The Witch's Revenge

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The Witch's Revenge

By: Kaikazima4 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In an ever-changing, quickly-evolving world, nobody was expecting the emergence of something as unrealistic as magic. Witches have begun appearing all over the world, most of them very young. Magic slowly starts to replace science as some parts of the world embrace it, while others persecute it, denouncing it as unnatural. Hotaru is a witch, invited to learn all about his kind at Albion's Magic Academy, but he isn't there just for the sake of studying. Unlike the other students, he has an actual plan for magic. Revenge on the people who took everything from him.

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Chapter 1
ZENStarting a new school year is always nerve-wrecking. That goes double when you're about to enrol into an academy for witches.Yes, boys can be witches, too. Heaven forbid you should call yourself a wizard, They're a different thing entirely, and usually take offense to being compared to us.At least the world is starting to accept us. The more civilized places are a-ok with witches, but there's still some places where it isn't exactly seen as a good thing.The Hollow Night has been quiet for a long time, thankfully, so maybe this is the year they finally lift the immigration ban.Unlike most other kids, I don't get dropped off by my parents. They couldn't afford to drive all the way here, halfway across the world, so I'm forced to rely on what little knowledge of magic a person can get outside of school.Standing in the park in the middle of the night is scary, especially with the poor lightning of this area. That was one of the necessities, though, as I wait for the full moon's r
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Chapter 2
The chubby girl's family turns to look at me when they hear that, her mother walking over to me."They let you come here alone?" Ah, English, Good. She's got an accent I can't place, but thankfully it's easy to understand. "Where are you from, boy? You look like you are from the Western States."It's my eyes tilted downward at the outer corners. Makes me look like I'm always sad. It's a common trait back home. After the Migration Prohibition Act two centuries ago, several common traits popped up all over the world. We have our eyes, the Easter States have slightly pointed ears, Albinians all have purple eyes, and so on. This family all have brown hair and big, brown eyes. It's probably also a common trait, but I have no idea where from."Yeah," I reply, my voice almost giving out. "I came alone"She looks puzzled, but leaves it be, retreating back to her family. Just then, the gates open, as silent as the first time, allowing us to enter.I'm surprised by how massive the courtyard is.
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Chapter 3
Once everyone is properly equipped, he continues. "The basic classes include Levitation, Duelling, History of Magic and Spells, and Spiritualism. Anything else you might take an interest in will count as an extra curricular class. Only these four are mandatory."It makes sense, I guess. We're all here mandatory, so they don't have to force us to take classes. Probably want to avoid overwhelming the first generation of students, too."There will be a test at the end of each month to see how much you have improved. Depending on your performance, you can be sorted into one of four ranks, from A to D. A-ranked witches are the most advanced, while D-ranked witches are only capable of the basics"The blonde twin girl raises her hand, drawing everyone's attention."Yes, Ms. Nordin?" Lockwood doesn't seem to mind her interruption as much as he minded it when it was the parents doing it. Must want to keep us pleased for as long as possible."What will our ranks be before the test sorts us?" th
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Chapter 4
The man gives me a nod, and I bring the orb back toward me. Nailed the first part. Time to see how I do in terms of power.Horribly, as it turns out. I do manage to crack the ball, but that's it. No matter how hard I focus on it afterward, the damage doesn't spread. Damn."B-rank"Oh, Good. I was worried I'd be in the same spot as Maya, which would suck. A single extracurricular class is just not enough for me. I want to master as much magic as possible."You will now be taken to your rooms," Lockwood starts, not even waiting for me to reach the end of the staircase. "Each room will have three people inside. You will be sorted randomly. Your rank will not offer you special privileges in terms of comfort only education. A rulebook will be found in each of your rooms, Familiarize with it. At the end of each month's test, you will each also be judged based on your behavior. Step out of line one too many times, and your rank could even plummet, regardless of how much your skill has improv
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Chapter 5
