The Ultimate Revenge System

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The Ultimate Revenge System

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Victor, the CEO of Lawen Innovate Group, was cruelly murdered by his family in secret. He comes back to life in the body of his company's office boy while Lawen Innovate Group being taken to bankruptcy threat, his wife having an affair with his brother, and trusted people betraying him. Using the Ultimate Money Revenge system, Victor must complete missions and build a business empire for the sake of revenge. Victor is thrown to the lowest point while living life as Benyard: humiliated, tortured, getting unfair treatment. Only to return to his original body that in danger of dying in the hospital. How does Victor make them get down on their knee and pay for their deeds? * SYSTEM: CONGRATULATIONS, USER! YOU HAVE FOUGHT FOR TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU ARE ON THE VERGE OF DEATH SYSTEM: THIS IS THE LAST OPTION, DO YOU WANT TO ACTIVATE THE SYSTEM AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE AGAIN? [YES] [NO]

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Chapter 1. System Activation
BUGH!A hard kick slammed into Victor's arm as he tried to cover his face. He groaned softly from the pain. His entire body crumbled after the umpteenth kick from Jackson, his younger brother."YOU BASTARD! I've hated you for a long time, you shouldn't be the heir to the Lawen Innovate Group!"Victor couldn't say anything. He didn't expect his parents and younger siblings to be this violent towards him.A few hours ago was the Lawen Innovate Group's fifteenth anniversary. Victor is the owner of the company, which was inherited seven years ago by Randelf Omario Lawen-a famous and wealthy trillionaire.Ever since Randelf died six years ago, Victor has felt resentment from his own family members. Victor knows full well that his parents would have preferred if Randelf had left Lawen Innovate Group to his younger brother."Why did you come back from Italy and seize an inheritance that should have been mine?" Jackson snapped back.Victor slowly moved his hands away from his face. Blood ooze
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Chapter 2. Begin New Life; Reincarnation
"I still don't understand anything. Explain to me who you are," Victor urged the system voice that appeared.SYSTEM: You can call me Emanuella, I am the system. I've been living inside you and turned on after you were on the brink of death.Victor was stunned. "Death threshold?"SYSTEM: Would you like to play your last memory as Victor?"Yes! Of course! What happened to me?!" Victor asked urgently.Soon the holographic screen displaying Benyard's personal details changed. The screen now showed the last time Victor was tortured by his parents and his younger brother.Then, Victor winced in shock after witnessing the scene of his body being thrown into the river."Did they kill me on purpose?" asked a stunned Victor.SYSTEM: Yes, your family members tried to kill you, but you chose to continue your life. That's why I helped you to come back to life."Why as someone else?" Victor was confused. "Is this really real? I'm in someone else's body like what happens in movies and books?"SYSTEM
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Chapter 3. The Betrayal
"Honey... I'm happy that you're finally the CEO of this company.""Finally, I can get rid of Victor and we can have our relationship.""Will you officially have Victor's inheritance? I can't wait to marry you..."Victor froze in front of Jackson's half-open study door. His gaze was transfixed by the sight of a woman sitting at the desk, hugging Jackson from the side, and her hands rubbing Jackson's bare chest.It was Emily. His wife.It took Victor a moment to make sure his vision wasn't wrong. His heart denied that Emily would ever do such a thing. But the woman's voice sounded like Emily.SYSTEM: Take control of yourself, Victor. Go inside and deliver the drinks.Victor: No. Victor felt his heart pumping rapidly as his heart stabbed. This was not what he had expected.During their six years of marriage, Victor didn't think Emily was having an affair with another man. This was because their relationship had been very warm and romantic. In fact, Emily repeatedly gave gifts and support
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Chapter 4. He's A Killer!!
"I feel very sorry for the accident that happened to Victor as the owner of Lawenn Innovate Group.You all know that Victor was the leader who kept Lawenn Innovate Group in its heyday for many years.I know everyone in this room feels the same sorrow as I do. I hope you all pray for Victor's safety."On the stage of one of Lawenn Innovate Group's grand corporate rooms, Jackson stood as CEO. VIP guests, investors, and media reporters filled all the seats."Really, my feelings are very mixed right now. The accident that happened to my brother Victor broke my heart, but I'm also relieved that the Lawenn Innovate Group company didn't fall into the wrong hands." Jackson continued his previous sentence.Jackson sighed heavily and showed a troubled expression. Victor's photo, which was displayed on the LED projector screen, made Jackson look sad."I can assure you that Lawenn Innovate Group will thrive in my hands. I will not waste the opportunity I have now."The sound of thunderous applause
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Chapter 5. System Strength
"Wow! You have this much money, Benyard?!" Pablo was shocked after seeing a large brown envelope containing a pile of money.Before Pablo could order his right hand to beat up Benyard, who was controlled by Victor, Victor deliberately placed the briefcase of money on the desk.Now, Pablo wasn't the only one gaping at the pile of money in Victor's briefcase."How can you have this much money, huh?!" asked Pablo with a hearty laugh.Victor could barely contain a sardonic smile. As Randelf had once taught him, people would turn out to be very good when it came to money."Of course I'm getting a bonus from my work so far."Pablo's eyebrows immediately furrowed. "Your work?" he asked, then laughed mockingly. "You're just an office boy. You've been complaining about not having any money. What kind of work are you talking about?"Victor was confused. There was no thought in his brain. His answer was just a spontaneous attempt to avoid Pablo's suspicion.SYSTEM: Tell him you're making good pr
