Attack of Slovak

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Attack of Slovak

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When someday an alien breed named Slovak invades earth and make earthlings their slaves, a group under leadership of a mind bursting scientist takes charge against this terror and enslavement and throws rebel. Do they succeed? or will see their fates tied to a piercing sword... To Find out read this novel.


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Chapter 1:- EMMET'S PLAN
It was 2060, day dated was 03/03/2060The era was changed, humans have progressed too much by this time. They have robots and automation working in nearly every section. The scientists have put on great efforts to make lifestyle much easier and modified.The humans of this era have solutions of nearly every possible disease the lifespan was increased and 80-100 years living was normal for this 2060's humans.The weaponries are much advance. They have now mechanical operated robots with heavily armed weapons. No one preferred war. As they knows doesn't matter who wins both countries would suffer serious damage including the resources and humans.And the World is peaceful and prosperous more than ever. All was going well, everyone on Earth was leading a good life, happy life and peaceful life except 08/08/2060. The date which changed everything, the date which bring down this prosperous Earth and its beloved humans on the verge of their extinction.08/08/2060The area was shattered fro
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"Emmet we—". Micah was sweating pretty badly, even his breathes became higher and words couldn't get out from the mouth."Micah don't get worried". Emmet was trying to cool down small Micah who perhaps was in bad shape can't able to help himself to get out of the deliberate state of fear."Alright! Alright calm him down". Festo hold down a wireless radio transmitter. "Hello I got him".Waxier and Roomie were getting out of the building, were recently realized why they won't found him inside."Hold them down Festo we are coming"."No, no need to come I will take care of them"."Alright if you insist". Roomie put down the transmitter."What happened?". Waxier looks little bit confused as Roomie who once was extremely stressed and annoyed by not finding the child now looking fresh, cheerful and happy."He found out the child". Roomie throw a dazzling gaze to Waxier."Well that's good, but where is he now". "There he is". Roomie was betokening at the far right where Festo was standing al
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"Are you guys okay". Nina gaze at two, who almost seems to be much relaxed and relieved."That alien was about to shoot us, he was about to empty each and every bullet down on our body, we are just about to die. But well we are okay". Emmet's staring at Nina although the expressions much like dialogue, sarcastic."Alright well at least you—". Eyes spot on to the Emmet's wound. "Emmet what happened you are bleeding"."He shot three bullets to Micah so I push him in order to save and got hurt by one of those..""Bullets". She take Emmet's wounded hand. "The wound is deep, we have to immediately stop the bleed before it gets worse"."Well how do we stop it"."We have to go inside the building, I have stored some antiseptics and bandages for emergencies". She winks to the wound. "Like this". The lady was about to sprint off."No we can't"."Why Emmet. We have to go, you need bandages if your wound kept open you may lose too much blood, which is not good". Little Micah fraught to lecture h
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Chapter 4:- LIFE ON THE LINE
Both the sides were worried and frighten by the other one. Nina have her Slimmer Roster, a gun whose only one ammo is enough to kill nearly any one. However, she had no more ammos for now.On the other side Slovak soldiers were acting tough, but their hearts were panicked too, they were anxious about the power of that gun and frankly don't want to witness another shot of that gun. But after detecting some signs of nervousness, they decided to give it a try."You three would die here and now". The two Slovak soldiers without any delays proceeding at the morally wounded girl. Who herself desperate about how to solve the situation. Their eyes clearly tells they want to end this as fast as possible, and knows well they have to give justice to Festo's soul too."Are you forgetting". Micah hasten in between, hindering the way to Nina. "What the hell are you talking young boy". Roomie scowl at the boy. The eyes were full of revulsion."Can't you see what Nina did to your friend". Crie
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"Finally, we got them.""I don't think so.""What!". Panicked face sprucely blaze at him. "Why."Roomie won't bother to answer instead, he was continuously sprinting off to the site where they once shot the tons of bullets to three snag humans.This behaviour of him surely add some impediment on Waxier. His eyes were pivotally blazed at strolling Roomie. Who yet moving staunch to the same path. "Hey! We shot straight flat 20 bullets on them. There's no way they are spared, they surely will be dead.""You are right Waxier, we do fire the bullets—"."Then how the hell did you tell we fail.""Waxier, I understand your agony as I felt the same, but agony doesn't gives surety."This talks were sounded clearly awful to the Waxier, as he can't able to truly understand why he was so much negative about the fact is those three were dead, however according to Waxier their bullets are the reason why those good for nothing kids were dead. He even won't look convinced about the bullets."Why are
