The Most Powerful Prince Crown

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The Most Powerful Prince Crown

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After enduring prolonged wars, the Seodurnag Kingdom found itself in a state of dire impoverishment. However, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Prince Arshakein, a warlord of unparalleled fortitude. Bereft of the perfect affection from his royal lineage and devoid of romantic entanglements, he persistently thrived amidst the harshest of circumstances. Meanwhile, in a different realm, Arachlea found herself entangled in the complicated web of His Majesty's liaison with the Prime Minister's wife, who happened to be Arachlea's own mother. As a result, Arachlea was relocated to the tumultuous Seodurnag, postponing her impending wedding. However, amidst the chaos of Seodurnag, she crossed paths with Prince Arshakein and Prince Shankarein, each bearing a distinct allure compared to Prince Hillarius. Now, Arachlea faced the daunting task of selecting the most suitable suitor among the three.

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  • ayupi0695


    I've read Prince Arshakein when he was at war. Cruel but very charming prince. I'm confused. I'll give this novel a full star first.

    2023-10-15 07:43:26
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Prince Arshakein
Everyone standing on the shoreline was transfixed by the arrival of a very large and majestic foreign ship. But there was no identity flag on the ends of the ship indicating where the ship came from. The port supervisors who were initially amazed began to worry.Prince Arshakein, who happened to be around the harbor, immediately ran to the supervisory secretariat building. The magnificent ship was still some distance away, and its identity flag had not yet been raised."Where is the chief superintendent?" asked Prince Arshakein hurriedly to someone in a naval uniform."Oh, Your Highness Prince Arshakein. Greetings, the chief superintendent's quarters are at the far end," the navy man stammered. He ushered in Prince Arshakein who stepped quickly in front of him.The chief harbor master was standing at the window of his room, his gaze fixed on the approaching majestic ship. When Prince Arshakein knocked on the door, the man jumped and immediately diverted his attention."Excuse me, Capt
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The Lick of Blazing Fire
"My Lord, lower the price of fuel. Our farm machines need fuel!" cried the commoners in the courtyard of the residence of Lord Bromenius, one of the governors in the Kingdom of Seodurnag.“Fuel is a resource for all, including the people. Please lower the fuel prices, My Lord!" The cries continued to be heard in unison regardless of the scorching sun that was getting hotter and hotter.The common people need fuel to support their agricultural machinery, although it is still very simple the farmers are grateful that a few years ago agricultural machinery technology was invented. Now those machines were mostly idle because the price of fuel had suddenly skyrocketed."There's Lord Bromenius!" Someone shouted as he pointed his index finger at the balcony of the stately home where they were currently channeling their aspirations."Yes, it's him!"As the commoners ran towards the balcony, they climbed over the high fence that separated the courtyard from the balcony above. Lord Bromenius' b
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Blood Spilled Again
Hundreds of soldiers were inspecting the fortress and ensuring its safety, Prince Arshakein and the commanders gathered to strategize. The wide-open map of Pepperland Valley was referenced along with several smaller plans."We should dig a two-layer trench, Your Highness. This will make our archers more effective," said Ron, the senior commander he trusted the most. His voice was not so loud as it had been eaten away by his age."Where will our horsemen be placed?" asked Prince Arshakein while analyzing the strategy described by Ron with a piece of drawing."Here, Your Highness. The cavalry will advance after the archers have weakened the front of the enemy forces," Ron responded. The other commanders nodded in understanding."That's a good strategy, Mr. Ron. But what if the enemy mobilizes its cavalry first?" said the young commander, breaking Ron's strategy."Perhaps we can counter this with cannon fire first?" said Prince Arshakein. "Medium-range cannon fire is more effective than
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Behind the Wall of the New Palace (18+)
Arachlea hurried from window to window, gazing at the palace grounds from various vantage points. Her joyful laughter followed by sparkling eyes could not lie that she was very happy. "Look, Your Majesty. It's already blooming when it's still daytime. Isn't it magical?" pointed Arachlea to a corner of the garden on the side of the newly built palace building for the two of them. Prince Hillarius, the Crown Prince of the Eufibutla Kingdom, appeared disinterested. He just sat on the edge of the bed with a gloomy face and occasionally looked at Arachlea who was admiring everything. The new palace, made of giant stone sculptures with beautiful carvings in every corner, was the building that Crown Prince Hillarius and Arachlea would be living in after their marriage in a few weeks. The outside was made even more beautiful by Arachlea's request for a flower garden and fish pond. Several large, shady trees were planted, making it even greener when viewed from above. "Our daughters will lo
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The Sea Takes Everything Away