"Can we go now?" The farmer boy is leaning back in his chair, one armpit plopped op onto it. "Kind'a warine get some shut-eye."Please don't be my roommate. I hate to discriminate, but he does not seem like he'd be very hygienic. If he does come, I'll be forced to pick a fight, and I'd rather not get the reputation of a clean freak. Not on my first night here, anyway.Some twenty minutes later, Lockwood walks up on the elevated area. I didn't see him come in, but there are four hallways leading into this place, so one of those must lead toward the Northern Tower. Need to remember that for tomorrow."Today's been an uneventful day," he says, his voice immediately drowning out all others. "Tomorrow, you will have a free day to explore the campus. You will each receive your schedules at six P.M. Be in your rooms when that happens, and don't lose them. Your uniforms- Ugh, I knew it. "-will be in your closets by tomorrow morning. Wear them from seven A.M. to three PM. That's when all the c
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Chapter 6
Depending on the severity of the act for which they are being punished, students may be issued mild, serious or ontical warnings. Ten mild warnings, three serious warnings or one critical warning will result in the student's ban from extracurricular classes. Three critical warnings will result in the student's expulsion. Any further rule breaks, such as those that result in obtaining fifty mild warnings, for instance, will be subject to punishment seen fit by the teacher issuing the current warning. Yikes Guess they're really doing their best not to let students hook up. Doesn't really stop any of the gay kids from doing it, though. I guess that's why there's three of us in each room to make privacy harder. Well, that's enough reading for today. Time to get to washing. Picking out my outfit for tomorrow, I head to the shower room, praying they have towels there. Car't believe I forgot to bring any. A school's got ot have
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Chapter 7
"Maybe don't touch things you're unfamiliar with?" the young man suggests. He's dressed really casually sort of like I am, really. Can he really be a teacher? As he turns to walk away, John calls out, "Thanks, man! You're a life-saver." The young grouch tums to glare at us once more. "Don't be so casual with a teacher, man." Yep. Nailed that one. "1 won't give you a warning this time around, but before you decide to touch anything else, read the rulebook" The massive rulebook which no one could have possibly read in such a short amount of time? Well, I won't say that out loud, since he's not punishing us. Must mean he's the "strict, but fair" type. Totally gives off the vibe. I always did prefer younger teachers. The old ones were too set in their ways, even when those ways were clearly wrong. John claps his hand down on my shoulder, and I wince. Immediately, he pulls it away. "S-Sorry. I forgot."Read more
Chapter 8
No one protests lan looks like he wants nothing more than to return to bed, but even he probably knows better than to make a teacher mad on the first day Those students get remembered, and I doubt anyone wants to stick out right away. Especially with the rule about warnings. "I am Marissa Lockwood" the teacher says, offering a slight smile, a look of pride crossing her face, and I will be your Levitation teacher. You will be expected to have it down within the first three months. Those that don't are simply not meant to fly. It is not an ability everyone possesses" She taps her desk once, causing it to float up into the air, along with everything on it. Even though we've been here for two days already, we're still a bit surprised to see magic being used so openly. "One of you has managed to pull off a highly ranked teleportation spell, and subsequently got the best score when it comes to control. There is little doubt th
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Chapter 9
I would mind immensely, but not for the reasons you think. "Like I said, I barely know her." "But you like Mac, though, right?" I try to play it cool, but can't help teising up for a moment. Tragically, that's all fan needs to grin at me. "I'm not blind. I know what he looks like. Tall, blonde, square-chinned. I'm used to almost everyone checking him out. His charm stat is off the charts." "Sounds like you've done a lot of ogling yourself" He shrugs, completely unbothered by the intended jab. "He's just Mac. It'd be like crushing on my brother." "I don't know what you're into." That one manages to take him off guard, causing him to sputter for a moment. "Damn. Thought you were the shy type, too." "I'm not." I'm really, really not. I don't like large crowds or being the centre of attention, but I am absolutely not shy.
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Chapter 10
"We were told to draw on our emotions for this," she starts, not touching her food. "Anger is what most went with, as that's the way people usually feel when they wish to start a fight. Rather than that, I thought of something worth fighting for, and the attack came naturally" "You used a spell?" Mac asks, speaking a bit too loudly for my comfort. "What kind?!" Looking at his eyes, then Diana's, you'd never guess they were the same color. Hers are cold and aloof, while his are full of life, unable to stop sparkling. Even she finds his enthusiasm charming, if her smile is anything to go by. "It was a basic attack spell just a concentration of magic power. Mine was golden, and destroyed the target entirely." So she's officially dangerous now, In a fight, she beats everyone else here. No wonder they had the A-ranks start off with that. Probably expected them to pass on what they learned so us lesser ranks can do it without
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