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Chapter 6:- ABOUT TO DIE
Roomie was perched on ground, knees were bend, hands have Festo's gun. Non flickering eyes continuously leering at it. After few moments of constant gaze, he diverted back to Waxier. "I think you are right." Allocating it(Festo's gun) in middle of the ashes, he stance, face is directed towards Waxier. "Its time to kill them, especially that bitch. I swear Waxier if I found her I tore her down into pieces." Waxier chuckled, gave a cherishing grin to his friend "Now that's my Roomie, but hey—" His chuckle disappears even the grin. "What happen you look kinda—" "Roomie I think we got our answer. How those two kids were actually survive." "No we don't, personally I am still wondering about—" "That girl, the girl who killed Festo—" "Saved them." Astonished by the claim itself, Roomie's bold eyes depict the grief along with the vengeance. Some distance away, inside the same ground there were three middle sized horizontal pipes which were prop adjacent to vertical one. The horizontal
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Chapter 7:- WHAT YOU LEARN
"What's up? you guys miss me?" The boy gives a smirk glancing towards those freaked fellows holding his pyrotype on his shoulders. The three were still, gazing anxiously at the figure, Though they are remarkably relieved. “missed? Cut that crap outta your 1kb brain.” Nina strolled forward to the radiant boy who still has a soft grin on his face, “And if someone is, then is surely a fool.” “Edwin!” As soon as Micah calls on the name, his eyes glimmered on the boy. He immediately dashes on and holds his leg tight. “You came, you came, you came. You're more awesome than Nina.” “You are the hero you know that.” Cried Emmet, "you came outta nowhere flying like an eagle, and boom you turned them into ashes. Sooooo awesome." He then go running to Shake his gripped hands upside down and continued, “I wanna do the same can you teach me?” “Ahahahaha.” He tickled his head, chuckling. “You guys are embarrassing me and by the way, this is not a flame thrower Emmet.” he Sharply turned towards
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Chaos and terror are clouding every single side. The area looks shattered. buildings collapsed, having rusty remains of them, and slumps were fallen on roads making it destructively messy. All was owing to the fight, Whose outcome is almost terrible and the result almost devastating."All clear. No signs of any rebel or rebellion." A Slovakian police hover, black with blue stripes adding to its beauty, like a human two-wheeler, is gliding as its blue exhaust glimmers behind it.“Good, now return back to the base we shall be preparing to back up Germany soon enough.”“Alright." He glances towards his companion, "let's head back. We're done here.""Okay, things are being so hectic these days. Isn't it?" Companion in sky-blue robe complained as their hovers slay through cold winds."With more and more civilians pissing us we must be more alert that's all. Let's hurry." They vanished into the black clouds.Somewhere to the outskirts, there's an advanced high-tech lab in between shabby th
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"You have to dunk real quick," cried Gabriel hitting Emmet with a blazing punch, "Micah do it faster, do another rep of 40.""Okay." Cried both."What's the point in giving me archery training, Shina." Growled Nina throwing her wooden arrow away, "Aren't we supposed to be fighting?""Quit complaining already." Returned Shina throwing back her arrow, "being impatient isn't gonna help you, instead, it is your prime weakness. Do this until you hit inside the third circle.""You're way of balance, see friend your balance will be lost the moment you are hit by heavy blows, at least you need to change it a little, your composure." Orien threw Edwin to crash on a heavy pipe."Emmet, see flying Edwin.""Edwin do teach us flying afterwards.""Ouch, can't you aim correctly, Nina?" Yelled Edwin removing the arrow out of his butt."Oops, have I missed." Nina chuckled."Okay let's eat. It's over for now." Orien cried."I'm hungry like wild, my legs aren't working." Acting Micah remained down."Aww,
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2 days passed, for me, they were as long as 2 years without rest or sleep when finally in the morning I got another mail within similar frequency. It sounded, "we'll be reaching there by tonight at the location of this transmitting frequency."I sent back my agreement.It is almost night as the sun ran down, stars becoming dimly visible and moon is one-fourth of its size shining brighter than usual, at least I thought so when I was accompanied by Kelvin and new intern Karl in a candle-lit Varanda in a surprisingly coincidental situation of light cut off and generator thrown for repairs at the same time. None arrived and I waited, an hour passed, then 2, and in no time it was morning. Karl was already awake and was making coffee whence he suddenly came running."Sir you might need to see today's news." He said with an extremely graved face.I ran as his face awakened fright in me. "What the-" "We kept waiting and they got killed. Sir, sir get hold of yourself." Karl told and every new
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