The Rise of Gabriel Whitewood

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The Rise of Gabriel Whitewood

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Rejected, betrayed and maltreated by the whole world. Gabriel Whitewood thought his entire life would come to an end after his wife asked fora divorce on his 25th birthday, which happened to be their anniversary. when all chips were down, he receives a live changing call, revealing that his father is the richest man in the city. With all the power in the world, all Gabriel can think of is making his in laws suffer for their cruelty.

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“Idiot! Why haven’t you washed my car?”Someone yelled at Gabriel, who had just finished cleaning the entire office for the day. He was certain that he had completed the work assigned to him, and it was his right to rest, but as a poor man, he barely had the right to make a choice.Gabriel looked up from where he had laid down to rest to see Daniel, the company’s manager. Before he could say anything, his face was met with a thunderous slap that rang through his ears and into his brain.“I have only a few minutes to leave this office, and my car better be spotless or I fire you!” The manager spat.It was only a few hours until Gabriel’s special day, which was his twenty-fifth birthday and his second wedding anniversary with his wife, Lilly. He had promised himself that no one, including Daniel, could ruin his day.So he did nothing but smile at Daniel, holding onto his burning cheeks. Daniel felt Gabriel was disrespecting him, and he had no right to smile at him; after all, Gabriel wa
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Gabriel was too stunned to speak when he heard his wife’s request. It was as if the universe was against him. He was supposed to be happy in two hours, snuggled up on their bed in their small apartment, which her mother paid for and provided adequate comfort for them.“What do you mean?” Gabriel managed to ask.“Are you that stupid? I said I want a divorce, and I hope we finalize it before the sun sets tomorrow.”Gabriel felt a large lump in his throat as he tried to figure out where he had gone wrong. Lily had a taste for luxury, and while he had never been able to provide it, he was doing his best.“Lily, please, I am on my way home, and I hope we can resolve this.” She hissed in response to his words.“Frankly, I do not care if you get run over by a bus or kidnapped. I want a divorce, and when I get the papers ready, you better put those ugly signatures there,” she said, and he hung up right away.This was all too much for him to process, and he refused to believe Lily would harm h
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At first, it all felt like a dream, and Gabriel begged to wake up. He had had enough bad news for the day and decided it was best not to live in a fantasy, but then his phone rang. It was the strange phone number that had sent the messages earlier. Hesitantly, he picked it.“Who is this?” Gabriel asked angrily.“Your father has asked to see you today in the office. Happy twenty-fifth birthday, sir.” The man said and Gabriel burst out laughing.His father did not own an office, and for as long as he could remember, when he was not ill, he worked menial jobs. In fact, it was insulting if this was Daniel’s prank, because Daniel was well aware of his father’s terminal illness.“My father owns no office, and he could not even own one when he was up and running, so you should stop making this joke right now because it is not funny. That man is ill and about to die; pay him some respect and get him off this joke, Daniel.” Gabriel raised his voice.“He wants you at the office where you work,
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Gabriel believed he had endured enough humiliation in twenty-four hours. He was excited that he would be able to get his money in a few minutes and that his life would change, so when it was his turn, he walked up to the banker with a huge smile on his face. He thought starting out cheerfully would give him an advantage, but he was about to face a much worse situation than he had anticipated."Good day, madam." He spoke to the lady behind the counter, who looked at him through her glasses that hung low on her nose.She hissed and continued working on the computer, while Gabriel stood moping at her like a lost sheep. This caused the lady to stand up with a hiss."Next please!" She yelled, and Gabriel stood stunned for a few seconds.The lady ignored Gabriel, looking to the side of his head to see if he was the last person on the line, and then sat down immediately. "I can finally have a break." She said, acting like Gabriel was non-existent.This irritated Gabriel, but he tried so ha
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Gabriel entered the store, hoping to find a beautiful dress for Lily. Since he beat Daniel to the dress, the opportunity to win her back was great, and he was ready to capitalize on it. She was his wife, and he wasn’t going to give up easily.When he got to the counter, he met a blonde lady dressed in a bright red suit. She was on a phone call with her back to him. Gabriel took a deep breath, praying that she would go lighter on him, but the universe had other plans for him.“Hello, I am here to buy the best dress in this store,” he told the lady who was on the phone. The lady turned around abruptly and hissed when she saw Gabriel.“What were you saying, Mr. Whitewood?” she inquired, and Gabriel attempted to compose himself, knowing his father was on the phone.He could have easily spoken and obtained whatever he desired, but he wanted to know if he would be treated as trash. Since he had been rejected everywhere, he prepared himself for what was to come. He waited until the lady fini
