Martial Refinement Pavilion.“Xiaoqing, now that you’ve reached the eighth level of the Body Tempering stage, you can awaken your martial spirit once you accumulate enough power to break through to the ninth level.”A figure quietly stood in the pavilion. He looked to be sixteen years old and had a head full of messy and soft hair. His thin and tender face gave you a rather comfortable feeling.“Thank you, Big Brother Qianye. If it wasn’t for your help, I might only be at the fourth level of Body Tempering stage right now. Awakening my martial spirit would be even more impossible.”Lu Xiaoqing was clad in light green clothes, her slender eyebrows curved into a charming smile.Chu Qianye, the genius youth of the Sword Marquis Estate. At the age of eight, he had reached the ninth level of Body Tempering and awakened a powerful martial spirit.Five years ago, when the young girl appeared in his life, the two of them fell in love with each other. Her nat
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Chapter 2 Blood Angry Gods, Peerless Battle Method!
The Mystic Qi was vast. There were eight barbarian lands in the four realms, thousands of small and small empires, and upper, middle and lower-class counties.The Red Cloud Empire is a small dynasty in the Eastern Region. It is located in the northwest corner of the Eastern Region. The Water Cloud County belongs to a weak county of the Red Cloud Empire.RUMBLE!There was a sudden clap of thunder in the back mountain of the Sword Marquis Estate. Then, it started to drizzle.“Lu Xiaoqing, you bitch! I won’t let you off even if I die!”Chu Qianye shivered and immediately sat up straight. The pain in his chest caused him to grimace as he sucked in a breath of cold air.“I’m not dead?”He hurriedly sized up the surroundings.Ning Yifan’s two lackeys kept him hidden in the forest. And he was lucky enough to be here, otherwise, he would have been completely devoured by the roaming beasts.He closed his eyes and sensed his physical condition. After a long while, he opened his eyes and
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Chapter 3 Entering the Training Tower
The Elder in charge of the Martial Arts Pavilion narrowed his eyes slightly, turned over, and continued to hiccup. His lips moved slightly as he said, ""Interesting. After the Martial Soul went out, it awakened again.""The spectators looked at Xu Wei with sorrowful eyes. The elder didn’t say anything and basically tacitly approved of Chu Qianye’s actions. Xu Wei’s injury had been suffered in vain.“Lu Xiaoqing, I know you’re here.” Chu Qianye looked up.After a long while, a woman in green stood up in the Martial Refinement Pavilion and walked slowly toward Chu Qianye with a young and handsome man following closely behind her.“Lu Xiaoqing has broken through to second level of Yellow Realm, and will enter the inner residence in three days.”""The person next to her is Ning Yifan, isn't she? You are really a perfect match.""Chu Qianye sneered in his heart. With his full help, it took him five years to reach second level. How could he be considered a genius?“Why are you doing this
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Chapter 4 Kneel down!
The mystical power originated from the highly concentrated spring, and it was highly beneficial to the cultivation of a martial artist, especially a martial artist who had just broken through to the Yellow Realm. That kind of liquid could relieve fatigue and help martial artists stabilize their cultivation.This bottle of Mystic Power Water was like a timely rain.Chu Qianye looked at the Mystic Power Water in his hand, then at the entrance to the third level of the tower.Right now, he did not have the ability to enter the third level of the tower. He would have to be at least at the second tier of the Yellow Realm before he dared to enter. It was extremely dangerous inside. If it was not for the fact that he had suddenly broken through the Eternal Divine Technique, he might not even have passed the second level.“I’ll train here.”Chu Qianye hurriedly sat down cross-legged and drank all of the Profound Energy in his hand.When a bottle of profound energy had been poured into his
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Chapter 5 Opening the Meridians
“However, I’m physically too weak.”Chu Qianye was very clear that only a powerful physical body and “Mystic Qi pond” would be large in the early stages. It was also because of this that the physical strength would increase.Any powerful people would be physically strong. Therefore, apart from increasing their martial cultivation level, they also had to focus on training the body.That was to say, strengthening the physical body could make the ""qi pool"" bigger and store more Qi.The most important thing in a battle between warriors was martial skills. The outbreak of a martial skill could not do without Qi. Only a strong Mystic Qi could be squandered freely by a warrior.So, in the final analysis, it was because his body was not strong enough. Only a strong body and pool of Qi could contain more Mystic Qi.“My current condition is limited. I don’t have any blood pills or spirit flesh to strengthen my physical body, but I can still increase it by opening up tendons,” Chu Qianye th
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Chapter 6 Bone Shattering and Blood Bleeding, You Can't Stop Me!
