Yasuke : Rise of the Black Dahlia

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Yasuke : Rise of the Black Dahlia

By: Verbonic_Comics OngoingFantasy

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In the land called Aros, an eastern continent, there lives five Kingdoms. Five great nations containing warriors who have learned to channel the heavenly energy called Chi. From the Kingdom of Namunda, lead by King Nobunaga, emerged a young boy that could not channel Chi, but was instead blessed with an even greater legendary power named the "Black Dahlia". Now that this legendary power has been confirmed to exist, it has gained interest amongst the five great nations leaders. As a result, the five kingdoms are on the verge of a great war. *I DO NOT OWN THE COVER USED FOR THIS NOVEL, NOR DO I INTEND TO CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF IT. IT WAS DRAWN BY - CKNIGHTART ON TUMBLR.*

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Yasuke, Chapter 1 : Yasuke's Origins Part 1
A lady was riding horseback through a open field, heading towards a cluster of trees. "It seems I've lost them...for now" she thought as she momentarily looked back. On the side of the horse, there was an open basket attached to the saddle with a baby wrapped in a blanket in it. The baby seemed to be enjoying the bumpy ride, as a still-developing smile was engraved on his face. She looked down at the baby to see the radiant, reddish-orange sky reflecting in it's eyes, and began smiling back. "They won't be able to find me after the sun sets. It won't be much longer now" The lady carried on as the sun fully set, which left her in the company of the night sky. This didn't stop her, however. She lit a lantern which help illuminate the path as she continued on her journey. *THE NEXT DAY* The lady washed the baby's face and body in a bathtub. The greyish-warm water had various green herbs floating around in it. When she dipped the baby's body in th
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Yasuke, Chapter 2 : Yasuke's Origins Part 2
"Keep in mind that this is what you asked for!" Botaro stated. Eradius rushed towards Botaro as his chi flowed around his feet. "Ferocious style?" Botaro thought. "He's stronger than I thought" *SWOOSH* *SWOOSH* *SWOOSH* Botaro was able to catch Erad's first two kicks, but the third one connected. Botaro's body was pushed back as a result of the force. Amadia's chi caused rocks to float around her. As she thrusted her arms forwards, the rocks began to soar towards Botaro. Erad jumped out of the way as Botaro cover this head and chest with his arms. *TINK* *TINK* *TINK* Once the rocks came into contact with Botaro's skin, they were absorbed. "You two aren't half bad, actually" Botaro stated as the rocks began to blast out of his skin. "It's a shame you have to die" Erad and Amadia barely evaded the rocks, as Botaro charged at them. "Hardening style, Iron Fist" Botaro stated as his chi gathered at his arms.
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Yasuke, Chapter 3 : Training Begins
There are five stages of enlightenment. The first, labelled the "Awakening Stage" was reached once a person learned to channel Chi and could also gather chi in one of the various ways. The second, labelled the "Empowerment Stage" was reached once a person learned to empower themselves with Chi energy. Second stage users also learned the Three Combat Kata, being Ferocious style, hardening style, and intercepting style. Ferocious style enabled faster and more dynamic movements through the application of Chi. Hardening style was centered around enhancing one own's body with chi, to be able to cause more damage and to be able to take in more damage. Intercepting style, was the first indications that one could reach the fourth stage. Much like the fourth stage, labelled the "Third Eye Stage", intercepting style revolves around one attaining a better sense of chi. It allowed more chi to be detected amongst other chi users, and from plant-life when gathering. Those in the third stage, labe
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Yasuke, Chapter 4 : King's Speech
King Musa was sitting in his throne, with his golden staff in hand. He tapped it on the ground three times, as Mona formed in the corner of the room. She slowly walked up to King Musa and bowed before his feet. "You summoned me, my king.""Yes, it has been a few months. I'm assuming Yasuke's enlightenment training has been going well?" "Yes, he has progressing just as planned. However, I've noticed something over the last week.""Oh?" "The Black Dahlia is supposed to grow naturally just like the White Lotus and Golden Apple, correct?" "That is the legend. Nobody can say if they haven't seen it themselves. Have you discovered something that contradicts this theory?" "At the beginning of this week...." *EVENTS RECALLING BEGINS* Yasuke and Eradius were once again in the part of the field designated for Yasuke's training. "Duck, Yasuke!" Eradius stated as he unleashed a kick. *SWOOSH* Despite being much smaller than him, Yasuke b
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Yasuke, Chapter 5 : Shocking Discovery
Mona, under King Musa's orders, watched over Eradius' farm the entire night. She was placed in the vicinity of the farm and was instructed to continuously scan the area for chi users. It proved to be an easy assignment, as she didn't feel any interference in the area throughout the night. But, once she went to escort Yasuke and Eradius to a new location, this changed. Yasuke awoke to the smell of beef roasting, which was a typical breakfast for Eradius. He calmly got out of bed and went downstairs where the smell was coming from. "Hey, Yasuke" Erad stated. "You're just in time. The food is done. That is, if you plan on actually joining me today." "No, thank you" Yasuke stated as he opted for an apple out of the bowl of fruit they kept on the kitchen table. Every morning, Eradius would cook a breakfast big enough for an entire family consisting of roast meat, eggs, oat porridge, etc. But, upon realizing that Yasuke developed a habit for not eating meat he also kept a variety of frui