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Brittany approached Gabriel and took the bag of clothes and the card from him. Gabriel didn’t know what was going on, but Brittany had saved him several times, so all he could do was trust her. He reasoned she was probably trying to protect him from Lily, just as she had done with Danuel before.“Gabriel, I am going to miss my father’s event tonight at this rate. Did you even consider that before becoming involved in whatever situation this is?” She yelled at him, and then Lily burst out laughing.Lily was relieved that Gabriel was still wretched because it would have been a loss for her, and she could not imagine stooping low to beg him after everything she had done. After having a good laugh, Lily took the paper bag used to package her cloth and turned to face Brittany.“Brittany, I am glad you are here because I was wondering how a low-life like him could have a Black Card. The last time I checked, he was eating from the crumbs my mother and I left. I have never felt more relieved
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“What the hell are you saying? That is my card, and my father’s name is Mr. Whitewood,” Gabriel said, to which the lady sneered. She suspected he was a scammer because she expected the son of the richest man to be more presentable, accompanied by delegates, and draped in expensive jewelry, but Gabriel only had a bag on his shoulder and low-quality attire for a Whitewood.She picked up the phone right away and called security, while Gabriel continued to prove his identity, but she ignored his words.“You can check my information. My face, perhaps.” He said, and she scoffed, pushing Gabriel’s hand away from the counter.“The identity of young master Whitewood will be revealed tonight, so if you do not say what you have done to him, you will be kissing the gray walls of the prison every day, you riffraff.” “I am Gabriel Whitewood!” He yelled, pulling out a large sum of money from his bag and splashing it on her, but she did not care. This raised her suspicions more.People started to m
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Lily’s words to Gabriel were demeaning, but he knew he only needed to be patient for a while. The entire night was going to be about him, and Lilly would soon come to regret her actions when she learned Daniel would not be the CEO.“Lily,” Gabriel mouthed, and she laughed loudly, sipping from the glass of wine in her hand.“I know I am very attractive, Gabriel, but I think you should move on. You should stop bending over to impress me, because it does not work. Daniel and I would get married in a few weeks,” she told him.It was difficult to move on with one’s first love, but Gabriel knew he had to let her go. He could have any woman at this point in his life because he was going to be the wealthiest man in the city tonight.“Even if I wanted to speak, I know you would not let me, but all I can say is that you will undoubtedly regret your actions tonight,” Gabriel said with his hands in his pocket, causing Lily to scoff.“If I were you, I would crawl to me before it was too late; time
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While the celebration was going on, Lily dashed out to call her mother. She called her twice, but she did not answer, and then a car pulled up next to the door where Lily stood.“What is the rush, young woman?” Lily’s mother yelled, and Lily turned off her phone to see her mother dressed in a stunning gown that glowed like a disco ball.Freda got out of the car and dashed towards Lily. “I know you are excited about Daniel being on top, but you can’t...”Freda paused when she noticed Lily’s mascara-smudged face.“What happened?”“Gabriel,” she said, and Freda’s brow wrinkled. Without asking questions, she grabbed Lily’s hand and marched into the hallway. “For the past twenty-four hours, I was the poorest man on the streets. My in-laws kicked me out and used me as a dirt bag, among other things. If someone had told me I would be here giving this speech, I would have punched them in the face, but this is the best birthday I have had in my twenty-five years on this planet. Happy birthda
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Lily was heartbroken when she saw Gabriel with another woman. She had completely loved Gabriel, but her mother poisoned her against him, and he was becoming a burden to her, but she expected him to love her back.She watched him talk to the petite brunette, who did nothing but giggle while she drank shots from the alcohol table until her throat burned.“If I were you, I would leave right now,” someone said, and Lily dropped the shot glass to find Mr. Whitewood standing beside her, a smile on his lips.“Look at my son. I have never seen him happier in a long time, and I thank you for leaving his life,” he said, to which she hissed.Mr. Whitewood seemed off to her. He was a con artist because he could fool the entire city all year by going undercover with no face reveal.But she was not here to argue; she just wanted Gabriel back, and all she could think about was what she could buy with all of his money.“You and I both know how much I love Gabriel. No woman will love or satisfy him as
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