""Teacher Muyue.""Wenren Muyue was a beautiful assistant master teacher in the outer court of the estate. She was at the 3rd level of the Mysterious Realm and had once cultivated in the inner court. Because of her outstanding natural talent, she stayed behind in the estate to be an assistant master teacher.Seeing the appearance of this beautiful teacher, most of the people went forward to salute, but Ning Yifan and others were indifferent.“Teacher Muyue.” Lu Xiaoqing hesitated for a moment before replying.""Lu Xiaoqing, do you still regard me as your teacher? I don't care what grievances you have, but this is the Martial Arts Pavilion. Do you want to fight here?""“Wenren Muyue, you’re only an assistant teacher, and you’re even from the outer court. You don’t have the qualifications to ask about these things, right?”Not only did Ning Yifan live in the inner estate, but he also had the Ning family backing him. Those who could enter the Sword Sovereign’s manor all had strong backg
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Chapter 7 Meeting an Unfaithful Couple in the Martial Arts Pavilion
“Hmph!”Ning Yifan snorted coldly.“You don’t need to meddle in the matters of our Ning Family. If you really want to interfere, I ask you to consider this carefully. Can your clansmen withstand this anger?”Wenren Muyue’s beautiful brows knit together.Ning Family had a strong background and had a close relationship with the royal family of the Water Cloud County. It was very troublesome to provoke such a big family.Ning Yifan revealed a look of disdain and his aura surged like a dragon.“Crunch.”Everyone only heard a crisp sound as Chu Qianye’s body trembled slightly. Fresh blood flowed out from his body and dyed his clothes red.The humiliation he had suffered today would surely be repaid a thousandfold someday!Chu Qianye’s eyes were resolute and unyielding.The dripping blood made the body stronger!Chu Qianye’s footprints were gradually dyed red with blood.“I will personally avenge today’s humiliation half a year from now.”“With just trash like you?”Ning Yifan
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Chapter 8: Yellow Spring Divine Anger
Chu Qianye discarded all distracting thoughts, shook his head, and began searching for martial arts techniques in earnest.Blood Condensing Divine Curse. Seventh Tribulation Spirit Severing. Great Devil Sky Palm. Vajra Glaring...Chu Qianye had read a lot of martial arts on the second floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion. However, these martial arts were either of relatively low grade, not worthy of his attention, or couldn’t complement his arts.Ever since Chu Qianye had obtained the Martial Soul of the peerless holy sword, he possessed the ability to remember martial arts techniques and arts with a single glance.Therefore, in the entire second floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion, except for the last corner where he couldn't find it, he almost read all the books.It seemed that there was only one corner left.Chu Qianye scanned that corner and shook his head lightly. He had searched every nook and cranny of the second floor but couldn’t find any technique that matched his descri
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Chapter 9: Entering Ironwood Mountain
The Ironwood Mountain was located in the State of the Water Cloud Country. It was one of the most dangerous places. Ordinary people did not even dare to approach the foot of the mountain. Otherwise, they would be attacked by wild beasts.However, for cultivators, this was a treasure house. This mountain range was boundless, with an altitude of several thousand meters. Moreover, there were a few small subsidiary mountain ranges nearby.This mountain was perpetually green all year round, and it was commonly known as the Divine Mountain.The Divine Mountain was filled with wild beasts. It was said that the strongest wild beast was at the ninth rank of the mystic stage. Cultivators mostly traveled in groups, and only experts dared to travel alone.Chu Qianye’s eyes turned sharp as he gazed at the spreading forest.In such a dangerous place, he did not dare to play around with his life. Thus, upon arriving at Ironwood Mountain, he had put forth a hundred and twenty percent of his atten
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Chapter 10 Putting His Face on Hers?
After returning to the Sword Marquis Estate, Chu Qianye produced the blood pill without hesitation.“Now, there is a Marrow Cleansing Pill. Continue to open the second meridian.”This was Chu Qianye’s first thought after returning to the manor.Only by unblocking his meridian channels would his strength increase.But Chu Qianye was very clear that although he had grown a fair bit during this period of blood ceremony, his physical body wasn’t strong enough.Hence, before opening the meridian channels, there was a need to absorb the blood pill to solidify it.He examined a black medicinal pill in his palm.He spent a lot of money on this Blood Pill. It was one of the most important pills for warriors to refine their bodies.Chu Qianye observed for a good while and couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. This pill had actually formed five pill patterns and was full of blood energy. Who knew what kind of beast essence blood pill it was refined from?The quality of a Blood Pill was r
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