XianXia : Sovereign of the Gods

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XianXia : Sovereign of the Gods

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A master takes a stroll in the lower world. On his way he sees an orphan with a fragile body being beaten and bullied. The orphan, Luo LianHao doesn't ask for help nor does he seek it. The master takes it as an encounter of fate and leaves Luo with a gift. Now he has been marked by fate. A journey of twists and turns that will change the nature of his very soul awaits him. An orphan who rises to the top, to become the sovereign. In the upper world , a goddess has blocked her cultivation to enter the lower world to find her destined one. She carries a heavy destiny, one that is envied by even the martial gods. Who will be her destined one and can he bear the weight of the fate she carries?


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Chapter 1: The Master Descends for a Stroll
Yin Pengfei  opened a portal to the Lower martial realm and stepped through it. He had just woken from a thousand years of self isolated cultivation and wanted to take a stroll through one of the lower realms to refresh himself. He was a playful master and liked to do things that were considered as improper or unorthodox by the other realm lords.He had been walking along the Kaeje river for many days and his gray robes now looked dirty due to exposure to the elements. His robes along with his black eyes and messy black hair that tracked till his shoulders made him look like a disheveled beggar but Yin did not mind such things and kept moving along the river until he reached the outskirts of the town of Xian in Qing province. It was a forested area where a few second tier sects practiced cultivation arts.In these realms cultivation was a means of seeking longevity of life and cultivators aimed to become immortals but ascension to godhood was a rare thing and did
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Chapter 2: Reforging the body
"Master?""Hmmm...oh nothing. I like your ambition brat but you need to become much much stronger if you're to learn from me."Luo jumped with joy and then groaned with the pain the landing caused him "Then, you'll accept me as a disciple master??""Well, in a way. But don't get ahead of yourself. Your body, it needs to be...reforged into a stronger one for it to bear my teachings, otherwise your body will just explode if I teach you my techniques now. But ready your resolve, for it will cause a million times more pain and if you lose your sense of self in that pain, then even I can't help you. It's a gamble. Willing to take it up?" Luo reflected on Yin's words. 'This master does not seem ordinary. So he means that just normal cultivation is not enough and for his techniques I need a much stronger body. How much stronger will I be if I go through this opportunity of a lifetime I wonder? I don't have anyone or anything that causes desire for
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Chapter 3: How to Join a sect?
A while after his master had left, Luo sat down under a tree to collect his thoughts. "I wonder what this mark was, it's not even visible on my body. Well, master did say that I'll know in time what it was.""And that time is now brat!!" Luo heard a voice in his head as if in response to his thoughts."Who or what are you? Why can I hear your voice?""Stupid questions!!. Think logically and you'd arrive at a solution.""Are...are you the master's voice?""Correct!!. Well in a way it's more special than just his voice. I am a part of his soul that he marked your soul with. So I am your master while the master is away.""That's...That's so awesome. It's like the master never left"" Boy, the master did leave. I cannot protect you to a great degree. All I can do is to train you in the ways of cultivation and guard your soul.""Just that...Are you kidding? You can guide me.. What more can I ask for? This disciple is in your care ma
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Chapter 4: The Ancient Zither Abode
He was led to a spacious room, with a decorated stone table in the center. On the stone table there were placed two impeccably carved crystals, each with a unique color."Luo these are the stones of testing different attributes of your cultivation. The green crystal tests your quality and quantity of your Qi. We check based on the level of cultivation as well so there's no need to worry. Just go ahead and circulate your Qi through it."Luo nodded and closed his eyes. He sensed the Qi in his Dantian that remained after his body had been reforged and it had not grown at all as he had not cultivated since. He still circulated his Qi through the crystal as asked. The green crystal glowed a little bit and slowly started to change its color from bright green to colorless in moments. After it became colorless it stopped glowing altogether.He looked at Fu Lin and she had a perplexed expression. "Pan, is the crystal not functioning properly?"Pan Hua looked at Fu
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Chapter 5: Journey to Dai Shan Forest
Luo did not have enough money to hire a horse so he ran, to cover the distance from Xian town to the Dai Shan forest.His Soul tier body allowed him to move at high speeds comparable to that of the middle layer of Qi condensation realm. He enjoyed his run and did so with vigor, running with huge bursts of energy and stopping to recover when he lost his breath. After running like this for the whole day, he came across a village the next morning.He saw from afar that nobody was outside even though it was daytime.He slowly sauntered into the village when he made out some guttural noises and growls. He hid behind one of the walls and peeked to check what was making these noises. He could make out 10 blood wolves and a poison wolf leading them, all of them gorging on human dead bodies, viscera ripped out into shreds with their powerful jaws. These were all Tier 1 beasts and the alpha was a peak Tier 1 demon beast, equivalent to someone in lower layers of Qi Condens