The full moon cast a bright glow on the eastern horizon as Arachlea observed Eufibutla's palace workers preparing her ship. However, her mind was far from focused. She had no idea how she would live her life after this in the new place."Trust me, you'll be fine. Don't think about your parents, Arachlea," Prince Hillarius whispered beside her. In contrast to Arachlea, Prince Hillarius looked calm where he stood."Your Highness my Prince, please. Only Your Highness can defend my parents in front of the court," said Arachlea in a pleading tone. She hoped there was still a chance to live a normal and comfortable life with her mother and father."The truth will always prevail, Arachlea, as you said. I will try to defend the prime minister and my father's right-hand man. I will present the truth before the court," Prince Hillarius replied confidently.Arachlea smiled with relief, grasping Prince Hillarius' hand even tighter. The handsome face beamed back at her, radiating a thousand hopes.
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End of the Battles
"Tell Commander Ron, to mobilize the reserve troops to guard the fort," Prince Arshakein whispered to the bodyguards who were surrounding him.Upon hearing this, the bodyguards nodded and hastened to locate Ron, who remained on the same floor. Despite his trust in the guards protecting him, Prince Arshakein gripped the hilt of his sword tightly around his waist and was ready to draw it.It wasn't long before fighting could be heard from downstairs, indicating that the soldiers were battling the enemy who had managed to enter the fortress area."Clean up, make sure there's nothing left!" Ron's voice was heard faintly. Prince Arshakein hoped that the man wasn't hurt, he was the most reliable commander and there was no replacement."You can go, thank you," Prince Arshakein said to his guards who had not taken a single step from their position."Let us fix the stairs, Your Highness," said one of the guards."No need, I'm not a child and I can still jump. Just attach a strong rope to make
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Bloody Storm
"Pirate ship! Save yourselves," the captain shouted. The panic-stricken faces could no longer be covered up.Wrapped in overwhelming fear, Arachlea followed the other women down the stairs leaving the open space. Upon reaching the lower deck, a thumping sound from above confirmed that pirates had indeed boarded their ship."Are you sure this life bag can save us?" whispered a very young-looking maid to another in desperation."I'm pregnant," the other woman exclaimed, despite Arachlea having previously caught her smoking when Prince Hill complained about the overcooked food in the kitchen.Arachlea shook her head, feeling like she too was going crazy from the sudden mental stress. Where she came from, her father would probably be put to death, or perhaps the punishment would be transferred to her mother if Prince Hillarius successfully presented his testimony. While here he would either be killed by pirates or drowned in the middle of the ocean.Arachlea felt as if death was the only
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After-fight Party
In a matter of days, the army led by Prince Arshakein finally arrived at the royal capital. The soldiers dispersed after being welcomed by Prince Arshakein. But tomorrow morning they all had to attend a palace banquet to celebrate their victory."Lord Ron." A soldier gestured, inviting the elderly man to join him at their favorite spot.Ron whistled and directed his horse to follow the young men to a brothel. It had been a long time since he had visited. It was his favorite place, and he would be very disappointed if the kingdom had shut down the brothels. Even in his old age, Ron remained steadfast in his belief that he was a formidable man."Come, Uncle Ron. I have plenty of money, don't worry about your choice.""You seem excited, Quanes." Ron shook his head in amusement, the man was exactly like him, very excited.Quanes just laughed. They entered the building with the inside full of glittering oil lamps, the small flames emitting various colors illuminating the walls and ceiling
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More Cruel More Satisfying (18+)
Two stallions galloped at a moderate pace across a path in the middle of a forest covered with dry leaves. The two Eufibutla officials were hunting together as usual to overcome boredom."Look, my father. Over there." Prince Hillarius pointed to the swaying bushes not far ahead of them."It's just a squirrel, son." King Aerius said as he kept his horse moving.But not three seconds later, a fat deer leaped from the bushes and galloped away from them. Prince Hillarius was too late in launching his arrow and it only wounded a tree trunk not far from the bushes."Your guess is off, my father." Prince Hillarius groaned in annoyance. He failed this time, making him grit his teeth."Your arrow missed as well," King Aerius replied, chuckling."This isn't amusing at all," Prince Hillarius muttered, his father's knack for irritation permeating even the most trivial moments."Well, even if my guess wasn't wrong. You still won't get that deer, son," King Aerius said calmly. Prince Hillarius just
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Meat Knife Party
"Diplomats of the Gordeganemian Kingdom are ready to talk with His Majesty King Meghalodein." The guard at the entrance called out.Suddenly the whole room was in an uproar, how dare they send an envoy after losing so badly against Seodurnag? Prince Arshakein's gaze fell on the entrance straight in front of him. A group of about twenty people entered the room, carrying a large box, making Prince Arshakein frown.After a respectful greeting, the leader of the group immediately conveyed his intentions."I bring a letter containing the offer of a peace treaty between the two parties ....""I reject the offer." King Meghalodein said, eliciting laughter from the room."What have you brought, gentlemen?" Prince Shankarein raised his voice as he pointed to the large box that seemed to be the offering tool."This is a gift for you if you accept our offer, Your Highness," replied their leader. Two men behind him came forward with the box
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