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Yasuke, Chapter 6 : Unexpecting Attack
Mona leaped out of the side of the carriage and channeled her chi instantly. "Seems there's atleast three of them." Mona heard Samor say. "I wonder what kingdom their under." "Probably Namunda." Mona replied. "But, I cannot say at the moment." Three men wearing dark cloaks that concealed any identifying features emerged from the cluster of trees. "Their clothing doesn't resemble the Kingdom of Namunda." Samor stated. "Maybe these three aren't reporting under anyone." "It's never that simple." Mona replied. The three men all channeled their chi at the same time. "The chi I sense from these three is almost identical." Mona thought. "Perhaps they are all brothers." Samor suggested. "No, it doesn't seem that way. There would be a difference even if it's slight." The three men all rushed forwards at the same time. Mona scattered her chi into the ground below them, as big chunks of the earth flew up. Then, she disappeared as she rushed through the chunks. On the other side, two o
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Yasuke, Chapter 7 : King's Declaration
Due to Mephisto and Leonidas carrying the carriage, they arrived at the Wall of Neserus rather quickly. There Wall of Neserus was a giant, golden gate that stopped people from entering and exiting way before they got to the actual Kingdom. This giant gate was thirty miles away from the cluster of cities that King Musa and his people lived in, and was heavily guarded on each side. Once the guards saw that another king, Leonidas, was pulling the carriage. They quickly opened the gate and greeted him. "Nice to meet you, King." they stated as they bowed at his feet. "Thanks for the gesture, but such isn't needed with me." Leonidas replied. "I don't mean to disrespect you, but what is a King like yourself doing pulling a carriage. Samor and Mona would have gladly done it in your place." "Since one of my young knights mistakingly attacked Mona and the carriage, I figured it was only right. But, how far is King Musa from here? I wanted to give him my apologies specifically as well." "Hi
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Yasuke, Chapter 8 : Thirty Days
After King Leonidas promised his forces under King Musa's command, he was escorted out of Neserus and went back to Spartania. The two had agreed that within merely thirty days, Yasuke and Eradius would be escorted to the Kingdom of Spartania to train. Once there, be would train for six years before returning to Neserus and enlisting in Musa's Order. While King Musa and his subordinates readied Yasuke and Eradius for King Leonidas' training, Leonidas was getting his entire Kingdom ready for the arrival of the Black Dahlia. His knights were just finishing their sparring sessions, and Leonidas planned to explain the situation to those who were unaware."If you guys didn't know already, I made a pledge to King Musa." Leonidas stated. "There's a possibility that the Kingdom of Namunda and the Kingdom of Neserus will be at war soon. If that does come to pass, our forces will assist them." "King Namunda is being led by the former Prince Nobunaga, correct?" one of the young knights asked. "
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Yasuke, Chapter 9 : Yasuke's Vision
King Nobunaga the Second was sitting comfortably on his new throne. Humming his favorite tune cheerfully as he watched his underling enter the room. "You forgot to knock." He spoke. "My apologies, but I received urgent news about Yasuke. I knew you would appreciate the information regardless." His underling replied. "Is that right? Well tell me what it is, Botaro." "King Nobunaga, I received confirmation that Yasuke is heading to Spartania." "SPARTANIA?" Nobunaga stated as he sprung up in his seat, nearly falling over. "Yes, my king. King Musa has allowed for King Leonidas to train Yasuke." In many eyes, Nobunaga was an immature teenager who was self centered and arrogant. Everytime he was spoke of, it was about how his big ego prevents him from bettering his skill. However, there wasn't a single person that considered him foolish. He was very cunning and a quick strategical thinker. He could be given a scenario and determine the most probable of all the outcomes. He knew in th
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Yasuke, Chapter 10 : Domitia vs Amadia
After showing King Musa the vision Yasuke had, Samor was given permission to deal with the attack her way. Her plan was to eliminate the threat before it even presented itself, so she sent two trustworthy warriors to intercept the invading squad of Nobunaga's knights. With Amadia in front, the team of knights were hovering in the air towards The Kingdom of Neserus. Randomly, she used the mending cloak to conceal her presence and vanished. "What?""Where did Amadia go?" The rest of the knights were confused as to why this happened until they looked down to the ground and seen two unfamiliar warriors there. They both wore a red and silver cuirass and pteruges armor set with the same exact scar as Mephisto and Leonidas. "That looks like Spartania garments." Botaro thought. "Could they have known or is this a random encounter?" The two Spartans looked up towards the Knights and equipped their long swords. "There's no way we can make this a simple mission if we have to fight two Sparta
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