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Chapter 6: Little Sister!
As he opened his eyes again, he saw a roof and was able to make out some sounds of pots and pans being rattled around in what was presumably the kitchen of this house. He was on a bed, under a blanket. He sat up and immediately checked his palms. They were bandaged and from what he gathered, there were a lot of poultices applied as well. Other than a constant numbing and pricking sensation, he didn't feel anything else if he didn't move his hands. 'Just clapping my palms as they are covered in Yin and Yang Qi, caused this, to my body? And that wolf was obliterated even though it was a peak Tier 1 monster. No , it was even more powerful as his middle layer Soul Tier body had huge damage because of it. This probably does not happen to others as they usually use only one type of Qi. I don't think 'Layers of Chaos' technique was supposed to be used like this, or maybe it is. But it seems like the beginnings of a different technique. I'll name it
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Chapter 7: Xun Yu's breakthrough
"Ta da. This is my home. Well now it is our home" Luo said as he pointed towards his wooden shack with just one bed. Xun had a peculiar expression on her face, as she struggled between showing thanks to him and showing disgust at the condition the room was in. She finally settled on a forced smile "Great. It looks gr-great brother." After settling down and having some food, Xun changed his bandages again. "It's getting late, we should sleep." Luo said to Xun. "Who gets the bed?" "Who? Me of course. HAHAHA" "You know if you weren't hurt trying to protect me, I would've made you sleep on the floor. Hmph." " Made me? Did you say MADE ME? How would you have done that?" "You will find out." Luo was surprised at this little girl's stubbornness, but this kind of a silly fight made him feel warm as well. He never had anyone to fight with in silly ways. He smiled as he looked at her when she said "What?" " Nothing. Of co
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Chapter 8: Fight in the Dai Shan forest
A month passed and Luo reached the peak of the 3rd layer in Gather Qi and Xun reached the 6th layer. Luo's hands healed but scar tissue formed over his palms and obscured all the lines on his hand. "Xun, it has been a month now and my hands have also healed. We have one more month for the summer competition and I should go to the Dai Shan forest like I originally planned to increase my cultivation.""Okay brother. I will meet you at the competition directly.""En. Sounds good. You can come there with Master Fu Lin. Don't forget to get the jade slip of the Ancient Zither Abode before the competition." Xun nodded to this and Luo departed towards the Dai Shan forest. After running for three days, taking breaks when he could, the scenery slowly changed around him. He could tell that he was nearing the Dai Shan forest by the increase in the density of Spiritual Qi in the surroundings.As he made his way inside he started to s
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Chapter 9: Blood Essence fruits
Just as they were congratulating themselves, a Tier 2 lord Naga monster, which was double their size and had blood red scales appeared in front of them from the mist. It looked at its dead brethren and let out a shrilling scream filled with hate. It was also a mental attack and all the half step cultivators except Luo passed out.Luo was guarded from the attack by Master Yin 'I'll guard against its mental attacks. You can take care of it without any worries.''Thanks master. I won't let you down.'Luo went alongside Ma Jiande as he prepared to attack it. The Qi condensation cultivators had not passed out but it was a strong mental attack and only Ma Jiande was unaffected. "Luo, it seems it's just you and me. Don't piss your pants now.""In your dreams brother."Luo asked him if he had a finisher attack with his machete and Jiande said "I do but that thing's defense is very hard. It won't pierce through.""You let me worry about that and prep
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Chapter 10: The memory of Yin and Yama
He came out from cultivation and saw that the Tier 3 monster outside had been killed by someone and he could see the signs of a bloody battle. He packed the remaining Blood essence fruits to give Xun and came out of the hollow in the branch.'My body is as strong as peak True foundation disciples now, so I should be good in battles. But I should probably focus on a movement technique for use in battle. My current moves are strong but predictable.''Good thinking Brat. Good movement techniques are a must. I will not help you explicitly by giving you a technique, but I can let you view how I use them and come to your own deductions.''That would help as well master. Your movement techniques must be very profound.'' HAHAHA, of course, they are. They are the profoundest of them all. HAHAHAHA!'Luo rolled his eyes at master Yin's smugness but was excited to learn the techniques. 'This one should do. This is one of the most exciting battles of my life.
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