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Chapter 6. First Mission: First Investment
[PERSONAL INFORMATION][NAME: SEAN DALLIN HARRISON][AGE: 35 YEARS OLD][OCCUPATION: Owner of The Golden Lane Restaurant, former employee of Lawen Innovate Group][Relationship with Benyard: Five years ago, Sean was the one who introduced Benyard to Lawen Innovate Group's HR. After Benyard got a job as an office boy at Lawen Innovate Group, Sean provided Benyard with a rental house and some money to survive]Wait. A former employee of Lawen Innovate Group?Victor was in disbelief after reading the writing on the system's hologram screen. As a result, his entire body froze.During this time, Victor could not recognize each of his employees. Now, seeing the condition of his former employees in person made Victor awkward."How are you, Benyard? You should have come a long time ago!" Sean said enthusiastically.Victor tried to digest what was happening now. He had never had to deal with an employee who was no longer with the company."I'm... fine," Victor replied, he was still awkward to
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Chapter 7. The Cunning Plan
[MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!][CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE DONE A MISSION! PLEASE GO TO THE MISSION REWARD MENU TO SEE YOUR REWARD!]After getting the order, Victor deliberately stepped aside into a small alley in the middle of two buildings. Victor made sure no one saw him. Then Victor pressed the 'Reward Mission' menu displayed on the system's holographic screen.[REWARD MISSION][+$50.000.000][UNLOCKED ABILITY: Lie Detector][Level Point: 10,000][Benyard Level and Point: Lv. 1 - 20,000/50,000]Reading the information that appeared made Victor dumbfounded for a moment. Victor still couldn't digest how there could be a system that added up the amount of wealth like this.Even when Victor opened Benyard's cell phone and saw the transfer of $50,000,000, he almost threw the phone. Victor had worked hard over the years to build his wealth. Yet this system delivers wealth in an instant?"Who exactly are you, Emanuella? Are you the human who secretly stalked me?" Victor asked in disbelief.SYSTEM:
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Chapter 8. Second Mission: Chef Hanna
[NEW MISSION: Go meet Chef Hanna at The Lasagnna restaurant. Negotiate for Chef Hanna to become a reviewer of The Golden Lane restaurant's food menu] [MISSION CONDITIONS: Use your 'Charming' ability. Combo the ability with your 'Negotiation' skill points until it reaches a maximum of 50 points] [INSTRUCTIONS: Ability and Skill menus are located in the 'Personal Information' menu. Follow the instructions to perform the combo ability] After reading the mission explanation written on the system screen, Victor was again dumbfounded. It took a while for Victor to digest what he had just read. Victor was now outside the hospital. He managed to sneak out and complete his disguise as a hospital office boy. "Wait. What do abilities, skills, and combo abilities mean?" asked Victor in astonishment. SYSTEM: Abilities are non-physical abilities that you possess, Victor. Abilities are granted from the moment the system is activated, you don't need to complete missions to unlock abilities. SY
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Chapter 9. The Time Limit
SYSTEM: Victor, you have traveled almost twenty-four hours in Benyard's body.SYSTEM: Every twenty-four hours, you will automatically exit Benyard's body. You will take turns being 'awake'.Victor furrowed his brow after hearing Emanuella's words, the system. He still couldn't understand what the explanation meant."Explain to me in more detail, Emanuella. What does 'awake' mean?" Victor asked.SYSTEM: Awake is the moment when you will exit the body you control. Since you only get a 24-hour time limit, the owner of the body you're controlling also only has 24 hours before it switches back to you.SYSTEM: When you leave the body you control, you don't have complete control.Victor was naturally shocked after hearing Emanuella's explanation. He glared in disbelief after hearing that."What did you say? How did I get out of Benyard's body? What about my mission?" asked Victor, looking worried.SYSTEM: You must find a way to make Benyard understand your existence and get him to cooperate,
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Chapter 10. The Meeting Between Benyard and System
Victor opened his eyes as he groaned against the dizziness. As his eyes opened, Victor saw Benyard opening a letter on the table.Spontaneously, Victor straightened his body and approached Benyard. From behind, he was both serious and hopeful as he watched what Benyard was doing."Is it true that someone can live in another person's body?" asked Benyard while holding Victor's letter.With a pleading look, Victor watched Benyard.'Please believe what I wrote in that letter, Benyard,' Victor said, though Benyard could not hear him.Benyard still seemed to be thinking. "How could Mr. Victor come to my shabby house and write something like a fairy tale?"Victor had guessed that Benyard would not believe him easily. Unfortunately, Victor could not touch objects to prove his existence.Shortly after, a holographic light screen lit up in front of Benyard and Victor. Benyard's body spontaneously swayed backwards in shock."What's that light?!" Benyard muttered in panic.Victor curved a wide s
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